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  1. The kuva disruption is just a bad joke right? It's nowhere near the unboosted amounts for kuva survival... 50 for 1 demolyst? and 100/200/350(which are unaffected by boosters) per rotation? Sorry, this ain't it chief. And I thought the survival was horrible in terms of kuva/hour.... After I get all the Gauss parts and the weapons, I don't think I'll have a reason to go back to disruption. Ever. When will you realize that you need to "revisit" your older stuff? Like arbis and eso? Is it good for you that you drop "content", then vets can just complete it about a few days, and completely abandon it afterwards? Wake up, and smell the ashes, DE! Wakey wakey!
  2. Thanks for fixing -Being able to use both Warframe arcane slots-. Now I can't use 2 Arcane Nullifiers. And what do I get? An event which I never wanted. Time to send me some polymers.
  3. Can you do something about some waypoints still persisting when they aren't supposed to? Like the first one on survivals, mobile defense objectives and so on. Especially bad on Excavation missions. Also, please add AI to pets (Moas especially), and stop them from falling down indefinietly when they in a bleedout state, resulting in no revive possible(only other players can revive them, they see them as normal). Kuva optimizations? Raising the amount you get by 3x, or dividing the reroll costs by 3 maybe? Kuva survival aren't even worth doing if you haven't bought a booster.... And add EVERY TYPE of rivens to the arbitration vendor, Not just archguns. You only need them for the Profit Taker, and can avoid rivening them by just using Chroma. Either that, or move all the crap from the sortie rewards there, so you get ONLY rivens from sorties. You don't want to forget these. Some of these problems are a posing an issue of "unsatisfaction", or in other words, very bad time invested/desired reward gained ratio
  4. It's nice to see content dropping after you nerfed my PC and unable to do anything other than leveling due to the unbearable lags/FPS freeze/host migration resulting in a quick ticket to the orbiter. So yeah, it's my PC's fault, cuz my PC wanted system requirement raising sooooooo badly. Ty for forcing me to a not small expense DE <3. Free to p(l)ay. GG
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