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  1. The issue with the weapon that i see is that it has low enough dps that the Lato looks like a better choice. The cycron needs more damage per ammo used and a slower fire rate for more use time otherwise it's ok statwise.
  2. I think of quests being the same as a boss drops. You get a part after you complete it though more time consuming. Though it would be interesting having Prime Quests mostly due to DE having way too many weapons to prime and it would stop the vaulting for a bit.
  3. The issue i see is that maim is the strongest nuke in the game but it's sustain is terrible. Having the bleed do something extra is nice but having it a percent is not a good idea. It will force people to just let their stacks stay and not burst having even more potential dps. The patch parts iffy if the 50 hp/s is based off of power strength and not have a cap then it's a really good heal. How about Shred instead refreshes the bleed while also dealing a random dot to the target" the target will only be able to receive one non slash dot from Shred." While Patch gives health and shields per se
  4. I would love it as long as it's not like the old broken mod tree system. Though DE has stated no to to them coming back but they did say no to some upcoming stuff so who knows at this point.
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