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  1. This was exactly my point when they first announced the change. It's absolutely frustrating. RNG has made it into even the news fcol!!!!
  2. One hour once a month. I'd be fine if they have a history of keeping on track during streams and covering things in details. But sometimes half an hour goes by and the first thing hasn't been discussed then they rush through.
  3. So no one sees how all this is working out to be? Until ALL CONSOLES PASS CERT, None of us are getting the update. That's the new method they've implemented. We PS4 players will suffer even more, sjnce Xbox and Switch takes ages to get updates. We're not getting this update until February. Two months after PC, that's the new meta for releasing ipdatss. It's bad enouhh they release subpar content once in a while but now we have to wait even longer with the promise of "things to come". Nothings coming. Just more excuses.
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