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  1. TYPE: Scarlet Spear Ground Team Mission DESCRIPTION: me and my team did 2x 17 condrix mission but in the flotilla leader board didn't show the correct points VISUAL: cant seem to upload the screenshots here REPRODUCTION: happened twice EXPECTED RESULT: expect 4k+ points per 17 condrix so expecting around 8k+ points OBSERVED RESULT: only received 4236 points ie half the points in both runs REPRODUCTION RATE: dont know
  2. Upload Kill Codes stuck at 0/9 despite 9 ground teams sending kill codes to 3 space team?
  3. Ditto - A warframe that can mimic other warframe abilities ... maybe with shorter duration/range/strength than the original warframe eg look at volt team mate, press 1 and you now have the shock ability and you can use is throughout the rest of the mission. The shock damage will be 100 instead of 200 (volt's maximum) look at rhino, press 2 and now you have iron skin but half the value that rhino player has. basically, the initial idea was to have some sort of modular warframes from different warframe parts which grants you the different abilities but this one is more of a hijack team mate abilities as for the powers when there are 4 ditto in a squad, i'll leave that to the community and devs to figure out
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