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  1. Most of these will not make you lose fat... just build muscle
  2. You were leeching and complaining that you got half the rewards? Honestly most ppl that leech for the first time keep apologizing. Guess your teammates are bad since they didnt give you plats as well after.
  3. Still nothing on lotus ephemera. Guess the policy is to sweep the problem under the rug.
  4. So let me get this straight. You are FORCED to buy the sigil because you aren't willing to farm it? Literally every game of this type or similar has 1 or 2 things that have an insane drop rate. There were these boots in an mmo I played that had a 0.001% drop rate. Killed millions of that mob and never got it. Level 10 guy passing by killed his first mob it dropped. It happens. He was nice enough to sell it to me for 1 billion in game currency.... ><
  5. Can we please please please have Lotus Ephemera? Me and many others were supposed to get it. In a previous post you guys said that not everyone who was supposed to get it got it and you were fixing the problem. Could we just get it as the twitch drop? It would fix the problem for many people.
  6. Any news on when we can see stream drop fixes? Also any news on lotus ephemera for the population that still havnt received it since you guys mentioned it yourselves that not everyone got it yet?
  7. Ppl do use disposition 5 weapons... its the entire point of the disposition system. 1 example, tysis. Disp 5. Rivens with it lets it stay good in arbitration survival till about 110 to 130 minutes. A lot of disp 1 weapons cant do that, for example ignis which is disp 1 for the easy clears. If tysis ever gets a buff and is locked, will it now be the weapon u use to fight eidolons because you got a riven for it from back in the day? Disposition is to force you to play other weapons.
  8. Then lets say we lock all the dispo 5s we find. Primed versions come out. Old players get a massive advantage over new players and there is no way the new players will ever be able to catch up.
  9. Not gonna happen. Lets say 1 day there is a new sniper that is released and lanka gets to disp 5 for some reason. Ppl will start rolloning things like 220 ms 200 dmg 200 crit chance negative status duration or something like that. It locks then turns out it was a bug. Now we have ppl who are permanently better because of a bug. Or even if not a bug a prisma lanka comes out and makes it disp 1 again.
  10. Still waiting for lotus ephemera. Havnt lost hope yet... just hope it happens before kong prime packnis gone or they will lose a lot of kong prime sales.
  11. Ive seen games now where players dont fire till they see someone low... their kills are high dmg is low.
  12. Btw whats a list of mods that work on this event? Vigilante set bonus. The bullet jump mods. Rifle amp.
  13. If everyone is poorly geared maybe leave squad or dont assume you can leech. 1 or 2 leechers is fine.... i guess... but 4? Eh
  14. Well tuesday. If by tonight there is no patch, afk was intended.
  15. Fairly sure most players who complain about thumpers dont do plains a lot. The doma quest takes a long time because of finding the thumper. If your squad has 1 or 2 ppl with decent dmg and aim, the fight is over in a minute. Going solo with a lanka or rubico or with a good exalted weapon takes about 1 to 2 mins if ur aim is good. There are many ways to beat it and its at where its supposed to be. Mid game enemy has mid game strength.
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