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  1. >updates, tries to log in >a new version of warframe is available that was quick
  2. when is this launching, relative to fortuna? before or after? i'm 1 day away from 400 and will be waiting so i can pick primed shred instead of primed vigor. i'm stubborn and WILL bench myself even if fortuna launches first, but very angrily... lol.
  3. i'm not logging in, staying one day away from my next milestone until this launches
  4. onslaught solo/duo squad efficiency per mob scaling when?
  5. @[DE]Connor solo/duo squad spawn/efficiency changes? i want to be able to reach wave 25 as a solo player if i have the skill for it and not be limited by spawns and efficiency my suggestion- make each mob kill contribute more towards efficiency in solo/duo squads, leave spawns as-is
  6. " Visual Effects improvements. " yes YEEEEEEEEES MOOOOOOOOOOOOORE
  7. aww, i was hoping we'd get to fly with the flying frame :( unhappy with zephyr's rework all i wanted was a hold-to-cast air-flying-thing
  8. [[[sleek intensifies]]] looking forward to what this means for future bugs features
  9. so long and thanks for all the art... !
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