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  1. I see advertising a bad product and asking for nothing the same, and I'm only an ancap in free video games. I guess u could call me virtual Satan.
  2. ah yes because us the tenno void devils who can just disappear on command need meat?
  3. aside from the rework pets before adding new things argument i am totally behind this. That has such a good warframe theme.
  4. I don't mind it. If you make ban begging you would also have to ban the people with a b- riven claiming its god tier and listing it for 10000 plat. I don't have a problem with either as they set up the trade chat as a free market.
  5. ah fellow revenant main! I would use on him but i got him modded as a shield boy, extra power strength might be nice tho.
  6. Oh, this is such a great idea!!! once I get to my PlayStation ill send in my revenant fashion
  7. I think infested would taste like a banana that's not ripe yet
  8. i start new things doing pub than do them solo
  9. I guess that's the difference between you and me I have no interest in the sledge, I'm upset because I've only ever seen him in hydron. I didn't realize there were people like you considering his drop chance, but I don't play that often anymore so I've seen him twice.
  10. So we should all be prepared with the specific weapons we need to kill him at all times(seriously when else do you run radiation on your weapon?) But he's also not an issue for new players because he spawns rarely?
  11. well when it cuts your leveling time down in half, it is actually a terrible decision. Why do you expect players to run a weapon/frame for a tiny tiny chance of something spawing? the get gud mentality doesn't work on a random spawn chance boss.
  12. That would be an ok mentality if he wasn't on a timer.
  13. You should also consider how entitled this sounds. its like being jealous of how daddy bought your younger brother a 2019 bmw when you only got your 2018. last year.
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