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  1. How/what do i use to make it? Step by step instructions please
  2. Fortuna enemies need a major nerf, how and why are they stronger than Sortie enemies? The profit taker and eidolon dnt kill me as bad as the fortuna enemies do. Sooooo hyped for RAILJACK please release it soon!!!!!! Warframe is Life ❤️
  3. I cant make an image, so that mean i cant have one then?
  4. Found an image on google will that work? Dont understand what warframe means by the image cant be copyrighted
  5. Please comment or message directly, thank you, lets work this out together. Have a nice day
  6. I love this game first and foremost. Warframe in terms of games is my life. There are a few things id like to discuss with someone who can actually make changes to the various issues.
  7. Hey Devs, i understand you wanna spice things up, nerf good rivens to make other rivens relevant but question, what about the players who bought rivens specifically for those stats for an incredible amount of plat, which now turned some of them into useless rivens. I feel i wasted so much plat to make my builds good now i have to take more time to completely redo all those builds affected.
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