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  1. Because Space-Dad told us they are bad guys... To be honest, when , I totally thought "You know, he kinda has a point." I wasn't totally against him in that moment.
  2. An Exalted One-Handed Hammer would be pretty cool imho. I don't even care if it is Electricity-based.
  3. I mean, hiding and merging threads has been pretty commonplace in DE forums for a long time, fyi.
  4. Pilfer Hydroid and Desecrate Nekros no longer stack for loot farming purposes. Why is nobody here on the forums talking about this? I only see Redditors bringing this up. https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/bryqzd/plea_to_reverse_fixes_to_farming/?st=jw0wj3tk&sh=35839a8c Update 25 Fixes: Fixed Chesa Retrieve double dipping with Nekros’ Desecrate. Fixed Chesa/Desecrate double dipping with Hydroid/Khora. DE even classified it as a "Fix", even though it is clearly a nerf to a long-time game mechanic. They exponentially increased the grind for building materials in this one "Fix". Discuss. Edit: My post above was its own thread in General Discussion, which a mod merged into here. I guess they are trying to hide exposure to this "Fix" by dumping it into General Feedback where nobody goes. Edit Edit: Because they aren't approving my reply, I will post it here: General Discussion is designed to promote discussion among the normal player base, and it is the easiest way to get exposure on an issue. If you deny that fact, you're being disingenuous. People do not casually frequent the "General Feedback" discussion for conversation and commentary. My post was intent on starting a discussion, something that isn't happening right now in General "Discussion". Also, they merge all our posts underneath an Subject Headline that is vague and doesn't immediately speak to the issue. My post was about the Nekros incompatibility with Khora/Hydroid. My post was merged into a thread about needing more Mutagen Samples. Dumb.
  5. I didn't think I had 2FA active but I got the Ephemera in the mail, so it must be...
  6. Meh. Saryn and Volt players in other modes can stand in one place tapping a single button while having another hand free to...do whatever they want. At this point, it's ridiculous to even split hairs.
  7. Excalibro. Change energy color to white temporarily. Exalted Blade spam one mission. Win.
  8. Whenever I'm in a mission with a Saryn, I either get to parkour straight to the exit without firing a single shot or stand in one place reading my phone. That's how fun playing with a Saryn is.
  9. Universal Vacuum doesn't technically exist. It still relies on a mod being equipped on a pet. Universal Vacuum would entail the vacuum being inherent to warframes, without a mod.
  10. If all tilesets didn't have 50,000,000 ledges, lips, door overhangs, protrusions, glitch crevices, I might agree with you. At the moment, bullet-jumping/wall-running even remotely close to a wall or obstacle causes you to get stuck and stop, furiously attempting to get yourself away from it. So, nah.
  11. I don't really think there is a need for skill trees. Frames are incredibly overpowered as it is, there is very little content that provides challenge for even the mid-level gamers. Endgame players essentially just push one button to clear tilesets. Unless they make truly challenging content, or provide a real reason we need a skill tree power creep, I think it is just a waste of time. More busy-work for very minor payoff.
  12. My farm was pretty easy. All I needed to do was click the "Purchase" button. (All jokes aside, I saw the actual grind involved and said "there is no way in h*ll I'm going to subject myself to that".)
  13. MR is busy-work. Nothing more, nothing less.
  14. Classic case of PC guy assuming everyone in the forum plays on PC.
  15. Warframe was most fun in early to mid-levels, when you still had massive amount of content to eat up. Endgame is nothing but busy-work, illustrated so lovely by the recent Nightwave.
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