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  1. Yep. Agree 100%. Trading system in this game is archaic and quite possibly the least intuitive system I can think of. I refuse to engage in it. I will get bored and quit before I play "space wallstreet" to overcome lacklustre reward systems and heavy RNG. Everything should be attainable through playing. The main offender here being rivens. It's not so much the trade system that's the problem, it's the severe randomness of acquisition. It's like they intentionally randomize things too much to encourage trade. If the games reward systems were improved, particularly riven acquisition, there'd be no need to trade. Trading shouldn't be a primary form of loot acquisition. It should be there to help new players along with gifts or fill out collections etc. It should be entirely optional.
  2. Nightwave is terrible. I don't even pay attention to it. If I wanted to do menial checklist content, I'll go play world of Warcraft.
  3. I tend to disagree. Some of the best criticism can be based in anger and frustration. Regardless of how it's presented. Also, historically, the squeskiest wheels get the grease. If this was a charity I could see your point. But it's not. It's a business. When's the last time you complained about a S#&$ty meal and had some $&*^head tell you to "be constructive"? Only in the game industry.....apparently if you work in games......you have no backbone. If the community managers or devs can't stand some heat, then it's time to hire someone who can. Every other goods and service provider has some level of accountability except games. If youre a game consumer you have to tip toe across eggshells so as to not hurt anyone's special feelings. In my 30+ years of gaming I've seen the term "constructive" twisted and abused on every game forum ever. It's basically a convenient blanket excuse for forum mods to squelch angry customers.
  4. Was kinda hoping they'd give up on it by now.... Constantly rotating alerts were a far superior method of content delivery.
  5. If they had a proper backend of dedicated servers, host migration wouldn't be necessary. It's totally 100% up to DE to fix it. You can't brute force bad peer to peer networking.
  6. I consider myself a perpetual new player. That is, I never play longer than a month or 2 at a time. The game simply doesn't have any long term appeal. It's more like fast food between real meals. I come back and always hit the same wall. The realization that if I want anything good, I have to buy it with platinum from another player. You hit a point where you can no longer improve without sheer luck or opening your wallet. The RNG and trading system ultimately chases me away. The idea that you can't get good loot from a loot game beyond a certain point really just sucks the motivation out of me. I don't want to play a space wall street. Let me get good gear and rivens from actual loot.
  7. So DE started to dial back swag and incentives for content creators because the return is next to nothing this late in the games life. And they move onto other opportunities. Big deal? YouTube and twitch is all paid for. No one's making videos for "fun" anymore. I hear Bungie is hiring shills judging by all the "suddenly destiny isn't S#&$" videos in my feed lately.
  8. People would expect actual rewards for endgame. The game currently doesn't have any good loot. It's all junk. A proper endgame would totally disrupt the games economy and highlight the problem with player trading. Why bother farming for a riven or anything else when you can just buy one ? The games entire economy and loot systems would need to be overhauled to accommodate any kind of progression based endgame. Unless they just keep being lazy with templated syndicate grinds.....
  9. Problem is.....no matter how sustainable it is for certain groups, there's another that will get bored and just quit. There isn't a single bit of content since 2013 that has kept me interested long enough to play for more than a month at a time. I just find the content so bloody boring. Rep grinds and idiotic rare materials locked behind rep. Etc. It's tedious and I lose interest long before I get anything cool. I will forever be behind the curve because I refuse to jump through boring content hoops. It's easier to quit and come back later when that content Is obsolete or forgotten. There's too many other games to play to suffer through the boring, uninspired content fodder they keep coming up with.
  10. Yes. Let's pile the already barely working peer to peer squad system on top of a streaming service. Should run real good.
  11. While speculating on the lore is exciting and all, I'm more concerned with how many syndicates within syndicates we will have to grind. None of these reveals will retain a shred of the cinematic excitement if it just devolves into plains 3.0. If I have to grind another time gated syndicate and fart around with tiered fish bait and minerals again. I'm out. I'm also concerned about the operator heavy theme of the reveal. I'm getting the impression this new zone is very operator focused. We see him pull a rifle out of a literal plot hole. I can hardly wait to grind another faceless npc faction for one of them.
  12. Haha. Told ya so. They can't maintain a strict release schedule with episodic content. They lacked foresight to see the content gap left by removing alerts. And value their annual convention more than the game. Instead of putting alerts back in they add a last minute catch up mechanic for the time limited content that no one liked or asked for. The only Dreamer is who ever is in charge at DE.
  13. Should have been a feature out of the box. It should have been looked into way back when they decided to launch on 4 platforms. What the OP is really trying to say is: "Whats the hold up?" We are playing many games with unified accounts. Other devs have already jumped through the hoops. Copy what they did and make it happen. Not about to buy a single thing or platinum until they prove they aren't dragging their feet so they can continue to quadruple dip. The fact it wasn't implemented at the time of the switch launch (4th platform), yet had their platinum shop up and running, speaks volumes about their business tactics. How many people can they con into double, triple or even quadruple dipping at launch on a new platform? They aren't as savory as you'd like to think. There was a conscious decision made to nickel and dime switch adopters. Only after enough pushback do you see a line in the devstream about it.
  14. This is awesome that you guys are working on this functionality. Hopefully the end goal is to eventually provide your own servers. Nvm conclave. The possibilities are endless if they were running places like vallis/plains on dedis. They could finally introduce a true shared world and evolve past its lobby based nature. These zones were begging to be way larger and shared. They wouldn't be bound to whatever limitations compelled them to use the same corridor based content delivery system in lieu of something more dynamic and fitting of these areas. I would have thought many squads of tenno to be roaming these areas and stuff like eidolon hunts would simply happen organically and on a larger scale. This is a step in the right direction. Hopefully this works out and expands in future.
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