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  1. Historical screenshots for posterity please. Think of the children!
  2. I just did SP Uranus Puck (Exterminate). An acolyte spawned while I was in the submersible portion of the mission, instantly died and gave me steel essence. No complaints here, but probably not intended...
  3. A handful of thoughts/feedback in no particular order: (bug) When in a railjack mission and not host, I cannot vote on the next mission. This has been an issue on EVERY RJ mission since the new release for me and other non-host players. (functionality/qol) Why do we have to start a new mission to complete the last one (and be able to leave safely retaining my loot)? This needs to be better. (functionality/qol) If I configure my plexus for a turret role, I don't want to be stuck hosting (and piloting). Similarly, if I configure for piloting and try to host... I may r
  4. Thread necro'd because I just encountered this while ranking up my Larkspur. Some people have screenshake disabled for reasons more important than mere aesthetic preference; I consider this weapon effectively unplayable.
  5. This really needs to be fixed. Some of it can be worked around by looking up a map online, but other things (k-drive races) vary and we need the map to know which are active.
  6. IMO attack speed (particularly melee) needs some kind of QoL limitations added to game settings (so I can set a max cap that I'm comfortable with). All it takes is one Wisp built for Strength to render a fast weapon modded with Berserker unusable. Add the fact that Warcry is subsumable and there are too many attack speed buffs flying around public squads to not have some kind of controls.
  7. I don't have that mod and I completed the challenge using a secondary.
  8. Just solved this - there are 2 options in keybinds 'Switch Weapon' and 'Switch Gun'. I was using 'Switch Gun' which does not work. Using the key bound to 'Switch Weapon' worked fine.
  9. I can't get secondary weapons to work. When I press my weapon swap key, the secondary briefly unholsters, but releasing the key makes it go right back to holster. I haven't found a way to shoot. What am I doing wrong here? I've basically avoided k-drives for years, so I have no idea what I'm doing.
  10. Thank you for fixing this; it was making Iso Vaults and Profit Taker ph2 (was also happening inside Enrichment Labs, seems to be fixed there also) more annoying than they should be.
  11. Same, this has been happening to me for a while and it's very frustrating, particularly in survival. From the look of the forums it appears to be cross platform and something that's been broken for a long time.
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