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  1. Contagion Cloud wiki page for reference: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Contagion_Cloud What triggers it: A Saryn with active contagion clouds dies and then self-revives (or is revived by other players in Arbitration). Result: Saryn's clouds start dealing damage to herself and her teammates. Extra notes: It doesn't happen if the Saryn is downed and revived(non-arbi) by another player, only on "full revive" so to speak. Here's the relevant log info from an Arbitration run I did where it wiped the entire squad (with names censored): This is kind of a big deal. This can literally be abused to consistently kill your teammates. Fix plx.
  2. About time. Now please just tell me this is polished and finished, not a buggy mess like Scarlet Spear has been. I am okay with waiting longer for quality content, but while waiting there should be more worthwhile rewards to earn. Like maybe adding an Umbra Forma to every 30th Prestige rank or running multiple intermissions between seasons.
  3. Sooo, a nerf in other words? 90% of 16.2% is ~15%, old bonus was 20%.
  4. 5% seems a bit low for enemy shield-gating overflow. I think 10% would be more reasonable. Shield-gating working for any amount of shields seems like it might be a bit too powerful. Maybe scale the invulnerability by portion of shields lost when shield-gate activated? For example: 0.5-1.5s depending on shield-level (it'll generally be on the lower end, close to 0.5s). It should also go without saying that this should be unique to Tenno, this will probably be unreasonable on enemies.
  5. Great addition. But could the icon size scale slightly with distance to the grenade? Sometimes it's hard to see how far away the grenade is. And if it's right next to you it might warrant having a slightly larger icon.
  6. Good improvement, but even 90% Status Chance mods will never see use in meta builds. They'd need to be 120% to compete with 60/60 (60% Status Chance and 60% Elemental damage) mods.
  7. About 5 years too late, but very, very appreciated.
  8. Arcane Aegis, while seemingly powerful in effect, has a rather pathetic 3% chance of triggering. Please make this at least double (6%). Nerf the effect if you have to, I just want it to be more consistent.
  9. New loading-screen UI (at the bottom of the screen) is pixelated and looks awful. The square in the top-left doesn't have this issue. The DPD (Detailed Purchase Dialog) has a fair bit of empty space below the purchase and blueprint buttons. Would be nice if the scroll-area could be extended a bit more since there's space over anyway, so we don't have to scroll around as much.
  10. The varying % falloff between different explosive weapons is very confusing and makes behavior inconsistent. Just make it a set number of ~30-50% for all weapons and tune the AOE size to balance.
  11. This is a great step in the right direction, but even on an S curve Armor gets a bit unreasonable at higher levels. Why? Because HP and Armor are both scaled up, making the Effective HP exponential. In all honesty I don't see why Armor can't be a constant value. Each enemy has X% damage reduction from Armor, and further tankiness is simply from their HP being scaled up. That is both easier to balance and makes the code simpler.
  12. I'd much rather see lower armor values but higher chance (for example 40% chance of +400 Armor). I value consistent behavior.
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