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  1. Is there any way for me to use the old system for melee and gun play, the new system is completely unintuitive for a build centred around melee. I can no longer equipt my melee weapon and channel in a way that makes sense. Every time i try to channel it will auto switch to either my primary or secondary guns and zoom aim. Even if i change my key bind for channel the auto block (of) and inability to hold equip my melee is extremely intrusive to the way i am able, and prefer to play. I shouldn't be forced to completely change how i play a game after having played said game for several years. With the new mechanics melee builds (atleast for me) are completely unplayable and usless and as im not overly fond of gun play i can no longer enjoy playing your wonderful game. I understand what you where trying to do with this update but the complexity of what was, was definitely better than the overly simple of what is now
  2. Personally i enjoy the challange of block timing and attacking, would it be possible to have auto block and manual block toggle-able between the two?
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