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  1. Sorry, I was just reacting to your message...
  2. Dormammu ! I've come to bargain.
  3. Dayum, so still no way to finish this quest ...
  4. Funny thing is that at first I thought it was part of the quest. Something like Interrupting Protea going back in time for the last time makes her wreck the current timeline. Nope, just a plain old bug
  5. UPDATE 2 : The bug has been fixed, thanks miss and mister devs ! UPDATE : Apparently the game doesn't go in full "I want to die and rape your ears at the same time" mode anymore (since last hotfix), but the mission is still blocked and doesn't finish after you kill Protea's last health bar. So today I finally started doing "the deadlock protocol" quest. No issue for most of it. Until the "defeat protea" part. At first it goes with no problem, I can charge the Xoris on the specters, deplete her health and force her to regen with less health by discharging the Xoris wh
  6. Hem, yeah. I do mean that their game's balance is far from being good. And don't take me wrong, I don't think DE's game designers are to blame, what's to blame is the sheer size of the game. There are waaaaaay too many frames, weapons, modes, levels, enemies, game modes... for such a small design team to keep track of the relations between all of them. Like for many big games made by small companies, releasing new content is a lot more important than balancing the existing one. Once again I can't blame DE, money has to flow. Exalted weapons are litteraly weapons invoke
  7. You are really misinterpreting my point. And you're also using pretty douchy speech techniques to make me say stuff I never said : I'm "against freedom and fun". LMAO You also seem to think that I personally "don't like what people do with Khora". When did I say that ? All I talked about was the game design "decisions" (looks more like blunders to me though) made by DE. Imho, if game designers let such a blatant hole in their design for such a long time, people are going to exploit it and they'll be right to do it. Now back to what I really did say. To make it simp
  8. Ehm... I didn't know what a stat stick was, so I did my research and ... What the hell ??? Imo there is no way any ability should be affected by mods other than warframe mods, unless they are exalted weapons (which are given their own mod set). In game design this kind of weird "unprotected relation" between and ability and melee mods is a big no-no. That's exactly the kind of opening that gets exploited to no end. In order to make Khora's whip work in a fair manner, it'd have to actually use the base stats of the equipped melee weapon in order not to be completely out of
  9. 1 - You're proving my point, this [swap weapon] is so non-intuitive that I didn't even realize I could "hard-swap" to melee using it. Actually, the fact that you can stand there doing nothing, with your melee weapon in hand, BUT it could be either semi or fully equipped is actually extremely bad in terms of context comprehension. I should know what's going to happen if I press [parry] beforehand. And that's currently not the case. 2 - I don't "make it out to be complex", the reality of the current system is that there is only one button with a "consistent behaviour", the melee
  10. This actually makes a lot of sense. I've always found the spawn logic in survival is pretty weird...
  11. That's true, corrosive is the best element. But it's lacking a lot compared to the best elemental combo. Which is viral + slash. What's the point of progressively stripping an enemy's armor then damage him, when you can simply ignore his armor while increasing your damages against him ?
  12. I 100% agree with OP. There is a simple reason why Khora should be nerfed, let's see the sequence of thoughts : 1 - Farming steel path with Khora is too efficient for too low effort 2 - We need a solution so that either : A - Attaining such results in steel path with Khora is made harder B - Khora can't attain such results in steel path 3 - To achieve that we can : A - Nerf Khora's current most efficient gameplay B - Nerf Khora's maximum efficiency C - Nerf steel path I actually have no idea if Khora actually needs to be nerfed. BUT I am abso
  13. Hi there, for some context I've been back to warframe for a few days after a two-ish years long pause. As a melee enthousiast, the first thing I noticed is how much melee gameplay has evolved. And I really think it's become even better than before (just a bit sad about life strike but that's another story). BUT (there is a but), I just can't get my head around those weird key bindings to switch from one weapon to the other. My main issues are : - I always risk going back to my primary/secondary when performing parry combos - I can't actively parry
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