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  1. Meh. Saryn and Volt players in other modes can stand in one place tapping a single button while having another hand free to...do whatever they want. At this point, it's ridiculous to even split hairs.
  2. Excalibro. Change energy color to white temporarily. Exalted Blade spam one mission. Win.
  3. Whenever I'm in a mission with a Saryn, I either get to parkour straight to the exit without firing a single shot or stand in one place reading my phone. That's how fun playing with a Saryn is.
  4. Universal Vacuum doesn't technically exist. It still relies on a mod being equipped on a pet. Universal Vacuum would entail the vacuum being inherent to warframes, without a mod.
  5. If all tilesets didn't have 50,000,000 ledges, lips, door overhangs, protrusions, glitch crevices, I might agree with you. At the moment, bullet-jumping/wall-running even remotely close to a wall or obstacle causes you to get stuck and stop, furiously attempting to get yourself away from it. So, nah.
  6. I don't really think there is a need for skill trees. Frames are incredibly overpowered as it is, there is very little content that provides challenge for even the mid-level gamers. Endgame players essentially just push one button to clear tilesets. Unless they make truly challenging content, or provide a real reason we need a skill tree power creep, I think it is just a waste of time. More busy-work for very minor payoff.
  7. My farm was pretty easy. All I needed to do was click the "Purchase" button. (All jokes aside, I saw the actual grind involved and said "there is no way in h*ll I'm going to subject myself to that".)
  8. MR is busy-work. Nothing more, nothing less.
  9. Classic case of PC guy assuming everyone in the forum plays on PC.
  10. Warframe was most fun in early to mid-levels, when you still had massive amount of content to eat up. Endgame is nothing but busy-work, illustrated so lovely by the recent Nightwave.
  11. I have two pet beds sticking out of the wall of my room as makeshift shelves; one holding my tea set/Dax statue, and one holding all the Syndicate trophies. I'll grab a screenshot of it when I get home. It's extra cute when my pet walks in, jumps up, and sleeps near the teaset.
  12. This person's native language is obviously not English. Let's go easy on him. He obviously comes from a culture that is accustomed to speaking in alleghory, using morality stories as phrases to teach lessons. These specific ones to my knowledge aren't used anywhere close to the English speaking world. OP, DE never promised how soon they would bring about a Vauban Rework so this isn't a case of "broken promises". We just have to wait and see when it becomes a priority for them.
  13. It's extremely hard to notice these containers because they are only BARELY visibly different than all the other crappy containers around a tileset. Most people, including myself, are parkouring through a level so fast that we don't even look. In fact, we get bothered by people who are slowly moving from container to container holding everyone else up. I also don't always read my chat when in PUGs that don't require any coordination at all.
  14. You ever notice how people who accuse others of "whining", only accuse those they disagree with? Ironic, no? I'm going on record as not providing a list of "improvements" to a person who shames others for giving their opinion. Telling others they are "whining" is derogatory, as if you are some parent scolding children.
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