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  1. Still waiting for that list of games that have better cosmetic options. I don't doubt that there are some but as an XBox player I haven't been finding it in the games I've been playing. It's either gear related, like Destiny, Neverwinter, ESO, with consumable dyes, or it's just skins like Gears.
  2. Thanks for testing PC players! Be sure to post in feedback!
  3. When you drop down out of the ventilation and the guy in front of you that you just got matched with looks back at you, as if to say: "Let's do this."
  4. I get why they changed the mod pack, as they got rid of the randomized Hawk Mod pack. Changing the glyphs out does induce FOMO for some people though. Ideally they would put those out for people for a few plat.
  5. I think Warframe is too fast for a streaming platform, but I'm interested in what new games could be developed for Stadia. Like a true, massivley multiplayer RPG I could log in from anyware, even my phone, and chill out in. We'll see.
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