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  1. Can we have in-game warframe change? Considering the foundation for this is already there (Transference), all we need is like a new system in the Orbiter that allows Ordis to drop another load out into the mission (open world areas PoE and OV), use transference and dash into the new frame and ordis collects the other. Have a decent cooldown for this aswell. I think that would be prettt cool. And a request very close to my heart, more lore. PLEASE SIR, MAY I HAVE MORE LORE?! Making go all Oliver Twist isn't pretty. More Operator use opportunity. Besides Eidolon hunting they're not really needed considering there is not much, well, LORE! OPERATOR LUNARO! (Or another cool operator based game mode). Operator weapons. If weapons are equiped, void blast etc has different move sets to include the weapon. The default is accessible by removing the weapon. Could create a game mode where only tennos can enter because warframes become unusable in the conditions of the place, could even add LORE to this, like the Vor's Prize quest where you chooseyour base operator weapon and some nice story. I promise if I get rich, you guys will get a huge chunk of cash!
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