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  1. Even the so called short bursts have a significant decrease in players Let us compare the Quarter Peak Players (as per steamcharts) for the last 2 years since Fortuna was released (and yes the 3. Orb is still missing.... 2 years later ....): Quarter last year & actual Peak Players changes to last quarter Q1/18 Q1/19 16,81% Q2/18 Q2/19 -2,82% Q3/18 Q3/19 -13,01% Q4/18 Q4/19 -27,42% Q1/19 Q1/20
  2. Nice to hear. At least DE has now enough time to make a comprehensive list what has to be fixed and enough time to put in a usable project management time table which they can work off once they return to work.
  3. And how long do we have to deal with the eye hurting auto exposure bull**** ??
  4. I mean they said there will be an third Orb as well :D :D :D :D
  5. Thats what Warframe lacks off, more Conservation, Hell Yeah :D
  6. You mean like the players ignored their Kavats & Kubros and used Carrier (which was introduced with Vacuum 09/2013) for 99,9999999% of the time and which DE took 5 years to realize that its Vacuum before we got Fetch for Pets (introduced 11/2018). Yeah, sure. Scott is just a hindrance with his "hills" and one of the reason that Warframe cant evolve gameplaywise because "my Vision is right and anyone else is wrong" bulls**t attitude.
  7. Dont get you hyped. It will prevent you from sadness once its released ;P Yeah and the Gameplay will still be Kill X Fighters and X Crewships :D With an boring Objective thrown in as well.
  8. I want to share an interview with you here. Its the producer of one of your games you played privately few weeks/month ago. Maybe take some of his answers as advise (those are the exactly opposite of the problems I have right now with Warframe) Q: How do you possibly manage to stuff all of the content you do in each major patch? It's not just PVE content, but nearly every facet of the game is upgraded with quality of life changes. A: We are able to achieve this volume of content in each patch due to a few key elements: the ongoing efforts of each of the development team m
  9. You should try to read it again. What do we have now? 1 Hour per Week to do the Nightwave on Monday? At least with Alerts I had an incentive to play Warframe (even if I didnt needed anything back then). Logged in and then just: "oh look random Mission overthere. Gonna hop in". As already written I didnt want the alerts back who dropped cosmetics and stuff directly (like the former did). I just want random Missions on any Tile Set, Task / tied NW-Challenge in it whatever back which are just rotating every x Minutes in several difficulties which you can play for x credits which you can
  10. I wished they would bring back Alerts as random Missions every Hour with deverse randomized Debuffs/Buffs, Tasks or bake Sorties and Nightmare into it as well. Each Mission depending on difficulty grants a specific amount of currency xyz and a fixed store which you can spend your accumulated currency in there. Give it half a year a new update with new S#&$ and you dont need to do scheduled updates which DE isnt able to maintain (same as the other updates, not sure if DE learned from their mistakes)
  11. Wait, we have to do the Deimos Quest to the actual Halloween Event which precursors were free to everyone? Guess not enough Players made the Quest or unlocked it, huh?
  12. Still waiting for Mech Vacuum. When? (P.S. Not a Bandaid, a real fix) I'm not gonna touch Deimos until we get (oh and stop with 50% Plat discount vouchers). I will support you if you deserve to be supported again. And even then I will decide If I want to support companies located in an dictatorship. P.S. Your Forum on Mobile Devices is still a trainwreck (to be nice here, there would be more suitable names to call it better)
  13. Sadly this one is still on board and in charge and defending the own "Vision" instead of making the game better. Its so sad to see this stuborness that he actively hinders the game just to be right with his opinion.
  14. Mech Vacuum when? (P.S. Not a Bandaid, a real fix)
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