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  1. Spoiler: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Chains_of_Harrow
  2. Well, just happened to me too. Purposely left the datamass at the start in order to search for insignas. Then random pops in, go back pick the datamass, goes to first console, and since i'm still busy searching, leaves with the datamass. Have to start over, keeping the datamass to myself from now on i guess.
  3. To complete the statement: Wold Cred is a currency earned from Nightwave ranks -- you get the first 50 at rank 3.
  4. Weird encounter today against Saturn VI fugitives, while playing Mobile Defense solo on Tiwaz, Void. Fugitives appeared while defending a console; i downed them but waited for the defense timer to finish before capturing them. Since enemies were still coming and numerous, i cast Snow Globe to protect myself. Silly me, i forgot it's also supposed to push enemies away, and thus it sent all three fugitives flying. I managed to capture one as he were launched, but the other two flew to the ceiling... and never came down. Can you do anything about that?
  5. Melee change following the Buried Debts update: Do you have your melee weapon out when trying to detonate? If so, you are (de)activating channeling instead. If not, that would be a bug. edit: That's actually a new key in your controls, distinct from the alt-fire key. By default it uses the same default key as alt-fire, but you may change it so they don't overlap.
  6. MSI Afterburner for recording, Avidemux for cutting.
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