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  1. Absolutely. Melee is in a good, rewarding and functioning state imo. Primaries are not. I suspect this has a lot to do with the combo multiplier that primaries don't benefit from. Melee gets to scale up over the course of a mission, primary damage remains static. Melee also has a bunch of mods that directly interact with and scale even more with combo count. For high level stuff like steel path, primary and secondary weapons aren't even part of the discussion. They devolve into status sticks.
  2. I agree about the hubs. I loathe the copy paste formula for the open world zones. Those zones deserve so much more than a laggy peer to peer syndicate grind.
  3. Ummm if they want anyone to use him ..... seriously. Revenants kit is trashola. Those thralls are horribly implemented and the game already has better designed minion frames that require less busy work. His 4 and his aesthetics are the only things it has going.
  4. Banshee along with a lot of other frames are just plain fugly and their kits don't make sense thematically and/or there is very little synergy. For instance, I never really feel like I control magnetic fields when I play as Mag. Its just 4 random abilities smashed into her kit. Mirage only has 1 ability that even remotely resembles an illusion or a mirage. Ash, description reads "stealth". Only has 1 short duration ability that is actually stealth related. Ivara is a better stealth frame. As crappy as Hydroid or grendel may be, at least their kits make sense thematically
  5. Wow. They desperately want me to play that necramech trash dont they? Its inescapable. The event that I ignored finally goes away and now its like "oh dont forget about archaic and obsolete tech and our garbage implementation of iso vaults!!!??" &%$# off. Shoehorning trash into timed table scraps is kind of insulting. While the 2 umbra forma would be nice, I loathe mechs, kdrives and all of deimos. Probably wont happen if those challenges remain static. Steel path inclusion is a nice change though. Those of us that have built properly have made this the defacto default diffi
  6. Umm all 4 of his abilities are good. Not sure why he would need it. I can count on one hand the amount of frames I consider to be in a good spot and Nidus is one of them. You could argue his 3 is weak and it is but its a good excuse to experiment with helminth.
  7. That data is meaningless. It's a breakdown of mastery completion. Mastery completion can occur passively without ever drawing the weapon, let alone firing a single round. It doesn't reflect usage, kills, etc. It sits in my arsenal in the off chance I get a "secondary only" modifier in sorties. That's how little of value I place on the secondary slot. Being equipped and mastered doesn't equate to usage. I've always been underwhelmed by secondaries. It's surprising they don't buff the others up instead tbh.
  8. I solo SP with eternal war valkyr prime and reaper prime. Everything dies in 1-2 hits. I've discovered that offense is a far superior strategy than defense. If you can kill everything in 1 hit, they cant ever hurt you. For defense type missions where the objective can be destroyed, I use minimum range limbo. Im still stuck on some boss fights though. They got scaled way too much. The alerts are a welcome addition though because you're always guaranteed a group. Which is why I still can't figure out why they removed alerts....alerts were the games best and most efficient way of
  9. Just hit 19 a couple weeks back and I thought it was pretty easy. I just killed all the npc and then you're free to do whatever with no time limit. Sounds like a bug or maybe some unwanted interaction with a mod? Also, theres no reason to fail and lockout. If you go to a relay, you can practice first.
  10. I agree with the op. Timed content is nonsense IN ANY GAME. Nightwave was, is and will always be an inferior method of content delivery. There isn't any real logical reason for it to ever end either. The story beats are minor and throw-away. The activities are boring and tedious. The bosses are a joke. DE will never be able to flip seasons fast enough and they've proven it since the first one. Critical crafting materials should never be timed either. Idiotic gating.
  11. They had to give us something to do over the holidays. Mechs were in the pipe. End of. Theres no grand strategy or roadmap. There never has been. They make random crap that doesn't allow our primary arsenals to power creep to keep you busy and engaged. Just a series of distractions while they flounder trying to balance the game without cheapening or compromising our investment thus far. I hope people start seeing the pattern soon and call them on it. Archwing, k-drive, railjack, operators, mechs .... and probably some lame robot horse. All of these things are horizontal distractions
  12. Nope. Both types of content attract and breed toxicity, segregate the player base and turn it into a competition. If I wanted that, I'd go back to wow. No forced-grouping is one of the game's positives. Leave it be. Play destiny or wow if you need loot validation from strangers on the internet.
  13. Grineer Railjack sucks so a reskinned corpus version sounds terrible. Kuva liches still suck so a reskinned corpus variant sounds terrible. Duviri Paradox is looking like another "open world" template. Plains 4.0? Terrible. The only thing remotely interesting here is the continuation of the main story. Doubling down on content that made people quit and contributed to the games permanent drop on steam, seems pretty stupid to me.
  14. Dedicated servers. Account migration/cross-save. Once these 2 things happen to bring the game up to 2021 standards, we can discuss actual ingame issues.
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