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  1. why cant i get the bounties yet do i have to be some specific rank in fortuna to get bounties for profit taker ?
  2. hello i am new to community so dont know much about but i'll like to ask about lotus and will there be any more quest to come and are there any more umbra frames why all ship interior are same but outer body is different if a person like me want have mantis for exp, i would like have some thing diffrent about it. if prime frames have some extra then the non prime frames insted of have much more armor or health or energy like some extra abilities that way prime version would be like some superior or high in class from non prime frames.. i hope i didnt offend or had been rude in any way thes are just some things i would like to have in this game for my personal taste but over all i am enjoing the warframe like the community and hoping to see some great things. Thank you so much .
  3. can someone will tell me what time it will go live i am in middle east region please
  4. is it today or tomorrow here it says 7dec and on twitch its on 6 dec means today ?
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