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  1. Anyway, to those that at least tried to give useful information: Thank you.
  2. Would you mind explaining what about my "attitude" is setting you off, or are you just here for the trolling?
  3. Another question: On reddit, the response she got was that it was her own fault for not providing transaction details, but nobody gave her any info on how to get those. Are we supposed to take a screenshot every time we spend plat? RWBY: That is our belief as to what happened as our internet had several hiccups that night. She did make some sort of post pinging (at)warframe (I think) asking how to file a complaint this morning after she got the last email. Also, what is WFCD?
  4. So, I'm trying to figure out the best course of action here. About a week ago, my wife's sister bought a 3-day credit booster for my wife. Her fiance was watching her gift it and confirms that it was sent to the right person. After 48 hours of the gift not arriving, a ticket was put in. The response that she got requested information that was in the initial ticket (user name of gift recipient.) After complying with the request, she was told that there was no record of the transaction and the only thing showing for the day of the ticket submission (she had been clear that this had occurred 48 hours prior in her ticket) was the resource booster that she gifted me. When she asked where her plat was, then, she received a condescending response with a "one-time favor" list of her plat transactions after the Prime Access purchase and was told that the ticket was closed. The biggest issue with this is that we sat down and added up the numbers on transactions with her plat remaining on these records. Lo and behold, 40 plat is just missing. My interpretation of this is a customer service rep that didn't even bother to read the ticket or her own information. The very numbers she gave as "proof" that my sister-in-law was basically lying to her validated my sister! The three of us have played Warframe together for years and have really enjoyed the game. However, my wife and her sister are (rightly, I think) quite upset at the fact that the situation not only didn't get resolved, but the CSR left a very strong implication that my sister was a liar. They honestly feel like DE is just stealing money whenever they can get away with it. I would like to find a way to resolve the situation so that we can continue to enjoy the game. How does one submit a complaint to DE? I cannot find a way to do so.
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