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  1. I wouldn't like it, but I could understand it being limited to one per Warframe. However if gets locked to one use on ANY Chroma, you will end up with players that for for some reason sell the Chroma they used it on and never be able to have a Chroma with it.
  2. I used 9 Forma on my Kavat, and I can't stand using Sentinels now. Yes, I had to polarize every slot for the mods I use on it.. There are a lot of good mods for them like Fetch, Bite, Maul, Hunter Rcovery, etc, etc...
  3. I think as time passes the more of the players that said it was fine at the start are starting to see how bad it really is.
  4. The reason I don't like the Ayatan Challenge is that it's basically RNG dependent, or Arbitration dependent. Arbitrations don't give rewards over half the time, but they do give lots of statues if you mange to get your rewards.
  5. I'm starting to think DE doesn't care about the community, or about the game enough to fix things like the horrible changes with melee 2.9 and fishing bait.
  6. I think we either need the daily standing limits increased, make the fishing baits uncomsumable, or just have blueprints back.
  7. Those are going into the Vault. I haven't seen anything on what the next vault access will have.
  8. I've played at least 8 hours a day over the last month, and have only seen the wolf 3 times. If you think that's too much, you try being unable to go anywhere and the only thing you can do is play games. As for the spawn rate increasing, for all we know that increase from start to finish of the wolf part of Nightwave will be 0.0001%.....
  9. That's better than me at least. 9/10 arbitrations I get 0 rewards. I haven't gotten a statue from a weekly treasure hunt for months. I don't know why i bother with them anymore, I'm far more likely to get a sculpture from a random mission than the weekly treasure hunt...
  10. Don't forget auto block breaks mods like Rage That switches to a gun, and then melee attack doesn't work like it should.
  11. I tried to send a bug report, and got told to contact support. Surprisingly I got a reply from support, but they just told me to use the forums here...
  12. If we had the ability to equip melee like before (it had it's own button before, it wasn't just hold F), quick melee like before so we don't need to press 2+ buttons get the same effect as quick melee, and manual blocking it would be a great update. Other than the auto block, it's pointless key-bind changes the game would be better off without. My Valkyr Build is ruined with this update because of auto block. I relied on taking damage to gain energy using rage. I didn't block before because I did not need to, and because the majority of the time health was restored faster than it was damages by the kavat I built to go with Valkyr. If my health dropped to quickly I would just use Hysteria. If were going to be able to get more than one Umbra Forma I was going to use those mods for more health and armor, but now it's just a waste.
  13. The sarcasm is lost on you. No one was angry.
  14. I did that, but it's a support request not a bug report. If I'm lucky I'll get a reply from them by 2030. Nothing else has ever been replied to.
  15. That doesn't change that you should learn more. As if you can play Warframe on XP/2000/98/95...... What next? You somehow play it on Windows 3.1? There is no place to file bug reports, and if I'm lucky I'll get a reply from support by 2030. Just like EPIC Games, RockStar, UbiSoft they don't care about their customers. Melee 3.0, it's more like Melee Nerf 1.0
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