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  1. W..wait! what?!...hold on! This is a thing?! all my years of playing warframe and this is something I never knew!!
  2. I fully agree with this! I even made a post about this ages ago about how we need to fix up black energy colours. As I used the smoke epherema as an example of why.
  3. You can alternatively trade for platinum, get said platinum and commission someone with the platinum. Since the most majority of Artist will not do a free emblem.
  4. I made a post about this ages ago, why they need to fix it...but so glad that others agree.
  5. AND..and in addition being able to put said scarf on other warframes, as I would like that scarf.
  6. If I am correct, you are unable to purchase the weapon from baro at all being your MR is low. Once you get past MR 12 you will be able to use everything (Not including riven mods as they're another set of things). But I could be wrong. Try next time baro comes by and try.
  7. Well, I am sorry buddy, unless you can find a really really realllllly generous artist to do it..not really going to be able to do it. I recommend grabbing a bunch of sellable items, primes, mods, ETC and selling them for plat. And look for artist that will accept plat as payment as I have done that for artwork from Warframe. Otherwise, don't expect it for free because you asked or begged for it mate.
  8. Well people will expect payment for doing concept art for your tennogen idea. Maybe ask somewhere else, and possibly offer a trade for it by platinum or real dosh. Maybe even trading them items ingame in exchange instead.
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