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  1. First of all, sorry for my bad english, because I'm not a native english speaker. Kuva lich says "This Sector has a new master". This represent Netra. "surrender or die." represent Fass. something about "sun" represent Jahu. What kuva lich talked and the text on requiem mods may be related. But kuva lich only say two lines, so we may only could guess the first and second requiem mod that needed. So please report what your kuva lich talked after the lich spawns and what requiem mods needed to kill the lich.
  2. Empyrean matters, the old blood doesn't. We all know why this old sh blood is here at this time, and we also know it couldn't be fixed in short time. If DE try to fix it now, empyrean might be DElayed further. We can pretend this update doesn't exist.
  3. This map nuke build is pretty popular recently in simplified chinese region.
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