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  1. https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/bevn56/arbitrations_were_already_unrewarding_and_now/ So now I have to hide in a section of the map in order to not pick up Debuff Revive Orbs, or risk dying myself because I'm exponentially weaker for picking them up? Lets say I successfully avoid these stupid orbs the whole time. When it comes time for extraction, I will need to parkour through the level in order to get to extraction, while avoiding all these stupid debuff orbs along the way that nobody has picked up. You're forcing me to find the Extraction point as early as possible, and camp there the entire stage so I can avoid picking up debuff orbs. You're making a long mode longer. Are you trying to tell players that they shouldn't take Vaccuum on their pet in Arbitrations? P.S. If you must add more, give me Sentinel and Pet Rivens. Nobody wants Archgun Rivens.
  2. I cannot do the group challenges because I don't have friends in this game or a Clan. As a matter of fact, I do NOT want friends or Clans in this game. That's 5,000 Rep I'm locked out of every time it shows up. Nitain Extract was 10,000% easier to get with Alerts than with Nightwatch. The new system is stupidly convoluted, I have no idea when I will gain a single Wolf Credit (Even though I've already done 26,000 Reputation, and these challenges are nothing but busy-work. Most of us moved away from things like Plains of Eidolon and never wanted to go back after obtaining everything possible. Now we have to go back and waste 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes our our night on something we don't want to do, or get left behind on the new features you are dangling in front of us...because you know...this thing has a finite countdown. I give Nightwave a 3/10 rating. Not original. Tedious. Incentivizes us to do tasks that we wouldn't otherwise be doing, making the journey painful and eye-rolling.
  3. I love how you guys have all this time to f*ck around with Mesa's Prime toggle, yet ignore everyone who has been asking for a Prime and Scarf toggle for Umbra since June. But no, DE doesn't play favorites with frames. /s
  4. That Orokin dojo was pretty freakin' sweet looking though. ;P
  5. ...along with Umbra scarf and details toggle...please?
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