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  1. I would much prefer the old lockers as well as the old control panels over the new lockers as the old lockers are more easily identifiable if its locked or not than the new ones and control panels for the fact that the new control panels design doesn't really suit the old corpus tilesets that well But I think the main reason for this is to suit the design atheistics of the upcoming corpus ship and jnpitper rework. Who knows maybe DE is planning on reworking all the old existing corpus tilests in the future
  2. I see. So that's why the corpus is getting a revamp in their overall design. In that case, it now sense why they are doing this. Thank you OmegaZero633 and also Snydrex for sharing your personal reasons of the matter. Currently I now look forward to the new udated corpus design additions, as well as the corpus ship and jupiter rework. (They look amazing!) still through, I feel odd that they are also replacing the old corpus control panels and lockers with news ones in old tilesets, but they are most probably preparing for the new corpus ship and jupiter rework
  3. Is this just me or am I the only person who felt odd that the corpus are suddenly getting a overall visual and architecture redesign? I mean I am (mostly) fine with the new corpus redesign and I feel that the majority of people would really like the new updated corpus redesign than the old ones,but I felt that there was a some sort of magic of the old corpus designs and would prefer seeing new old corpus stuff,tilesets (they only have 5 tilesets (yes I am counting the infested ships too)). I not saying I that the new corpus redesign is awful.ln fact, I like some of new corpus stuff more than the old corpus ones, like the new corpus vechies and especially the new ships redesign, but I would also like it if they also kept and maybe use the old corpus props and architecture and not just replace them. (R.I.P old corpus control panels,barrels, lockers and other old corpus stuff that are most likely gonna be mostly replace by new corpus materials and most probably never be seen again in the future)