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  1. Don't worry DE has already done everything they can to ruin it for me 🙂
  2. This worries me as well. The Q/A Department is capable to test all synergies as the same amount of the Horde of Hardcore Min Maxers out there. I call a lot of broken and unintended exploity Builds to be released and hotfixed over months.
  3. Which you can bypass with Ability Strength. Last Time I check my Nidus had around 300 of it if I remembered correctly. So it could be 1500 Health over 10 Seconds. Not much. Sure. But I dont have to jump out to the Kiddo Gimmick to heal and getting oneshotted with it. It would be a Time Saver. At least for me.
  4. The question is why DE is gonna open Pandoras Box with this. I mean they arent already capable of balancing weapons etc. etc. And now the "want" (at least they should, or this system will be broken beyond anything else) to spend time for balancing Frame Abilities and in a worst case scenario for each receiver of the subsumed ability? They cant even sustain Nightwave in a proper way. How is this gonna end with each update and adjustements to the Abilities. Man this will be a overlooked nightmare waste of man hours to sustain the system.
  5. Mmmh, ok Pablo confirmed it already that Molt will be the ability for Saryn which includes the Augments as well. This opens the questions if this will be even more broken with Frames which already have a high Healthpool. Imagine Inaros or Nidus with Regenerative Molt? Yeah thats whats Warframe needs...
  6. How about reworking these Frames then? I know I know. Its a shocking suggestion.
  7. Yeah thought Anthem was more appropriate because Steve was mocking about Anthem back then 😄
  8. The UI shows already more possible Slots. So yeah the chances are high that it will be: Here you can buy "2 Slots for 30 Plats"
  9. My guess is we wont see Command Intrinsics anymore. With the Tennocon it was clearly shown that the usual problem with DE still exists. Once they see something new and fancy in other Games they gonna adapt it half baked for Warframe. Fixing already released stuff? Wont happen. Heck in the Live Demo of Deimos I had suddenly some Anthem Vibes after Kiddo entered the Armor ...
  10. Hell No. There are already enough stupid RNG-Layers tied to Liches. Before they gonna rework Liches to something bearable I wouldnt even think about it.
  11. Good Joke. We are talking about DE here. Of course you have to farm all again and wait 72 hours for building it to sacrifice it then. Let the Plat-Skip-Buyers rain for DE-
  12. It will be an empty open world as well. Same like Plains and Orbvallis. Oh the quest is gonna be split into 3 parts. Yeah I didnt even saw the third part of RJ till now.
  13. It will end like the Lich-Weapons. One or two Abilities will surpassing everyone else. This will be a balance nightmare. Not sure why they are so shortsightet to run into this.
  14. Oh and dont forget the slots they can sell for Abilities you want to store 😉
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