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  1. Dear DE, the intention probably is motivating players to play various instead of always the same weapons. Why not buffing/nerfing weapons and deleting dispositions? In my eyes, every weapon should have what is disposition 3 (like kitguns dispo at the beginning for example) now. That results in useful rivens for every weapon. To prevent kohm getting useless, you should buff the weapon's status chance. Then a riven with 90% SC (on dispo 3 as mentioned) should be enough for reaching 100% status. Just as an example. Arca Plasmor has been OP. Everybody knows that and that's why so many guys are playing it. Reduce dmg or reduce projectile speed or reduce range or reduce fire rate, but let the riven dispo be at 3 to keep the rivens relevant!!! Relevant rivens are initiating creativity thinking how can I maximize the weapon's potential or change it to the way I like. Some prefer a specific minus like puncture to make a prisma twin gremlins a virus/slash weapon instead of a puncture/corrosion and so on. An equal riven dispo should simplify a better balancing. A better balancing results in lower price differences (in trade market) between riven mods for various weapons (status quo is bad, compare rubico to lanka to snipetron...). That would make it easier to get access to riven mods for one's favourite weapon. These changes would lead to a higher variety of played weapons. In trade market, the price for riven mods would more be based on the roll than on the weapon. Sounds fairer to me. Dear guys, if you really want us to play various weapons NOT only Arca Plasmor, Rubico, Tigris, Gram, Paracesis and Catchmoon, then buff/nerf weapons and freeze ALL riven mods on a disposition of 3. My favourite weapons are Synapse, Rattleguts-Slapneedle-Lovetap and Sepfahn-Peye-Ekwana Jay II. So a dispo of 3 looks like a lost to my Synapse, but if the weapon gets buffed and the riven nerfed, I am all right with it. Would be great to get support for my suggestion
  2. Geht nicht um das Game, sondern die neue Umfrage. In der neuen Umfrage zu Fortuna wird immer wieder gefragt "was hälst Du von..."? Ist n klassischer Fehler, aber ärgerlich wenn er durchgehend gemacht wird. Das Wort kommt von "halten" und nicht von "Hals". Deswegen sollte gefragt werden: "Was hältst Du von..." Grüße
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