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  1. Host Migration Link sounds super fun. Shouldn't be a laggy nightmare at all over p2p. 🤔
  2. Shouldn't have to find a work around for a bad and untested content. There shouldn't be a possibility of a mistake in the first place. Quit making excuses for bad content and hasty, untested hotfixes. Every time there's a fix like this, it's never good enough because they don't play their own game. It's always a half measure.
  3. Yep. It gets tiresome. "I didn't have any self restraint and jumped through poorly designed hoops. So everyone else should too." It's the same rhetoric every time they nerf or make something more accessible. Especially if you consider the amount of money some people spend. Free to play games shouldn't really cater to the veterans. They're spending the least and consuming the most. Your value in this type of ecosystem is entirely dependant on your spending habits and not your ability to bypass them and play forever. I like when they go back and fix poorly thought up systems. It makes the game better for people playing right NOW. Instead of trying to protect the investment of people who played during a small, outdated snippet of the game's existence.
  4. I love it so far. On my 3rd forma lol. I've never used a primary weapon that was as capable of that many kills with a single round. The self damage is the only thing preventing this from being immediately nerfed imo. No other primary even comes close, even with a riven. A Lenz? Too slow, too much delay. Launchers like the zarr? Too erratic and unreliable. Rifles/sniper/shotgun? Who cares they only hit a couple enemies at a time. The bramma is a beast and was easily outperforming my best primaries even at unranked.
  5. They're bullet sponges at rank 5 but not hard at all. Just avoid the grapple and don't let up after a takedown (They will try to regen shields and health).
  6. Been there for ages. No one's doing anything with it. I'm starting to think the feedback forum is a placebo.
  7. If you can't keep up or are farting around with scans you kinda deserve to miss out tbh. No one's queing for anything other than the mod. The faster you go, the better chances you have of queing again before it relocates. Dilly dally and explore on your own time or go solo.
  8. It's soup, except you have to eat it in a separate restaurant from the other food. Even though the restaurant is identical. It makes the soup less appealing if you can't get the other food at the same sitting. They recycled old content but then separated it from the existing reward loops. Now you have to double down on the same old missions. It either needs to be integrated into our existing routines or have it's own unique missions.
  9. Sounds like nova isn't your jam. If you need durability AND movement, try wukong. He doesn't die and he can fly while healing. Or Nezha.
  10. In before all the silly and borderline absurd reasons people intentionally gimp their gaming experiences by playing on a console. One of these days you guys will grow out of your training diapers.
  11. I don't think it matters how much goes into it. It's too far removed from the primary focus of the game. I see railjack as an experimental minigame. Nothing more.
  12. Here's a novel idea. Make it clear in the UI. In The actual game? Try proper game development next time ya goof. The hover overs and nested "i" icons are terrible. If you have to rely on patch notes to communicate game systems, you're doing it wrong.
  13. I don't think it's really a matter of opinion at this point. Most content caps off at level 50 or below. We have gear that far exceeds that. Yeah. The games way too easy. It would be like getting all the best in slot gear from a raid in a game like wow, but then be expected to run a level 50 dungeon over and over..... They aren't keeping up with the power they give us.
  14. It will be just as bad and once people have invested in them and consumed the content loop, they'll nerf them. Like most content they release it's just fotm baiting to keep people occupied. They will be meta until DE decides they want to start selling new weapons.
  15. You're intentionally gimping yourself by soloing relics. The relic system is meant to be shared. Literally the entire point of it is to group up and share the wealth. The requiem missions are so mindless, you can semi afk them. So having other people just speeds it up. I havnt done requiems since old blood came out. I got more than enough of each type to last me a few months in a single sitting. Im predominantly a solo player too but my god.... Hate to break it to you, but it IS YOUR SETUP. Something in your setup or your isp is causing issues that millions of other players simply aren't experiencing. I have a garbage connection and I can instantly connect to squads. Everyone's a bloody IT expert on the internet apparently. Lol
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