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  1. I played with plenty of auras and in all the time i played the game there were maybe one or two instances where i was in a group that had more than 1 rejuvination aura, and even in a coordinated group its highly rare. Unless you are fighting an enemy one on one i dont see how you can use life strike to save your &#! 100% of the time, i died more than once with lifestrike on my dragon nikana simply cause the target im after is not alone. Not everyone plays on low level planet. If you go for example on ceres im sure you can find plenty of balistas and seekers that would kill you
  2. Its frustration at the ammount of jumping to conclusions im getting from other posters that think of me as being incompetent when given wrong information.
  3. i jumped in as well and finished the mission with only 3 lost revives. I was not frustrated, and it didnt bother me, it just felt weird since i went into the mission prepared to fight beefed up scorpions and not a whole bunch of buffed up grineer, i even set up my mods for it to make sure toxin wont get it. The problem is if DE had time to type in information about a certain event they might as well give us proper information: 'Grineer have found a extremely toxic lizard and are using it to coat their weapons, go and kill them.' This is not about ''chewing my food for me'' (you sure know how
  4. Just cause it says ''Toxic terror'' does not mean that all enemies have been buffed with toxic... hell from the title i could of just as simply come to a conclusion that its only toxic ancients, but no, the description said that its Scropions and i took my Volt with Vectis to practice my aiming. Titles can be very, VERY missleading but that does not give it any right to carry a proper piece of info with it. Its why we have trailers for the movies... to see how much Twilight sucks before we watch it (yes ive said it, sue me)
  5. This made me laugh to the point i woke the entire house, thx for the lols XD
  6. People for chrits sake i never said it was hard just that i was missinformed!!! Damn reading is tough work >_>
  7. All right DE, i often said to myself i want challenge but giveing me missinformation is not a part of it. The tac alert info on forum said scorpions and not every damn enemy on the map. Took my 1k shield Volt in there only to be amazed at the fact that every enemy hit ignores shields... That includes kubrows. Edit: apparently i need to need to add a post scriptum since people are unable to combine letters into words let alone senteces. So, i want everyone to read the whole 4 rows of the text, try it, i know you can do it, and where i said this thing is hard to finnish? The only reason why
  8. 1. Not everyone wants to use Rejuvination, or will use it, or be forced to. Other auras are simply better. 2. You are telling me that you cant die with life strike? Holy flip flops, i can into a mob of enemies with just a sword and life strike :D 3. Not everyone has Rage and Quick Thinking, in fact i play this game for over one year now and only recently managed to aquire both of these mods. 4. There are only two frames that grant health regen to other frames and only one that grants actual invincibility thats only if you dont pull someone else into the rift. 5. Blocking does not work when
  9. As far as im concerned it wont affect it at all. You are not regenerating all you lose, only half, if the enemies keep bombarding you constantly you wont regenerate anything anyway since you will only return half of the last 10seconds of damage after 5 seconds of not being hit. The idea is only to keep up with current times where enemies are constantly being upgraded while we still have very poor health management with only 2 healing frames (of which i rarely see either one) or with building insane amounts of life pods.
  10. With the recent enemy expansion to Warframe i have noticed that i always carry with me at least 20 life restore packs in case S#&$ hits the fan and even then its sometimes not enough to save me. Now i play mostly squish frames as far as armor values are concerned (volt, limbo, mesa, nyx...) so i understand the risk im taking... But then i got an idea that could be added to warframe to buff their ability to live longer without making it too easy... at least i hope. I call it ''reactive frame'' and its mostly similar to what fps games of today bring to the table. Now as some o
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