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  1. I don't remember damage number changing while ranking up a weapon the only number that i know that changes is the mod capacity. Warframes gain health, armor and shield while ranking up but weapon damage never changes.
  2. Hey its been quite a while since i have notice this but i thought it would be fixed but it didn't. So when hunting eidolons after removing his shield with the operator amp there's a red flash then you can use your weapons to shoot his arms knees and back (forget the exact name sorry) before you would see a yellow bar being his health but now there's a pink bar like a over shield and when you take a shot you can't see how much of that part's health you have removed. Only when you try to kill/capture them it will show the yellow health bar. Heres the link to a couple of srcreenshots . http://imgur.com/gallery/PgdHWer
  3. I'm a melee based player i love playing with all sorts of melee weapons and in one of the recent updates i have noticed that when I'm attacking and moving forward at the same time my warframe continues his attacks but enemies step back but my warframe won't go forward obviously I'm pushing the analogic forward but it just won't move.
  4. I have already bought 2 companion weapon rivens from simaris and both could only be equipped on prisma burst laser and both after unveiled were for burst laser
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