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  1. Is it a "feature" that Ivara's augmented Prowl is tripping the new door sensors on Jupiter's tileset? I thought Infiltrate was supposed to allow us to bypass laser barriers of all kinds, and I know that on all but one particular Grineer spy vault with two sensor consoles, a door console, three levels, and a big honking space-gun that you can fire instead, the sensors still trigger on an Infiltrate-prowled Ivara, so are the new Jupiter doorways rigged up like this, or is an Infiltrate-equipped Ivara supposed to be ignored?
  2. Simply because I believe in 'pics or it didn't happen': I can confirm that this is a thing
  3. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I like Nora Night, her voice has that "smoother than smooth jazz" sound to it, and she just about speaks our language too :) "once and future bad ass" 😄 love it, and when a buddy and i completed the "sortie with friend/clanmate" and got legendary cores, very appropriate VO from that when Nora was "beside herself with admiration" Don't reduce her frequency for us, because you might be reducing her frequency below where some of us may want it. Give us the choice with a new setting under "gameplay" in the options menu 😉.
  4. [raises hands up in the air] DE, TAKE MY..... well you get the point 😄
  5. But what about bounty mission progression carrying from bounty to bounty? Also what about base capture failure status carrying from facility to facility?
  6. To Rebecca, and ALL of the Developers of Warframe, you guys are doing an EPYC job on getting us Fortuna at this critical hour. Truly, thank you for all your hard work. I have a suggestion regarding the build computer....upgrade it to a Threadripper processor. You might just be amazed at what 32 hyper-threaded cores of raw processing power could do for build times.
  7. Yeah....we wish other developers took their time {looks over at Cryptic with glaring daggers about Age of Discovery update} Keep up the fine work DE, continue to be the shining beacon of example
  8. You'd think [DE]Steve would light up his own livestream of the patch going to pre-heat.....[shrugs] i'll just stand here with my back against the wall, and my head on a swivel, being patient 😄
  9. So, no riven cache at 850 days anymore? Crud and I'm getting close to that
  10. Ivara - Tigris Please, put my Tigris Prime through its paces, and do enjoy the nice quiet prowling :)
  11. Like about a third of the posts here, I also never got a riven mod, and I was connected to the stream the entire time...
  12. from a PC Tenno, Europa's Leonov Relay as either Perrin or Suda-designed, and Eris's Kuiper Relay as either Red Veil or Hexis-designed.......please DE make this happen 😄
  13. We can't read the announcement post for Pyrus Project.
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