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  1. Considering possible market changes and the fact that not everybody has the time or luck to trade, this is a neat reward to have.
  2. @[DE]Rebecca Question for devstream: How about dedicated K-Drive racing courses outside of Venus? Perhaps on relays or a dedicated location? Also, it would be nice if we could build one of our own in the dojo. You could make monthly or annual tournaments with leaderboards and rewards. P.S.: What happened to the energy system rework and 3D minimap?
  3. Keep in mind that they are also working on the Venus landscape, and it is not easy for 200 people to revise millions of rows of code. Besides, even if they were to postpone the quest untill Tennocon, who cares? Not like the world will end if we wait for a week or two. We've been waiting for two years already. People are criticizing DE for all the wrong reasons. Try sitting yourself at a desk for over 8h every day and see how it's like. Pardon me if sounded angry.
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