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  1. For all the S#&$ the gaming community gives to bungie, at least they have the balls to nerf overpowered gear that ruins the substance of the game. If i may add. Maybe DE should follow suit as they improve their gameplay
  2. Heres both sides here, arguably both of them are wrong. Because many of the tactics used in the initial runs weren't exploits and many players who got legitimate scores got set to zero which is wrong. However the fact of the matter is that DE instated bans, and those bans should have been enforced, it shouldn't matter if they exceeded their previous exploited score the fact of the matter is that DE deemed those people including the ones in my clan as cheaters and therfore should pucker up and stick to what they deemed as cheating. Maybe that way we can finally open discussion on how garbage the power dynamic and outdated the gameplay and enemy interaction of this game is in it's current state. Because once again this event has proven that enemy encounters are not dynamic and interesting enough, barely require any team work, and have yet to reach the level that the RAIDs (albeit raids weren't the best) had. To the point where you have squads demanding riven lobbies and you have the "upper tier warframe players" whos first instinct is to cheese through events instead of doing them as DE said "legitimately". Basically you're all wrong
  3. 3+ years of playing and months of complaining about first posting JV bugs on every hotfix with no response and you still believe that they remotely care about the people who actually put time into the game You wasted your time the best you can do now is not waste even more of your time because DE will not write up a script for people like you either they cant or wont otherwise theyd do it by now
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