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  1. You're correct about Khora. I'll just point out though your argument is fallacious. "X is harder, so you shouldn't care about Y". X has no relevance to Y. Both X and Y shouldn't exist.
  2. Did a moderator really just remove all of my posts from this thread, including the ones defending against someone accusing us of being entitled? WOW. I knew this place was filtered for abuse but I didn't think it was a complete trash place that censors displeasure with the game mechanics.
  3. AlMcFly

    I'm curious, why a sword and shield?

    Broadsword and Shield are traditionally a very common weapon of Shaolin Monks (of which he is clearly inspired from).
  4. AlMcFly

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

    I love how you guys have all this time to f*ck around with Mesa's Prime toggle, yet ignore everyone who has been asking for a Prime and Scarf toggle for Umbra since June. But no, DE doesn't play favorites with frames. /s
  5. AlMcFly

    Daily cap Annoyance

    Who really cares though? The forum already ignores the majority of complaints anyway. You would see the very same types of "shrug off" responses you see in this current thread show up in the "Content Drought" thread anyway. Most people who frequent this forum belittle and marginalize 99.9% of those complaining about anything until said complainers give up and leave the forum. This place is the biggest Warframe circle-jerk offender on the internet. The forum would literally be no different than it is now if time-gates were removed. Sure less people would be playing, but no one would have a sour taste in their mouths anymore. DE thinks gamers will choose to grind this one game incessantly every single day, filled to the brim with low-content busy-work, when in actuality the majority of us pop in and out for extremely small sessions at a time between our God of Wars, Smash Brothers, and Red Dead Redemptions. You know. Games with real meaty content.
  6. AlMcFly

    K-drive improved for the better or worst?

    I was grinding my K-Drive heavily every day after Fortuna released. I got to maybe Day 6 before I turned the game off and left to play Red Dead Redemption 2 ever since lololol.
  7. AlMcFly

    Umbra Scarf and Details Toggle

    Got a new PS4 Pro, have been playing God of War and Spiderman. Popping in to bump this post as I still haven't seen any traction from them about it.
  8. AlMcFly

    The Toroids thingies in Fortuna : info

    Everyone joked before launch about what Fortuna's version of the "Cetus Wisp" would be. Here you go.
  9. I've been reporting leeches for almost a year and I doubt ANY repercussions have been levied against any of them. DE doesn't care. You are better off leaving group when you see one. I even sometimes purposely lead the mission to a failure, letting the leech think that I'm still carrying them. I've had several Hydrons in the past that I let the enemies win in order to say f*ck off to a leech hiding in the rafters or behind a pillar. The funny thing is, almost every single leecher I've ever seen in this game are above MR Level 20. You think about what that means.
  10. Yeah it's pretty bad. While farming for Med Bonds the other night, I got a Rubedo reward and immediately in my head thought "Who the freaking hell needs Rubedo?!?" Oxium or Cryotic I can understand, but Rubedo? There are so many sources of quick Rubedo, it might as well be harvest-able in your Orbiter. Like, wtf.
  11. AlMcFly

    Openworld zones aren't seamless enough.

    ^ This. OP apparently has never spent time in games like Black Desert or FF14, where every instance of a city has hundreds of players AFKing 24/7.
  12. AlMcFly

    Moa Feel Underwhelming

    I like my little friend. I was already a Sentinel user, and now I'm a Moa user. My Moa can equip Pack Leader, Life-Link, and similar mods. It can also equip some sentinel mods. To me, that's a direct upgrade. My Moa also has a chance to survive if I get face-blasted by an explosion, as it might not be near me. My Sentinel would die. Period.
  13. AlMcFly

    Twitch drops are not dropping and need changing

    I got two Khora......helmets. One Noggle, One Nitain, and a buttload of credits/fireworks/glyphs.
  14. I never take CP off. It's just easier that way. I may be "slightly" less efficient in Corpus maps, but they all shred as fast as warm butter to my Exalted Blade regardless.
  15. AlMcFly

    Does the community deslike Exalted Weapons?

    I use my Exalted Blade almost exclusively.