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  1. Wait!! Where are the angry peeps that paid 1k plat or farmed for hours on end to get the Wolf Sledge set?! Popcorns ready. Having not been one of those people, I still have to say that this is a weak move to make him able to be farmed so quickly. It was kinda cool the way it was. Oh well. My friend said if you wait long enough DE will just give you the hard to get things. Indeed.
  2. Please fix Zephyr's Turbulence Ability so that you dont stop in place when you cast it. Its annoying when using the Jet Stream Augment which is meant for SPEED.
  3. Cool. Can you make it to where Zephyr's jet stream augment doesn't hold you in place on cast? It is a speed augment after all. Thanks. Oh also the loadout list needs a way for us to arrange the order of loadouts. Thanks again.
  4. I see what other people are saying here. I’ll say this. The grind that it takes to get to the top is what makes you feel accomplished at the end. In real life, if they were passing out masters degrees to anybody for a couple of months of work that degree wouldn’t mean as much. Basically, if you take out difficulty you take out accomplishment. Something that DE has failed to realize. They make everything more and more simple making everything less and less meaningful. I’ve basically given an easy guide to the mechanics of the Teralyst fight and the equipment needed. It took me a lottt of research, trial and error. fits of rage, but ultimately, a platform in which to help others. If you don’t like the grind then you may be a more immediate gratification type of person. Nothing wrong with that but maybe a different game may suit your style.
  5. Looks like he’s asking for a guide on the mechanics itself. Here it goes. TERALYST GUIDE: SECTION 1: In it’s rawest form, the Teralyst fight mechanic goes like this: 1.) Temporarily disable the Teralyst’s shield by shooting it with your operator’s amp. It’ll flash red and make a sound telling you its down. 2.) Use a sniper rifle to shoot the synopsis a.k.a. “limb”. Teralyst will fall, do an energy spike, and put shield back on when he stands up (Flashes blue). Go void mode on energy spike or run far away. 3.) Repeat steps 1 and 2 til all four limbs are destroyed. Destroyed limbs will be shown sparking. 4.) When all 4 “limbs” are destroyed he will stay down for a good period of time. Vomvalysts will come to his aid and heal him. When he stands up, he WILL NOT have his shield on and should be sniped til defeated. NOTE: During these steps the Teralyst will do several attacks such as a foot stomp, a slap, shoot his gun to the front or in the air, etc. You can jump on foot stomps to avoid being thrown back by the force. You can go void mode to avoid most of the other attacks. SECTION 2: Thats the raw fight but we have to talk about lures as they are necessary to “capture” the Teralyst. Lures need 3 vomvalysts to get “charged” up. U can destroy voms near a lure and the lure will basically eat the vom. If a vom is destroyed too far away from the lure you can pick up the little orb that voms drop and take it to the lure. You just have to walk over the orb to pick it up. You’ll know you picked it up if your operator is flashing with something thats looks like electricity. A charged lure will show a blue icon instead of yellow. 1 lure will “bind” to 2 of the Teralyst’s limbs and will keep him from teleporting after a limb is destroyed as long as the lure is close enough to the Teralyst. Since the Teralyst has 4 limbs you will need 2 charged lures at the end to do a successful capture. If the lures are too far away or if any lures die at the end you will kill the Teralyst but not do a successful capture. Hope that helps.
  6. MR27 with 624 Hydrolyst caps/215 kills here with some advice for starting out. 1.) Do your research on the Teralyst fight mechanics. Watch vids on YouTube. Read articles online. 2.) Do what you have to do to get the necessary equipment (listed at bottom). Personally, I wouldnt waste time and resources building cheap amps n such. Build the Meta stuff ASAP even if it takes longer. Expect this to take time...a lot of time. 3.) Throughout the course of step 2 you can integrate public matchmaking runs and concentrate on getting good at just capturing the Teralyst. . . When I started out I did a ton of teralysts runs only. I have 1312 caps/513 kills to date. 4.) When you feel like you can do Teralyst rather easily research the Teralyst, Gantulyst, Hydrolyst fight and start running them in public matchmaking. When you get comfortable doing it once then maybe try recruit chat and see how you fair. Thats pretty much it!!! EQUIPMENT: Trinity with 2 Nullifier Arcanes. Rubico Prime or Lanka sniper. Amp with any prism you like, shraksun scaffold, and certus brace. Fury arcane is prolly the best user friendly amp arcane. According to a friends math fury can pretty much keep up with strike and shadow. I prefer Smeeta Kavat over Adarza Kavat just because they’re more well rounded and suited for stuff outside of Eidolons. Kavats are a big time and resource investment so its better to have a well rounded one from the start. Operator arcanes. Start with husk and vigor. When you unlock some waybound nodes in various schools you can replace vigor with replenish. Focus School: Madurai for Void Strike. Dont max void radiance, the node before void strike. It eats energy like crazy and should be moved or changed. My personal best has been soloing all 3 eidolons twice in one night. Something I dont care to replicate at the moment. Take my advice for what its worth. You can also always ask for carries. Some people are cool with it.
  7. I asked them to fix it once and they actually did the very next update. I was so happy I actually bought a pack for real world money. They broke it the very next update. It was a slap in the face. I’ve seldom bought anything since. Ive asked for it several times since and nothing. I dont feel im being heard. Warframe seems to be slowing down too. The plains update looks so so. Nightwaves a chore. Arbitrations is a mess. Eidolon hunt is still glitchy. Missions are old n repetitive. Vallis missions are boring. Im struggling to find anything fun to do. Where’s the fun, Warframe? Everything’s a chore like these 1% drop chances after 20 minutes of work.
  8. Sounds good. Please fix Zephyr's Turbulence ability stopping you in your tracks while casting so its similar to Volt's speed. That way it works better with her Jet Stream augment. I want a Happy Zephyr!! Thanks.
  9. Yet u assume that I don’t understand why bugs exist or that I took this as a personal attack? I didnt hence the 🙂 . I said I’m MR27 just to give you a point of reference so you don’t have to assume I’m new and just don’t understand something. That’s not the case. I know you’re trying to help in a way and I applaud you. I’ll just say, again, Im merely expressing my discontent for my own player experience at the moment. That is all. I have faith, DE will address this at some point otherwise I wouldn’t still be playing.
  10. I understand the WHY but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. I’m MR27. I’m not a new player. I get how it all works. As I said, I’m just venting. 🙂
  11. I get where you’re coming from but hunting eidolons still has bugs. It’s not new. Profit takers been out a while and I see other people getting kicked all the time. Im still playing the game with all the bugs and I’ll continue to play. Its just hella annoying. I’m just venting. Pay no mind.
  12. So I logged off after thiis mess. Hours later I log in again and go to play profit taker. Squad member gets kicked then Archgun glitches so I cant equip it. Theres no timer saying I can't equip it or anything. Then I get kicked all the way out the app at the end and miss the rewards. This is crazy...
  13. So I was just playing ESO and had 1646 kills while the guy leeching had 0 kills as of Zone 7. The leecher bails and the 3rd guy and I went to Zone 8 where we fail 20 seconds before finishing cause there aren't enough enemies around. WTH?? Saryn has great range and there's not enough enemies?? Bad enough Blazing Steps is a 1% drop but I have to deal with leechers and low enemy counts too?? Soo ticked. Had to complain.
  14. Tennogen has issues because Warframe pays the Tennogen artists 30% of the sales on PC. Keep in mind, things work differently on PC. PC players have to pay real world money for Tennogen. They cant buy it with plat like console users. Therefore, DE has to pay tennogen artists a set amount of real money for use of their work when going from PC to console because they cant do a percentage-cut since, again, we can pay with plat instead of real money. Therefore, DE has to be more selective of what Tennogen items they bring over from PC to console. PC users argue why can console users buy tennogen with plat and we can't? Personally, I'd rather be on the console side of things.
  15. I like that they're revisiting the Plains of Eidolon and working on more "simple" things like the stasis chamber. Personally, I think ENDGAME for Warframe would be having multiple QUALITY game modes with varying difficulties so players have choices of what they want to do when they log in. Seems that they're working on just that and are on the right path vs. some other games that are out there. Fixin some old stuff n adding some new. Thats why I stick around. ;)
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