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  1. Seems like such a mindless thing to fix too. It has been addressed for certain abilities already but not others. Wisp 4 comes to mind. I dont have any use for walk. Ever. Not once. Ever. Why is it even a thing?
  2. I feel ya. I always get screwed when I am after something specific. I just started ignoring relic tables entirely and just spam whatever missions through the course of a week or month. Then I am pleasantly surprised by new things to build in the forge. To be fair though, 90% of my arsenal is from relic freebies. Any looser on the RNG and it would be too easy. The RNG is the price we pay for freebies. I always thought the relic system was incredibly generous. They could simply not have them at all.
  3. None. Railjack is trashola. If it were an option, i would scrap mine for endo or kuva and never look back.
  4. I'm still waiting for Railjack on normal missions....hurr durr
  5. This is part of the problem. Enemy density has always been too low in every mission. The reason people spread out is because there is never enough enemies to kill. I think this play style is only going to work with low level gear or extremely long endurance. Regular players are always going to out-dps the spawn frequency which results in spreading out and playing "where tf are all the enemies?" The fact that there is a playstyle attempting to manipulate spawning for increased efficiency is a clear sign that spawning and density is broken.
  6. Lol at some of these comments. I think it's an incredibly fair question to keep repeating for an 8 year old game. Then there's the numptys that reply to this literally as though it wasnt a rhetorical question. The OP along with everyone else gets the technical aspects. Read between the lines; Games 8 years old Its 2021 Still using p2p Why?
  7. I would love to fail a mission or even die if it were actually fair and within my control to prevent. It rarely is in this game though. Its always a cheap, unavoidable 1 shot or some idiot a.i. gets killed. The problem with the idea of raids is that the game is too easy. The combat is skewed heavily in our favor and the a.i. is non-existent so the only way to really challenge players would be through convoluted scripted mechanics and puzzles or .....timers etc. Then it just devolves into whoever can be arsed with finding other people to coordinate with on discord. You're not even b
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