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  1. Fix please. This feels awful to use. Directional slams was the best part of Melee 3.0. This is a clear regression.
  2. Better than before, but still mostly useless and impractical. Give us a parazon mod with Gather-link(Vacuum). Imagine not having to rely on your companion for that. Now that's a nice dream.
  3. Invigorations seem horrible for the game. They're just another mechanic to add to the pile you already need to consider for minmaxing. And then cue players complaining about the game being too easy 😑
  4. If this means updates will stop being posted to the forums please make an RSS feed for the updates. The forums have built-in RSS functionality, allowing me to easily post updates to my Discord server. It would be a travesty to lose that functionality 😰
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