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  1. It says we can trade creds for wolf beacon. But there is no such thing in the cred offerings. WHERE IS THE WOLF BEACON????
  2. To anyone that doesnt understand a game exploit and how is against many TOU's I will cite many examples. Exploiter Orb when nova or Octavia could one shot all vents. If you think about it You should understand that wasnt the intention. The intention obviously was to destroy each vent one by one. To try and go around this intention may seem like you being smart but you know better its not what is intended. Loki teleporting demolysts out of bounds there for getting points and bypassing the intention....Which was with this endless mission is to stop and kill them before they can reach the node. WIth the intent of health and shields increasing turning it into a end game damage sink. The intention how long can you survive before the demolysts are too much. Loki defeated this intention. Thus it being a exploit and against the TOU. There are countless other situations not in this game but others that should be clear as day if you are following what is called the Game Flow. Deviating from a game flow probably more likely then not is probably a exploit.
  3. Uh you must have been in a bad group we got past 4k in about 20 min. But there is a randomness to it. Although getting 10k in 1 hour is achievable...if you have 4 decked out people with weapons that can damage thigns once they get to high level. we got to 1 hour mark and i was only one damaging anything and i couldn't kill them fast enough if they spawned Right on the objective. So its doable. I dont like things hand fed to me. I like to work for them. But I get the rest of your points being in a Ghost clan by yourself sucks 😞 but yeah to get 20k would take 3+ hours time people dont have. Perhaps warning ahead of time be nice too let people that are in your situation where you only one active to find other means.
  4. Your correct on both fronts 2f is mainly for preventing a person from getting your credentials and selling your items. However, I see this more as a deterent for Existing people that may use what are called burner accounts. That are purely for farming so they may have a control on a supply or in this case item for sale. No it wont prevent out right of this type of behavior and we going to still have people with some control if not majority. But even if its on a small scale. In my eyes these burner accounts that people may use. May have been set up with outdated or incorrect info as they never intended the email to be used beyond initial setup ie worked with Xbox support and you would not believe the number of people that not only had paid service but use outdated or incorrect info. So i strongly believe this is relevant to this game as well. Thats where I see the impact being immediate even if it may be minor.( I dont know about warframe but I know xbox if you had completely outdated info they searched by IP and if it didn't match you didn't get account back). Also pertaining to people using others accounts. I do strongly believe these groups of people that are on this idea of selling items at these outrageous items, Rivens for over 1k and arcanes/sets that are 200+ more plat at rank three or together then if you were to buy them individually, are using other accounts that are not theres when they have time. So without being in direct contact with those individuals to retrieve the code they may not be able to do this now either. This was my thinking.
  5. Yes it works like this if both u and your clan mate get 10 k.. rogether u would have a 20k points for clan as a whole u get gold eteophy enjoy everything else is icing... it adds together each persons best time..
  6. Nah.....I kinda alike it...makes those pesky people that wanna run with accounts thats not theres or multiple accounts to push up prices on goods in the plat world. I do believe this will have a effect on people that are selling rivens, mods, or arcanes at astronomical prices As they have multiple accounts im sure...then im all for the 2 factor. I see it as a way to lower the overall prices..... Very good for beginners, as well as, people that are veterans that dont wanna give up a arm and leg to get a nice riven or arcane to try on there warframe/weapon. gives you pizza and clears your schedule for 2 hours...you can do it slugger crank that out like solja boi….
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