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  1. It's not bugged. Many thought it was initially but upon reading how to actually get the BP, realised it's not bugged at all.
  2. Cool story. You know WHY you haven't seen them? They appear after you do invasions against grineer. Also, for this, they appear regardless of whether you are marked or not. Seriously? Yes.
  3. Nah. I did 4 runs and got all 3 parts. Easy peasy. None of the parts are rare. Stop complaining before you've even tried. Also the bounties aren't bugged anymore.
  4. Not sure why that is happening. But yes, there should be a "mask?" option with Nakak. Then you can buy the mask. Equip it then go out at night and you should get a dialogue and an area to investigate by the main lake. However, don't go back inside until you've investigate 3 areas, otherwise like me and many others, you will not get the main blueprint.
  5. yes but see my above post. There are 3 areas to investigate, but you break the quest if you go back after the 1st, when Nakak says to talk to Konzu. You do not get the blueprint if you break this part. Getting the parts does NOT require you to get the mask first. I got those BEFORE I got the mask as it was daytime
  6. I'm being told there are 3 areas like the first, and NOT to go back to Cetus even when Nakak says to talk to Konzu but investigate all 3 areas first
  7. it is indeed bugged. You need a blueprint for the frame itself, which if you go check the market is said to be given after investigating the mask Nakak gives you. Others in my clan have the BP, I didn't get it apparently because I only got 1 monologue and should have had 3.
  8. Why is it a slap to the face? I did 4 bounties and got all 3 parts. 2 of them twice lol
  9. Slow to load? Do you have an SSD? One issue I've never had with Warframe is loading. Map loads in 2-3 secs lol? I have a decent system, but my kid also runs it on a potato laptop.....issue would be on your end. It's well known WF is very well optimised and runs on potatoes. If it doesn't on yours then it's time to upgrade as you must have a really old and slow PC
  10. I'm lost then. I got the parts BEFORE going out at night...so maybe that borked it? I have no idea what to do now.
  11. Well...I got all the parts doing bounties. Howeer, I did not get the Blueprint even after going out at night and doing what I was told by Nakak
  12. It's day now but was night when I posted. Also, they said relog....I did and still no mask
  13. 1) you can always skip landing scene, always could, still can. 2) dunno., 3) Dunno
  14. it sure is. I'm there right now and it's night.
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