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  1. Maybe instead of adding a bunch of new Grips/Loaders with minor stat variations that are never gonna be used, how about balacing the ones that already exist? Loaders and Grips are just stat variations, and with how badly they're balanced there's only ever one of each that will be used. Adding new parts just increases the chance of players making an inferior choice, with zero additional strategic value. Especially considering how minor and pointless the differences between many of the parts are. For example: do we really need 5 different Grips? Very Fast, Fast, Neutral, Slow and Very Slow could
  2. BUG: Pharoma(fishing tool thingie) disappears after touching the ground. While fixing that one, could you also have a look at fish pathing? Fishes frequently swim into the ground, making them literally impossible to catch.
  3. PLEASE LET US BUY THE ARCANES WITH STANDING. Put them in Loid's shop or something. Makes some sense seeing as they're in the corresponding spot in both Cetus and Fortuna.
  4. Or make them scale off Weapon damage. That could be good.
  5. Looks like the new Arcanes have some pretty niche trigger requirements for some pretty weak effects. That's a surefire way of making a useless set of gear :(
  6. More than half a year per Nightwave season is unreasonable. Please make them run about 3-4 months instead. Make less new content per season if you can't keep up with the workload.
  7. Yeah, only souce claiming PS5 support looked kinda sketchy.
  8. Pretty sure PS4/5 and Switch cannot support DX12, because it's a closed standard owned by Microsoft.. Edit: Googled around a bit and apparently PS5 might get DX12 (edit2: sketchy source, no likely Playstation support at all), but PS4 and Switch aren't getting it. Since ARM is actively supporting Vulkan, it would likely have a much higher chance of benefiting the Switch (which runs an ARM chip).
  9. Wouldn't Vulkan make more sense as Warframe is a multiplatform game? Vulkan could help performance on all platforms, not just Microsoft's Xbox and Windows. Edit: I believe Vulkan has ARM drivers and support, so it could help not only the PC version immensely, but also the Switch, which arguably needs it the most of all platforms ^^
  10. Overall, it sounds like it'll be way more usable, but how about balancing some base abilities while at it? Loads of people are very reluctant to have what is essentially Ability Dispositions with the Helminth system nerfing some abilities. If Roar/Eclipse is too strong then nerf the base ability or buff the bad abilities, because introducing Ability Dispo is pointlessly complex and confusing.
  11. Does this mean that it scales up to the 150% cap with Ability Strength? I.e: 231% Strength will make you reach the cap?
  12. Best takeaway so far. Don't try to balance what is essentially Ability Dispositions, balance base abilities so most frames don't have 1-3 useless abilities.
  13. Looks like Helminth Ability Infusion is turning into Rivens 2.0. Amazing. Can't wait for another bad system 😑
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