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  1. All i want for Christmas: 1st person view, In & out camera zoom for 3rd person view, and grenades!!!
  2. Appreciate it but I dont think itd be OP since half the mods on a pet go to its survivability anyway (possible flaw in and of itself). Plus, by utility i mean sentinels would handle stuff like the existing "highlight aquatic lifeforms" and the like. Im just sayings my smeetas more utility than a warrior on the battlefield. Feels bad.
  3. This games a mess. All these updates over the years but if I log into a regular mission on pretty much any planet the game hasn't changed at all. Archwings, operators, pets, markers, UI, etc. still blah. Why cant we do 1st person view or zoom 3rd person in n out? No grenades? Explosions are fun. Let us equip a pet and a sentinel at once? Pets for damage. Sentinel for utility. Why cant we access our arsenal during a mission to change weapons etc? The list goes on. Plus, all my fav weapons being nerfed all the time. Whats the point of investing time/plat in weapons/rivens if theyre just gonna continuously be degraded? Should be the opposite as in find a weapon you like, invest time/resources to unlock perks etc, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. When your tempted to change weapons based on nerfing damage output instead of intrinsic qualities such as unique features/mechanisms...thats just bad design. Definitely turned this vet into a casual. Do better with the little things! Dont be like every other game that ignores the small stuff.
  4. Wasnt the point of the melee changes to have a seamless transition between melee and gunplay? However, I find myself needing to be in melee mode to do certain attacks. Sigh. Also, I really dont get why we cant have a 1st person camera n the ability to zoom our 3rd person camera in and out. We do have open worlds now.
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