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  1. When in open worlds : ESC > Leave Squad It may be tempting to make open world extraction work like endless mission extraction, but that would likely penalize low level players, who would be left behind just because they don't have an Archwing or K-Drive.
  2. He rather gave me the impression of Ainz Ooal Gown.
  3. Excluding those two: Atlas Prime Male 2019-10-01 Update 25.8 No Inaros Prime Male 2020-07-14 Update 28.2 No Ivara Prime Female 2019-12-17 Hotfix 27.0.4 No Nezha Prime Male 2020-10-27 Update 29.3 No Nyx Prime Female 2014-09-24 Update 14.8 No Octavia Prime Female 2021-02-23
  4. Well, you could build your Railjack and stay within Earth Proxima while you stock up resources and farm some base mods. Sigma MkIII equipment is good enough for a "starting" gear and can be researched from the Dry Dock.
  5. You should report that as a bug instead.
  6. Passive : Considering the current Scarab Swarm barely lasts in co-op because of teammates too eager to kill the affected enemies, it's very likely the same issue will occur. So the probability to benefit from enemies affected by Swarm Surge is negligible. Ability 1 : Same objection as passive. Also, as a crowd-control ability, it is still less interesting than the current Scarab Swarm, as affected enemies hardly live longer than the ability duration, and the current Scarab Swarm make them completely harmless while affected. Ability 2 : Inaros' health pool is his main forte, yet many
  7. I concur Sevagoth's is meh, but Xaku's and Protea's are nice. I'm not against more... when they fit.
  8. OP asked for "high speed flight". At the frame level, Zephyr's Tail Wind, Titania's Razorwing and Wukong's Cloud Walker come to mind. Obviously there's a lot of room between that and her current flight speed. :p
  9. The control area moves, not the controlled enemies. You might not want them to be able to shoot again because you made a 5m-sidestep instead of a 0.5m one. That being said, i wouldn't mind if you restrict the flight speed to the sprint -- which is currently not used except for evading afaik.
  10. Aegis Storm is mainly a crowd control ability, so having a high flight speed seems rather counter-productive.
  11. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Nightmare_Mode#Challenges
  12. Was it a Nightmare mission?
  13. The way i see it, it's a "fake" co-op game, in that it has many cooperative features (4P matches, matchmaking, party/voice chat, clans, user waypoints...) but also many incentives to make players have opposite goals (experience/resource grind, optional objectives...). Being so heavily oriented towards power fantasy also contributes to this, as there isn't much need to have players complement each others. Having a support/objective oriented teammate is usually unneeded, at best a bonus.
  14. The option has been added at 29.10.0, you need to change its value from the default "All".
  15. It's not etiquette, it's common sense : the more people in a vault, the higher the risk to trigger an alarm and fail it.
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