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  1. Cephalon Suda Spy on Lith : medallion hidden in rock #1841514 Spy on Lith: missing passage? #1841519 Void : resource hidden in bench #1841539
  2. I confirm front finisher doesn't trigger with my Broken War. Quite bothering for my Inaros build, since i then can't just go straight to a stunned/blinded enemy and finish it -- and heal in the process.
  3. Which reply would you prefer? - Issue is a known ability effect (like many others) working on an enemy (like many others) that can die from pitfall (like many others). Thus predictable, and not an issue in many other cases. - Issue has been fixed and abuse scores have been reset. - Issue could have been fixed beforehand.
  4. The more warframes/weapons/equipment/maps/enemies, the more possibilities for a player to do something "unexpected". Putting the blame on him -- and moreover banning him -- for something you overlooked is not a good move.
  5. Invisible Cephalon Suda medallion on Ceres: #1711662
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