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  1. All these updates over the 600+ daily logins i have, but I go into a regular mission that Nightwave makes me do and it still feels the exact same as it always has. -The marker to tell you where to go still jumps around like crazy. -The pet AI is still pretty bad but it doesn't matter cause it's weak anyway. All the mods go to having it set up for utility n survivability. - The minimaps little arrow representing you, follows the direction your warframe is facing and not the way the cameras facing. Its disorienting. - the list goes on and on but ill stop right now cause the updates caused enough problems...
  2. I would love to equip both a sentinel and a pet at the same time. I think the pet should be geared toward fighting with you but have an offensive and defensive mode while your sentinel would be geared more toward utility like the luminate aquatic lifeforms ability. Right now my smeetas all utility really. Kinda weird. Why not give ur pets hero moments too? Imagine a cutscene of ur pet clawing their way through a crowd of enemies or protecting their Tenno parent. ^_^ For Open Worlds can your ship drop a "pod-like" version of the arsenal so we can switch gear inside? Would be cool.
  3. For someone whos put a lot of hours into this game, the little tweaks like the new loadout screen means more to me than a HUGE update. Id like to have the abilty to click n drag the loadouts to rearrange the order but its still a wonderful improvement. Nice job! Can u do something about leveling up in syndicates? Remembering to change sigils on multiple frames is a pain.
  4. Can you guys switch the "quick shortcut button" in the navigation/star chart screen from Loadout to Arsenal? I find myself needing to change a weapon for a sortie n what not pretty often. Plus, u can change loadouts pretty quickly from the arsenal as well. In fact, why isnt Arsenal right up top in the menu since its used soo much? Thanks.
  5. These HOST MIGRATIONS and SESSION UNAVAILABLE issues are getting out of hand!!! I swear theyre getting worse every update!
  6. I have everything that IIIIIII want formad. Period. Right now i dont see the point in putting forma into something that idc about. I put 100+ forma into my dojo. Got all the necessary frames, weapons, companions, vehicles, and then some formad. If something worthy of forma comes along, ill forma it. I already maxed out Wisp and the new weapons. I formad wisp for Nightwave. Im just not that impressed to be spending forma on anything right now and should have a different option then to spend resources. I do the silly challenges like do a rescue mission 3x without complaint. All these MR20+ running Earth rescue just to get it done is silly but whatever. I just dont want to use resources just for the sake of it.
  7. Howabout grouping a couple of Nightwave challenges together but only having to choose 1 of the 2 to get the standing? For example... Use 3 forma -OR- Complete 8 zones of ESO to get 9k standing.
  8. Exactly. When you’ve played all the content to death, you end up deciding which game modes you like. Those game modes are probably a small percentage of the whole game. For example, maybe a person just likes Eidolons, fissure missions, and ESO. You think he wants to go do other stuff he already decided was boring?
  9. I have 3600 hours in game. Ive mastered ALL the the items in the game except one thats a daily login reward. Ive put over 100 forma into my own dojo. Ive put forma into everything I want. It’s annoying to waste resources that I don’t need to. Yes, I want to do all the challenges but not ones like that, was my point. I went ahead and wasted forma and did the challenge anyways. Its an annoyance when you’re a vet. When you get to my level, maybe you’ll understand.
  10. But I want to do ALL the challenges. I just don’t like ones that make me use resources that I don't wanna use. I’m not the only one who feels this way...by far. IDC if 1 of the rewards is 3 forma. It’s annoying when you have formad pretty much everything you want to forma.
  11. Sooooooo...let me get this straight. The bugs that have been in Plague Star since forever are still a thing? The drone AI is atrocious!! Keeps getting stuck!!
  12. Please fix all the problems players been talking bout for years instead of new updates that we burn through in no time.
  13. Mannnn they forcing me to use forma in Nightwave again. Ugh!!!!!!
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