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  1. Wouldnt bet on it because only new Frames get DE money. Be it rushing plat for building, direct purchase because the farming is a slog, forma sets for get him/her viable etc. So moneywise reworking (even if its really needed) a Frame is wasted potential income.
  2. If you need a spreadsheet which compares steamchart numbers by each quarter let me know (as you already noticed, there is a declining player base)
  3. its a bug (at least if DE didnt stealthfixed it without notification as usual). It comes and goes with each hotfix/patch since Railjack was launched Dec, 2019.
  4. Maybe we should scrap some budget from the Community team then? They are practicably useless besides some seperate platform streams and a Devstream once a month. The money could be spend then for 3 or 4 fixed Beta-Testers. Oh and before you say, "they are important they forward feedback to the Devs etc." then you should really ask yourself which feedback for necessary QoL Improvements, since oblivion existing bugs etc. was forwarded besides some BS cosmetic wishes.
  5. Because fun was detected which isnt allowed in Warframe. Remember its an F2P Game they want you to waster your time ;)
  6. Thats all for ressource refunds for allready built and fully upgraded "Failjacks" from the past? Now you force me to forma my ship to gain the same power then before? What is this for a business decision? To mess people over and over and over. Simply a we need an incentive that people spent forma money for this? To make it simple again for those at DE: DONT WASTE PLAYERS TIME AND INVESTMENTS BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T CAPABLE OF SHIPPING AN POLISHED GAMEMODE BEFOREHAND AND SLAP THEM IN THE FACE WITH THIS REFUND "GENEROUSITY".
  7. You must understand their new owner appeasement politics enforced to every company in reach of the CCP ;P
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