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  1. So matchmaking ok xbox is fixed. Great!!! But it's not gamebreaking. The fact that I cannot get lavan playing for the life of me becuase any wreckage with the purple icon cannot be picked up on xbox! This is 110% gamebreaking and it has yet to be fixed!
  2. Multiple player is fine, not picking up wreckage in railjack needs to be fixed. And it's apparently DEs least concern.
  3. Now please fix the wreckage bug it's demoralizing
  4. Fix not being able to pick up wreckage it sucks. I guess I won't play railjack for ages becuase you care more about logins and not gamebreaking bugs
  5. I'm at work and just confirmed it with my brother, he destroyed a corpus crew ship and it dropped a vidar MK3 plate which was wreckage and had the purple symbol on it so I don't know if it's hit or miss or it's actually fixed. He is testing more now. I want my hull to be 11,699
  6. Wreckage is still broken sigh I deserve my #*!%ing lavan plating bruh
  7. Any progress on the salvageable wreckage that we can't pick up. I would like my hull having 11,699 health please
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