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  1. If you're going to get upset because you don't want to join a clan and is going to prod at people that say you should get over it and join a clan. Understand that you can just make your own clan to be a solo private clan. then tell me how that works out for you, as this is a COOP GAME! I solo too, but there a friggin reason why there is cooperation. this game isn't meant for 100% solo, and I solo all the time. Either git gud at the game and work all the stuff up your self, or join a clan.
  2. might be a bug, solo extractions still a thing.
  3. Honestly I recommend the site as it makes trading a whole lot easier, compared the message spam you see in trade chat. It takes a little bit, and sometimes players do the "Player is online" when they're not, and don't change it ever. But otherwise Its worth doing, as its my main way to trade, especially with the riven market attachment they added.
  4. I mean I feel like its been apart of the ship for a VERY long time, with how casual the people around the pod seem with IT TAPPING! not to mention Cys response to clicking on the damn thing. Its 100% a void demon, or a void entity of some kind as I said the orokin used void power before the fall. So I 100% believe it might be even vessel of the void like the operators even.
  5. I think its void related. I mean theres something or SOMEONE in there, you can hear knocking and scratching coming from that pod, you can hear it. I honestly think it might be the void demon..sorry I mean Void demon daddy related as the pod looks like void energy, and the orokin were in use of void power to power certain things, let alone I wouldn't be surprised if its maybe not even the void demon but an entity of the void trapped within.
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