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  1. Becose of noob's and crying people the entere game is dumed down and mad to easy. Such a shame. Get good...
  2. This is by far the easyes grind, mother tokens are "free" fater tokens are free. So stop whyning, took me 10 day's or so. The tokens rotate every 2/5 hours, so 2 times a day you can buy cheep ones, and yeah there is a daily cap. Botherd me more in foruna...
  3. The immortal skin from saryn is show as the standard frame version. But when you put it on a prime it swaps to the prime skin variant. Would like the option to choose between standard or prime variant.
  4. All the comments i read so far are from noobs, most issues or becose they dont understand it. Those bird thinks supose to be hard to find, after 3 times you know almost every spot they can spawn, easy piecy. And not going to next tier vault is probly becose you didden looked at the day/night cycle. You are supposed to do it in 1 cycle. So buggs fikxed ✌️
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