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  1. U put time on farming the void traces then time playing the missions over and over what do u get in rewards ? A huge amount of plat lost cuz apparently axi a6 has a 0.1% chance to drop , a lot of time lost on farming void traces and a chroma bp . Then some random dudes comes in and says ahh the relic system is better than void keys ye sure
  2. Ik dude but its so frustrating like i didnt happen twice or 3 times 11 times in a raw is so much and its with different people
  3. 11 radshare runs not a single gold drop, 11 in a raw im not even joking this is beyond rng at this point . escaped the 6L rng in POE and now i get this cool
  4. boys , lads i got the riflle riven back fianlly killed the bastard was so satisfying
  5. wait ur telling me if i kill em i get my things back ?
  6. honestly this was well thought from u guys let the player play thro the entire sortie waste 30 minutes of their time then make the lich randomly steal their riven mod wow .
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