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  1. I don't have time for a lengthy post here (and I'm doing this on a Vita anyway so... yeah...) but I just wanted to put a brief note up about how burst fire firerates work in Warframe. They actually have two separate firerates, one (the one you see in the arsenal) is the delay between bursts (~150ms in this case) which can be affected by firerate mods and a second one that isn't displayed and can't be altered (unless they've changed something) that determines the delay between rounds in the burst itself. We don't have that second value for the Tiberon, so we can't accurately calculate its'
  2. Daggers don't swing slower than great swords, that's just the Pointed Wind stance, and Johnny Boomstick mentioned that they were going to rework that stance in at least one of the big dagger threads. Melee attack speed numbers can't be compared between weapon types that way. The quick attacks are fairly quick (assuming maxed Fury and no Spoiled Strike), even to a degree on the Sheev, which is at the extreme end of the spectrum. And reach is one of the bigger issues facing daggers. With many frames and many of the dagger models you can literally stand next to an Infested charger (and if yo
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