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  1. Also wanted to let you know the Kuva Chakurr is pretty much the only flintlock rifle in game at the moment. would be a good time to do a hard push for the other flintlock items/ideas, especially considering that Corpus Liches are a confirmed thing.
  2. Toggle locked double barrel shotgun and where were you during the arms race design programs? :P
  3. bump, would like to see some more feedback while waiting on the concept art
  4. speaking of which, I need to check my Form 1 paperwork lol. Looks like it could be an interesting concept....maybe a Corpus hybrid weapon based off of it?
  5. Honestly, you should apply. you have my support, and more than likely the support of those who have given good feedback on this thread.
  6. take your time with the ideas man, If you need to take a break from the Duviri then by all means. Love the concept work!
  7. issue resolved, thanks DE!
  8. 50 Creds legit just showed up....still 150 short
  9. It shows 0/X Crystal Creds. Also tried to buy stuff, still no go. Creds are just....not there.
  10. Correct, and rank 1 gives 150. Buuuuut no creds.
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