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  1. At least the console players are getting the same Bugframe release treatment as the Betatesters PC crowd now :D
  2. DE's answer to this is play and unlock it. They won't adjust it (even if its stupid).
  3. You mean instead of reworking Frames who really needs it with shallow RNG Buffs to "get them played" because they suck so much? Yep thats no content which sustain interest. It seems you're not able to grasp the MMO Level Logic in comparison to Warframe Level here. If you want to compare Players Levels like in WoW you should compare them at least with the Mastery Rank here not with a sidequest system DE slapped into the game because they are too lazy to buff the Frames or reworking their cores. With you logic shown above no EXP gained for the Mastery Rank should carry over once you reach your Max Rank before the Rank up. Yes, thats literally what you're writing.
  4. Yeah keep deleting it. I ask till we get an sufficient answer from the person who was responsible for this decision. Didnt you learn anything from recent MMOs? The Helminth LEVEL isnt even near for a comparision and therefore your excuse "as in every other MMO" is just pure comical nonsense. If you want to compare the Playerlevel of a MMO use your Mastery Rank system and even there you will get retrospectivly exp if you hit the max rank and getting further Mastery Rank EXP.
  5. Helminth exists for a reason. DE isnt interested anymore to invest too much time in designing a Frame. Mark my Words in 1 or 2 Years you can swap every Ability with the Helminth System.
  6. Which rebalance of weapons???? Or do you mean the lazy bandaid arcanes and mods they added?
  7. Metrics driven gameplay - no fun allowed ;P Same as Blizzard right now
  8. Because they dont and wont respect your playtime ;P
  9. They cant even maintain NW Seasons properly or even add additonal ranks once somebody reaches the max one. So dont expect to much.
  10. DE wants you to buy Plat to bypass the "necessary weapon rework" grind by adding bandaid arcanes and mods. The dont care anymore about good gameplay or satisfied customers.
  11. Guess the people expected an whole rework of guns (like Melee 3.0 or was it 2.999999999, forgot it already) instead of a lazy bandaid cashgrab "Here have new mods/arcanes because we are to dumb, greedy, ignorant and incompetent to rework guns reasonable" But who knows theses days *shrug*
  12. Ah Reb isnt it funny that the deaf ears of a special kinded developer to implement univac exactly the reason is why you had to put an 5 min despawn timer on ressources? Man this inconsistency of DE is hilarious. :D :D :D With univac you wouldnt have this kind of problems that players seeking for a buffed pick up :D
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