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  1. Farming mods against Kela De Thaym with my Viral modded Vectis Prime, i noticed that she currently never procs Viral. Instead she procs Bleeding a lot, as if that is triggered instead of an actual Viral proc. I don't see anything related on the wiki, so i suppose this isn't expected.
  2. Well, it is a rare mod. It has a higher chance to drop from the Grustrag Three. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Hell's_Chamber
  3. Trying Mirage again after a long time, i witnessed a strange behavior while using Hall of Mirrors : when attacking with melee, her mirrors only know the neutral combo. Whenever i attack with another combo (forward, block and forward block), the mirrors attack using the neutral combo.
  4. My contribution : bow trap mode. And here is a small extra, because it would have been a shame not to share that. 🙂
  5. Passive - UNBOUND : As the power from the Void keeping it whole fades as it takes damage, the different parts comprising it gain mobility. Increases movement and melee speed based on how low its health is. Ability 1 - UNGAP : Extends its arm for grappling an enemy in. Similar to Valkyr's Rip Line. Ability 2 - UNPART : Temporarily integrates defeated enemy corpses to boost its own defenses. Increases armor based on the number of enemy body parts laying in proximity. Ability 3 - UNSTABLE : Temporarily uses the Void energy running through its parts to convert status ailments to radiating electricity. Removes all ongoing and newly proc'ed status effects for the duration of the ability, converting each of them to electricity leakage, dealing electricity to close range enemies for a few seconds (similarly to an Electricity proc). Ability 4 - UNLEASH : The Void energy keeping its body whole supercharges, providing constant health regeneration and speed increase. Consumes energy over time for replenishing health, passive bonus does not diminish when healed while the ability is active (speed bonus increases with health damage up to a limit).
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I don't board the Flotilla i want to join. This prevents me from joining a Flotilla with an ongoing Murex wave. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: From the Orbiter, in Navigation, select the Scarlet Spear node, then select a server with an ongoing wave (mentioning Murex driven away: ??/100) EXPECTED RESULT: Board the corresponding Flotilla. OBSERVED RESULT: Board another (random/competed ?) Flotilla. REPRODUCTION RATE: Most often
  7. My main complaint is the invite limit error when inviting another player from the same flotilla. Can't make a squad for space without leaving the flotilla.
  8. Actually i just got a Vidar Reactor mkIII without bonus, so there might be more than that...
  9. If nobody haven't yet, please tell Tenno Councillor LL his tip about Slash status effect bypassing Shields is outdated.
  10. It would also be interesting to buff Artemis Bow (Prime) status chance (7 arrows per shot).
  11. Vector-based, with abilities deriving from the manipulation of vectors: - self/enemy -propulsion / kinetic transfer - pushing/pulling enemies (telekinesis on enemy) - pinning down / flying up enemies (gravity) - stopping/rerouting incoming fire (telekinesis on projectiles) - immobilization / inertia (friction) I haven't thought much about a backstory. An idea popping as is from my head would be about an origin from a mechanical, clock-like device, converting energy from an everlasting movement; a device used as a power source, taken out and hidden during an invasion, and then fit into a Warframe for pushing back the enemy.
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