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  1. A random Valky and I (Umbra) duoed him a week ago on Steel Path. It was my first time fighting him (took a long break and returned) Took like 15ish minutes but got him down. I didn't know he was a braggable achievement. Anyway, GG OP.
  2. I really hope they don't abandon Railjack and Kuva Lich just because their semi-half-baked first version wasn't that big a hit. Tweaks can make them both very popular and active again.
  3. Hmmm, I did read about that. Maybe. Though it's weird how I parkour and slow to a crawl immediately after I hit the ground to slide when in the past, I NEVER felt that way. I mean, I think my horizontal slide is slower than my sprint speed. Sometimes I feel like I have a permanent Cold Proc on me.
  4. I mean, unless my eyeballs were upgraded to super levels being able to handle visual input twice as fast as they had before in the last six months, and considering I'm 37 years old, I don't think they had. Sure, I played other games in that time but they certainly were not faster games at all. Mostly RPGs and Tactical Sims.
  5. I've played for over three years total, took a break at end of 2019, and only returned maybe two months ago. I can't get over this feeling that my Warframe feels so goddang slow in both running and parkour speed. My walk speed and sprint speed are almost imperceptably different. My Frame feels like a garbage truck moving now. Bullet Jumping initially has a fast increase in speed but once it hits the apex of the jump, drastically slows down in the air as if I am jumping against the wind. Slide speeds slows down fast as well. This is not nostalgia and memory flaw. This is not Dragon Key r
  6. I'm not sure. I do slightly remember a time I was in a high-level mission and my team member was talking sh*t to the group saying that he was single-handedly carrying the mission. Until of course we reach the end-mission summary screen to see that I beat everyone in literally every category, having like 700 kills versus everyone else in the low 100's. It feels even better knowing I was on Excalibro just using Exalted Blade, and he had some AOE Frame. He was probably just Trolling though.
  7. ^This person is correct. I literally just colored that emissive glow under my GrossDoggo's ribs last night.
  8. Ignore him. Most people in this game don't even talk to each other outside some joke or random comment. I barely even pay attention to what my team members are doing. Personally, I think that player needs to "git gud" because if he were able to solo the mission (like a true endgamer), he wouldn't even care what you were doing.
  9. I would like a cosmetic system similar to Transmogrification. Let's say I like how the Braton Mk-1 looks but think the weapon itself is garbage. Maybe I want to make a skin out of it's appearance and use it on another Rifle. Perhaps I sacrifice the weapon to Helminth to make a permanent skin. Basically Stat-swap different weapons for fashion frame.
  10. People who are scared of how OverPowered and game-breaking the Helminth system will be conveniently forget that the game has had one-button press room-clearing Frames in existence for years. Nothing more fun then coming into a Defense mission only to stand in the center and read a magazine because a room-clearer is killing everything immediately as it spawns. I have never once seen this game come close to reaching any semblance of "balanced".
  11. Any idea that frees up a mod slot, I will put a +1 behind it. The only obstacle I foresee are people who use more than one Augment in the same build.
  12. I'm assuming I can have one Warframe ability and one Helminth (new) ability in the same Config. That's what I'm hoping for. If we can have only one and no other skill replaced at any given time, I would probably get rid of Radial Javelin for a Movement skill or a Survival Skill. Will really depend on the pool of skills we get to choose from.
  13. If so, I hope you can build a true competitive Warframe and not just a gimmicky one. It will need to have pretty great abilities for me to start MAINing it. We have enough MR fodder in the game.
  14. Warframe has been trivialized by certain frames for years. This game is a horde-slaughter power fantasy. Can we just hurry up and embrace this? This never-ending outcry for "balance" is not going to be achieved with DE. You might as well make an OverPowered character and just have fun mowing through mobs of enemies like the rest of us.
  15. We've slaughtered thousands upon thousands of Grineer, Corpus, etc. We shoot wildlife in Cetus for fun and an achievement. I wouldn't say we hold the "moral" high ground at all.
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