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  1. Oof that sucks. Do you have enough credits? Are you high enough mastery rank? You may have to submit a bug thingy.
  2. No it isnt. They clearly state more than once that the inclusion of forma is what would give it replay value.
  3. If only there was an easy and guaranteed way of farming forma thats available 365 days of the year.......oh wait, relics exist. I'm not willing to spend any more time on the grind of deimos than is neccessary and I don't think adding a measly forma would be nearly enough incentive to care. Seems like a bizarre complaint.
  4. Did they increase the system requirements of the forums or what? Game runs fine but i feel like i need a computer from the future just to load this website and be able to scroll in a straight line. The forums are currently the most challenging aspect of the game. The forums got steel pathed.
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