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  1. i dont see any archwing fix.. how to dismounted from archwing in plains? or simply use melee weapon in archwing nodes?
  2. is there anyone watching these threads? there is bugs everywhere, 1. POE Archwing mode (AW), we cant use melee(E) to get out of AW mode. The only method i know to get out is by changing into K-drive midair, but that one might trigger another bug which make us endlessly drowning into the earth. [yes, out of the map] 2. normal AW mode cant use melee weapon, if i use it by accident i cant return back into my gun mode.. 3. Titania cant use melee in her 4th form.. etc pls, someone fix these asap. thanks in advance
  3. 1. While in POE / free roam mode, i cant get out of my Archwing (AW). its kinda 'soft locked' in the AW mode. Normally i'll get out from AW with melee button 'E'. 2. Sometimes in free roam mode, exiting K-drives mode makes me diving to the earth endlessly! /unstuck doesn't work either, only able to get out after i abort the mission and coming back to orbiter/cetus. anyone got an answer to this matter? pls let me know.
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