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    Limbo causing players stress

    Limbo doesn't bother me. Good players bring a lot to the table. Bad players try to troll. Honestly all you need to do is play limbo yourself to understand the mechanics and it's easy to deal with. If someone goes out of their way to troll, I just let them carry me while I idle. Simple.
  2. Yep its normal. Games like this tend to devolve into "make your own fun". There simply isn't enough content to string you along and keep you busy. Lately my "made up fun" is rennovation of my entire dojo. I've used up so much old resources that I'm out of lowbie stuff. So I've been running lower level missions trying to get resources back up. It's a good excuse to shelf my overpowered builds and level something at the same time. Or at the very leat help carry a noob through a random lowbie mission. I did a bounty on plains and got paired with a new player. MR 1. Using all M1 starter gear. I noticed he didn't have a archwing yet so I walked with him and led him to about 3 or 4 cetus wisps and a ton of sentient cores. Sometimes helping others can help you because I ended up with a bunch of mats I'd normally skip in an archwing.

    Dojo 3.0 - 2019 Update

    Ya I gave up fighting it. Despite my ocd. I find the navigation room especially difficult in this regard. I'm convinced the room isn't perfectly symmetrical and it's not the grid.
  4. My friends and I made a dojo but they all quit so it's become my personal area. I renovated every room and have invested too much time and resources to abandon it. I also don't want to invite anyone. It's mine 😛 I'm just curious though, are the research labs going to waste? Are there people that could be benefitting from the blueprints? If so, is there a way to make it public? Or is it easy enough for new people to build their own or join an existing clan?

    Dojo 3.0 - 2019 Update

    Yep. Awesome idea guy above me. The ability to interact with a rooms console and choose 'contribute all' in one shot would be stellar. I would like to add this to the console too; The ability to bring up a list of all decorations currently placed in that room. So you can delete things that got buried or hidden. Or the odd item that gets placed in a wall never to be seen again. This was likely suggested plenty of times. But I would love the ability to link items into a group that can be moved and scaled together. Being able to save item combos for future use would be awesome too. For instance I have a theme going for my teleporters on a platform along with an overhead lamp. It consists of 7 or 8 pieces. Rebuilding them over and over for each room was a pain. 😞

    Too many missions don't make sense.

    It doesn't make sense. Because it doesn't need to make sense. It doesn't matter if it's a cryopod or an untextured cube. The end result is the same. You kill waves of enemies for 5 minutes and hope you get something. I don't think an elaborate back story would make me care about whatever object I'm asked to defend. In fact I'm glad there isn't. The content and missions in this game are so basic and mindless that any attempt to explain it would sound stupid. Putting an elaborate story behind a mindless defend ABC mission loop would be a waste of time. I'd rather they tackle the loop itself rather than the reason.

    Why not AMP today's special?

    I wish. I can't stand the dual rep grind linked to amps. I'd buy one just to never have to go back to that horribly designed time gated rep grind. Hopefully they scrap the operator going forward. I don't need a secondary grind for a lame Lazer beam from emo space stowaway. Amp or not. Operators were a dumb idea. Seriously, get this brat off MY ship. It's kinda gross how much newer content is intertwined with the operator system. It's like they're trying to force us to like it because it's unavoidable. My enjoyment would increase knowing that time and money wasn't being wasted on telling space brats story and forcing me to use slow, boring Lazer mode.

    Is it true that DE doesn't like money?

    What the op is experiencing is the psychological effect that cleverly designed free to play systems are meant to instill. Working as intended. It helps encourage purchasing because they've seemingly given so much for free. If they didn't want to sell platinum, they wouldn't have pregilded zaws and kit guns for sale. They wouldn't have ignorant grinds within grinds. They wouldn't sell simple QoL items like warframe slots or orokin reactors for platinum. The ridiculous grind in warframe isn't there for fun times. It's there to encourage platinum purchases. It's there to pad out time played metrics to buy them time to churn out more grind. If you're content. That's great. I enjoy the game too. But don't pretend like every line of code isn't carefully entrenched in the platinum economy. Because it is. I mean you can skip the terrible Fortuna grind and simply buy a catchmoon for 150 platinum. The entire planet is designed to be extra ignorant to encourage this sale. Along with moas. Because I value my time and sanity more than 150 platinum, I bought one and have no reason to return. Useless grind can be skipped entirely with your wallet.

    What’s your worst trade experience?

    Oh this is an easy one. Worst trade experience? My first and only. Being a new player and scouring the menus for an auction system. Googling to find out trades are done through chat like it's 1998. First and last attempt to trade in this game. If I ever find drop rates are too punishing for a non-trader, I'll simply uninstall. I'd sooner just find a better game to play than rely on archaic systems. I like to be rewarded for my game play accomplishments not my ability to social network with potential scammers in a chat box.
  10. I disagree 100% Rail jack just sounds like more of the same. Unfinished, unrealized and too drastic of a departure from the core game. Same as operators, archwings and their open world zones. All gimmicks that don't really add anything to the game except frustrating secondary grinds. I'm not looking forward to rail jack at all. And I fear it's such a huge undertaking that too much time will have been wasted on it. This game doesnt need more half finished side mini games. It needs end game content. The game desperately needs a structured goal once you wrap the star chart. Also. &#$% twitter.

    Dedicated Conclave Servers

    This is awesome that you guys are working on this functionality. Hopefully the end goal is to eventually provide your own servers. Nvm conclave. The possibilities are endless if they were running places like vallis/plains on dedis. They could finally introduce a true shared world and evolve past its lobby based nature. These zones were begging to be way larger and shared. They wouldn't be bound to whatever limitations compelled them to use the same corridor based content delivery system in lieu of something more dynamic and fitting of these areas. I would have thought many squads of tenno to be roaming these areas and stuff like eidolon hunts would simply happen organically and on a larger scale. This is a step in the right direction. Hopefully this works out and expands in future.

    Define good design

    Oh I'm totally biased. I don't think his kit is fun or interesting. In comparison to a most every other frame, he's as generic and 1.0 as it gets. He was one of the first frames they designed way back when and it shows imo. Just look at his aesthetic and model. He's the Frame all others were based on. All the skeletal animations etc. He's like Jesus. Kinda magical but people have stopped believing in him over the years. Lol The point I was trying to make though, no matter how well you can build a certain frame, there are up to 40 other choices that are just plain better. It comes down to asking "is this frame better than this other frame?" If not, then why use it? For fun? To spite a meta? Mastery fodder? This is exactly why I think they need to halt new frame releases and revisit every single original or subpar frame. Every frame should have 4 abilities that are viable, synergize with each other, actually follow the theme in the description and are competitive with every other frame. How many frames do you use that actually make use of all 4 abilities? Very few I'd imagine. I also think the 1.0 frames need art updates. The old "organic" random style of modeling looks gross and dated. The more modern frames have taken a more metal and robotic style and looks so much better. They actually look like "frames" and not the "guts" from inside. Basically a lot of the original designs are so fugly I'm surprised as many people stuck with it.

    Define good design

    If their definition of challenge is negating energy/abilities and using wtf one shot mechanics, then the frames you mentioned are exceptionally well deigned. If the content scaled better and enemies had intelligence, better abilities and made use of movement, I would tend to agree with you. But it's not. It's nullys and 1 shots all day beyond a certain level. And that's where your balance comes into play. Inaros and nidus both have ramp up time before they're any good. So they excel at longer endless missions. Where as they're not as good for regular content that ends before they can ramp up. Inaros won't die but he won't get too many room clearing aoe opportunities. Weaker frames can shine in earlier waves and lower level stuff. Where as durable frames shine on longer missions when enemies get stupid. You trade front loaded dps for survivability later in the mission with those frames. And for that reason I think they are well designed. That being said, I feel like most other frames aren't designed well. There are frames I wouldn't touch and there are frames that seem like they had 4 abilities chosen at random with no viability or synergy or even class fantasy taken into consideration. Older frames seem to be just random mess of ideas in comparison to newer frames. I have around 5 or 6 prime versions of older frames and refuse to play them even for mastery fodder. Ash, nyx, banshee, nova, mirage, mag, etc. All bad kits and bad frames. Zero interest in any of them. Other frames kill faster or live longer or are simply more fun to play. That is the epitome of bad design. When you can't list a single reason to use a certain class other than "its fun if built right!" Take Excalibur for example. He's a pretty common choice for beginners. But he's garbage. If that's the kit you're stuck with as a new player, your opinion of the game will be wildly different than someone who straight up buys a good frame off the bat. Doesn't matter if he's considered good or can be built right. His kit is terrible and it's the most generic boring frame in the game. Not even the umbra version made me care.

    What do you expect from The New War

    Everyone hates Lotus. But I'm just over here hating the kid more. Lotus is a cool character imo and we still don't know the extent of her alleged betrayal.

    What do you expect from The New War

    Here's what to expect if you're a jaded old fart like me; More retconned story telling. More operator involvement as the game addresses them as the lead character instead of me. A double down on +dmg to sentients and +tau resistance mods. Artifically gating anyone from future content until they overcome the resistance/dps caps. Likely tied to yet a new faction to mindlessly grind for. More cosmetic items for operators in the market for platinum. Another useless warframe to bundle up on the market instead of fixing old ones. New weapons might get added to the game (paracesis) but you will need crafting materials from a 2 year old boss fight hidden behind a double syndicate grind. What I really want? For the kid to die. Just go. Hands down the worst possible character intro in the history of any game I've played. It was much more interesting and mysterious for the game to refer to us (the player) as the operator. Retconning a punk kid as the main character after 5 years of enduring all this game asks of us was a low blow IMHO. Not to mention operator game play is terrible and takes away more than it adds. Kill them off and eat your cosmetic fluff losses on the market.