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  1. Boss should be renamed to properly reflect it: CUTSCENEOLYST
  2. THank god, but you need to jack up his spawn rate to 25%, which in your game, Warframe is more akin to 5% anyway. I have only seen wolf twice in the last 5 weeks of playing, and I only see fugitives once every 10 missions.
  3. I agree, Nerf Scott. Please bring back the ability to select Melee, we can no longer do the following since you've REVERTED BACK to Melee 2.0 by forcing us to use a single button: 1. Can't Channel Attacks, wuts the point of channeling? 2. Can't Charge Attacks, warframe is busy auto-blocking 3. Can't Chose when to block, warframe auto-blocks,and screws up everything else. 4. Can't reliably do combos anymore; since its now a new button to add to already over-taxed fingers with buttons, what magical button did you THINK we were going to bind quick melee to, to melee for OVER AN HOUR pressing 1 button? 5. Please stop smoking cheesy poofs and actually try meleeing for an entire play through and realize how horrible 1 button melee is. 6. The alt-fire for most melee barely functions now, redeemer for example. My guy is too busy swinging the redemeer around to actually fire it; before when I could swimply swap to melee, and use Mouse 1 to attack, Mouse 2 to block / channel, I could simply press Alt-Fire to use Melee Alternate attacks. Now it's a crapshoot if it ever works. Currently Melee is utter trash because its bound to 1 button. I have no idea who thought that was a good idea; it was bad back when it was one button, which was why you guys re-designed it, to give melee more love. Now all we can do is go back to spin to win to do melee, and honestly after 10 minutes everyone's wrist is worn out from spamming the same button outside of all our normal PC wasd buttons.
  4. That's severely flawed logic; They will have the same crappo options as before, and now they get to go slower, instead of faster.
  5. Dear DE, If you want us to use the other archwings in your Open World environments that many of us hate, then; Remove the magical and invisible one-shotting homing missles of stupid that instantly remove our archwing. Sure, increase the speed of the other archwings We use itzal, not only because its faster, but because both Blink and Penumbra make you lose any homing locks, see point #1 Make the archwings at least a real viable vehicle on the plains, right now they just aren't, we use them to move around faster. Staying in one in combat typically isn't viable, again, see point #1. But as usual, they will narrow-vision and nerfbat one thing making us hate everything even more.... cause its WarFarm after all and all about torturing yourself with repetition and boredom.
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