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  1. No, the gas fields are invisible as well. I just finished running a Sortie-level Hive mission that had Frozen/Pulsating/Gas hives, and none of the fields were visible at all. Also, as a side-note, it appears the survival capsules don't animate like they used to....no pulsing sounds, and when they finish triggering, they just disappear.
  2. tsukikage

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8

    But what about bounty mission progression carrying from bounty to bounty? Also what about base capture failure status carrying from facility to facility?
  3. tsukikage

    Fortuna Bounties

    Yes, I can confirm that this is a thing. This bug also carries to if you fail to take over a base temporarily, you can forget taking over bases, as it still reads the previous failed attempt as a failure. I was working on completing six bounties in one hour, and each successive run that included "Head for Solaris Camp" just utilized the initial 5-minute timer, and just kept subtracting time from that initial timer until it ran to zero. By the sixth run, I had maybe 20 seconds to find the four dudes, then travel 250 meters to the gate and initiate the hack.
  4. tsukikage

    Steve's Stream: Riven Disposition Remark!

    To Rebecca, and ALL of the Developers of Warframe, you guys are doing an EPYC job on getting us Fortuna at this critical hour. Truly, thank you for all your hard work. I have a suggestion regarding the build computer....upgrade it to a Threadripper processor. You might just be amazed at what 32 hyper-threaded cores of raw processing power could do for build times.
  5. tsukikage

    Solaris United ARG

  6. tsukikage

    Solaris United ARG

    Let's not forget that last year, Plains of Eidolon got an ad-spot in TIMES SQUARE of all places, so.....yah....
  7. tsukikage

    Solaris United ARG

    I would trust instead our boots on the ground in the area...
  8. tsukikage

    Solaris United ARG

    41.859, -87.624 is 1720 S Michigan Dog Run, 1720 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60616, United States 40.77052, -73.9183 is 29-20 Hoyt Avenue South, Queens, New York, New York 11102, United States 40.77334, -73.95446 is 301 East 79th Street, Manhattan, New York, New York 10075, United States 40.7783, -73.96272 is 2 East 81st Street, Manhattan, New York, New York 10028, United States
  9. tsukikage

    Solaris United ARG

    Meanwhile, back on the Starship Hype-rprise™... Bridge to Engine Room, warp factor 9!!!!
  10. tsukikage

    Solaris United ARG

    I think.....we need to pull the numbers now, which are '3142837503'
  11. tsukikage

    Solaris United ARG

    Too short.
  12. tsukikage

    Solaris United ARG

    Nope. Unless we knew WHICH letter chain WHERE it meant, I just tried lower-case those letters in the standard roman alphabet, nothing.
  13. tsukikage

    Solaris United ARG

    Never! The fine crew of the Starship Hype-rprise™ will resist the Borg with all we have....ARM BAZA'S MEN!!!
  14. tsukikage

    Solaris United ARG

    And this ARG's equivalent of the Borg haven't figured this out yet either? Dayam....
  15. tsukikage

    Solaris United ARG

    Nothing. Took all those numbers, put them into OpenOffice Calc, sorted by the freqency number, and then punched in all the characters in that order, nothing happened.