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  1. Looks like Map Exploration problem which had rewarding problem evolved into players separation problem. I still think that we have this problem everywhere and even DE can't fix this, which is understandable because every player has it's own pace, approach and view on this game. This is like micro society where you can't make everyone happy, but you can make decision which will be good for bigger amount of players. What you proposing here is to make something like Rare container or Ayatan sculptures hunt lobby specific reward. This is not treasure hunt mode or Maroo's Weekly, it's just nice and simple addition to usual gameplay, please don't make it more complex than it should be
  2. I see what you mean, but what you're talking about is also exist in current gameplay - Newbie vs Veteran, Ivara vs any frame, Sabotage rush vs looking for Caches, etc. You're right in your way, but don't forget about how bad public missions can be even now, when you forced to play on the same level with others or you will face Host Migrations or just will be forced to extract from mission. This is more apparent in Fissure missions where people rush Excavators or to the extraction point without waiting for everyone to get 10/10 reactant. I don't think this will divide people more than it is now, but you can gather "search squads" (or even find friends who likes to do the same) who will help to look for this reward faster or go to solo and explore to your heart content.
  3. Hello everyone. I want to discuss one thing that bothering me quite a while - slower pace of game. Let's begin from start - I'm PS4 player (27MR) and recently I played on PC as a MR1 (My account) and what I noticed that as a newbie your best bet is to play it slowly, explore the map and gather any resources you come across. Your overall pace increasing after getting your first companion with Vacuum mod and some kind of loot radar. Eventually you will get to the "Farming" stage where you have enough of common resources and probably few ayatans in your pile and you want to farm specific resources (Oxium, Hexenon, Tellurium, etc), that's where we can start to ignore most of the map and go straight to point we want to stay (Survival) or extraction. And next, the last stage is speedrunning levels just to get reward. So my point is - Pace of gameplay speedups drastically from beginning to "endgame" and large part of map DE so carefully designed is becomes unneeded, so how about introducing something that will reward slower players (I'm Ivara main and I love to get into every room when I have the opportunity) besides miraculous Rare containers and ocassional Ayatan sculptures? One great new addition that I saw recently is Fortuna guys jailed in hidden places that will give you standing for their rescue via spending coins. More old but still fun things are Lua Puzzles (But sometimes you probably won't have appropriate setup to go trough them), Syndicates missions and our usual Spy missions. Also we have Sabotage caches but they just unrewarding after you get all stuff from them. So in the end there's a little to no reasons left for us to explore same tilesets again and again. My thoughts are that increasing chance of spawn of rare containers will solve problem in short term till one gather every part of Landing crafts (btw I have only 2/3 parts of Mantis and Scimitar, none of Xiphos) as is adding any kind of one-use rewards. I have thoughts about adding Universal Medalions with 50% chance of spawning in mission. Substitutes for Medallions is caches like in Sabotage but without sound clue with random drops (like - rare resources x4 of usual container amount, enemy figurines to collect, Universal Medalion again, chunk of Endo or Kuva, RIven Sliver) - I think all of these are awesome rewards for additional time spent on each mission and some kind of bonus for exploration on Endless missions. Thank you for your time reading this!
  4. "Did you know, Operator? You can S-S-STUCK in your codex foR-R-EVER so much information! Take a look whenever you wa-a-a-nt"
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