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  1. Have they mentioned any timeline on when we can expect to merge our (up to 4 different) accounts? I refuse to play or give any cross platform developer another cent until this happens. Hi-Rez studios (smite, paladins etc) has proven that the "hurdles" with cross progression are entirely self imposed by developers. Sony, Microsoft nor Nintendo aren't stopping them. They've proven that the entire process works and only takes the user a single button click on their website. No more quadruple dipping and then making false claims that platform holders are at fault. When?
  2. Lol at fangirls defending this obvious attempt to recycle old content and lock it behind a rep/currency wall. Instead of releasing something new that actually makes sense to have a voice acted backstory. It's bad. And they should feel bad. The cringy cajun is just salt in the wound. God is she annoying. Grand theft warframe ..... I think it's time DE seriously considered a public test environment before pushing things live. This could have easily been avoided.
  3. This is awesome that you guys are working on this functionality. Hopefully the end goal is to eventually provide your own servers. Nvm conclave. The possibilities are endless if they were running places like vallis/plains on dedis. They could finally introduce a true shared world and evolve past its lobby based nature. These zones were begging to be way larger and shared. They wouldn't be bound to whatever limitations compelled them to use the same corridor based content delivery system in lieu of something more dynamic and fitting of these areas. I would have thought many squads of tenno to be roaming these areas and stuff like eidolon hunts would simply happen organically and on a larger scale. This is a step in the right direction. Hopefully this works out and expands in future.
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