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  1. 20 captures, like 40 minutes of effort and you expect him to spawn, while others haven't seen him for whole weeks? Cute! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not mentioning the fact, that he could spawn within the first 5 minutes of a mission, like any other assassin and you could already be at the extraction BEFORE he even spawned.
  2. Shotguns in general tend to be a good option for new and mid mastery players, since they need less expensive (or rare) mods to maximize their potential, imho. Apart from that I personally really enjoy most shotguns and like the corresponding playstyle. Hildryn might not be accessible to you for some time, but Inaros could be another choice for a tanky frame. He's accessible through a quest bought at the void trader. A couple of non-tanky frames could also be viable options through damage avoidance or reduction skills, like Nova with her first ability.
  3. The magazine looks a bit cone/funnel like, so munition could curl its way from top edge of the magazine to the bottom where it is touching the gun and be inserted into the receiver there. Thus the firing mechanism could be a little lower and the barrel could be tipped slightly up at the muzzle on this picture, like 5 degrees or something like that. That way it could work. Just use your imagination. ;D
  4. I'm totally with those two. Apart from that there may be only one skin for the Stradavar, but there is one. You could use the Day of the Dead skin (as soon as you can get your hands on it) to switch the new model for the old one. The textures may not be to your liking but at least the silhouette will be.
  5. Yeah, mine without a riven got 94,5% crit, 8.1x crit dmg and 99,8% status chance. ;)
  6. Prisma Grinlok has a new Wiki entry, might be new to void trader today. Stats seem legit and quite an upgrade.
  7. Imagine you were in week 10 of the event and no way for you to get to another rank or the rewards on the next rank doesn't interest you. Wouldn't it be nice if you could spend (not trade with other players) some of your remaining standing on Wolf creds that could enable you to buy another reward with those at least? An alternative could be for your remaining standing to be converted to Wolf creds at a certain rate and being able to spend those for a couple of days or a week after the event ended.
  8. I just had an additional idea: It would be nice for those not reaching certain higher ranks anyways and for people who get to 30 before the event is over, if one could buy Wolf creds for reputation.
  9. You must be joking right? Next you might say they really need those 1 control module alerts. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But apart from that this might be the most constructive, non-butthurt and reasonable critic comment and suggestions on this topic I have seen so far. New players reaching all 30 reputation ranks might not have been the goal in the first place and I don't totally agree on that one. Ambitious casual players and newbies with a lot of time could still reach the higher ranks, especially since DE stated that one only needs about 60% of all the challenges to get to 30. Apart from that I'm okay with not everybody reaching the highest ranks, thus it still feels rewarding if one does. In every other aspect I totally agree with you and really like the suggestions. Making the Nightwave episodes longer or infinite might be a solution to most of these problems while still keeping high rank rewards timed exclusive for those investing more time and effort. Another approach might be to keep reputation and creds until the event cycles back in and finish it the next time it appears. At least I hope events will eventually return another time, since that way new players would have a chance to complete them later, when they're more experienced and geared for it.
  10. Even new or casual players can reach a lot of those rewards and they will make a real difference for them, like forma, catalysts and reactors or simply slots (for those free2play guys). Are new and casual players supposed to reach all the highest stages and reward tables of any activity? Hell no! Why should they be treated and carried through all the content like a newborn babe? DE just stated in their devstream that rank 30 can be reached by clearing about 60% of the challenges popping up through the ten weeks of event. Seems fair to me. A hard working newb with some time to spare can still make it probably and a casual with some ambition who brings good equipment (like myself ๐Ÿ˜‰) can easily do so, too. Just play the game and most of the challenges will complete while you don't even focus on them, then do the others if you got nothing else important to do in the game at that moment. Warframe is a game of looting, shooting and grinding and that appeases most people playing it, so a little effort or grind is okay I think. Events will eventually come around another time and next time you might be able to get to rank 30 and grab all the goodies, since you (probably) won't stay a newb forever. Relax, play and enjoy the game and grab whatever rewards you can, they won't be around for the last time. ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Guys, simply let people play whatever frame they want and have fun with. If so many people enjoy Inaros for what he brings to a mission, just let them do so. I can understand and confirm most of OP's claims, but it doesn't matter. Warframe is essentially quite an easy game, apart from levels way beyond 100 and that's okay with me. I like the fact of having a real challenge if I like to and still most of the time just crushing armies of enemies like a damn god. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Apart from that I personally like Inaros, too. Not for his tankiness in itself, but for the simple and non energy dependent play style while being quite tough. I can brain-afk and never die in a common mission without much effort and I like those qualities when I just came home from a day of hard work. He also simply has lots of effective HP through armor and adaptation since he has loads of HP to start with. Mine has around 6k HP with 900 armor and is sufficient for most missions, not mentioning my 10k HP kavat. ๐Ÿ˜„ I do not even use or need his CC very often and mostly use it for opening up an enemy for a finisher so I can get my HP back I spent on Scarab Shield. Having an augment making him immune to status effects is also a major part of his survivability. Rage or Hunter Adrenalin works wonders on him and you won't ever need another source of energy, making him ideal when dealing with huge groups of high level energy leech / parasitic eximus enemies. I really like him for what he is, a frame not too dependent on his abilities, that I can enjoy gunplay and testing different weapons with. Enjoy the game instead of criticizing others' gameplay or favorites and don't be a min-maxing jerk. Peace and have fun, just my 2 cents. ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Because of the shotgun typical spread of pellets or shrapnel I can not say the same, especially the part about missed shots. Players used to shotguns will hardly ever miss a shot. In addition you might kill several enemies standing next to each other with the impact of the shot and then create several parallel lanes of death with their flung bodies behind them.
  13. If you like hard hitting shotguns and bolt weapon mechanics it might be worth a try. The single shot magazine might sound like a total deal breaker, but imho the bolt / line damage mechanic and easy to reach 100% status chance make up for it. Unfortunately it was very low crit stats but can still be quite good because of its high base damage and status chance. I do not find reload speed much of an issue as far as if been using it, especially if you use chilling reload or a riven with reload speed. Riven disposition is quite good, 3 or 4 I think. Apart from that visuals and concept are nice, shattering that crystal and shredding your enemies with its shards is a blast, imho. A little reminder, this is Warframe and no souls-like game, you can do 90% of its content with most weapons, modded right. I can only talk for myself, but honestly I don't care if a weapon is considered good, as long as I enjoy using it. Concerning the Exergis, I do enjoy it quite a lot. Can it compete with other shotguns, like a rivened Strun Wraith or Boar Prime? I think not, but it's good nonetheless and I like it better that Tigris series, too.
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