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  1. We know all the ups and downs this year, from content drought to wf partners leaving. etc All of these things are always part of a game growing/evolving. All the bugs and fixes through out the year. Thank you! For the patience, Thank you! For all the trash thrown at reviews or forum posts, Thank you for your tolerance, For listening to the community :v Thank you! For still monetizing fairly, Thank you For the reworks, Thank you For the red text humor, Thank you For being a free to play game and still going on with the new contents! Thank you! For being a free to play game and yet still donate to charity, Thank you very very much! "The slightest negativity will always out shine even the greatest feats and efforts" A little appreciation for the team to end the year. You guys deserve a well rested vacation. And most of all, Thank You for the Free, Quality content. THANK YOU Digital Extremes for all the hard work and dedication, especially getting to the Game Awards and releasing that BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Also congrats madame Rebecca Forbes.
  2. The lotus stopping everyone from spending the holidays. :v
  3. It feels sad, they are discouraging engaging dog fights in archwing and forcing us to use the railjack turrets instead. I hope they would fix/redesign this in the future.(The changes for the arch-gun projectile is ok, but now lacks in power even with riven. i have a max potato & forma archwing sometimes i get one shot out of nowhere, no warning or anything, in higher levels ofc.)
  4. Isn't the corvas a shoutgun? what happend to it? It feels like an arca plasmor, I'm having a very hard time using it on railjack missions. i can't seem kill any fighters unless i try to collide and shoot them face to face. The distance and speed of the projectile is very horrible. It seems like the archwing /w max Hyperion Thrusters and is faster than the projectile it self. Is this an intended change? the atmosphere mode shoots the same(pellets/shotgun), I haven't been doing archwing missions for a long time, hence i'm not sure if they changed the corvas on archwing mode since.
  5. Why did you guys have to bamboozle us last stream? was pretty disappointed thinking it would come next year, but thanks
  6. Yes i know, why can't you just type? or voice chat? The problem with playing in Asia server is too much of a hassle with the language barrier. sometimes even text displays as asterisk** not all on Asia are english speakers. Majority of language barriers suffer from Asia and EU perhaps. Railjack having a super coop mechanics, it will really be hard to communicate with your teammates. We know/saw there was some sort of making Cy command other teammates for basic ship role intervals. But I really think a quick chat wheel (translated on their end) with multiple dialogue options seems to be better and precise communication imo,. remember radio commands on counter-strike?.. something like that but translated on their end, it will help the game generally in communicating. With small cooldowns to avoid noisy spamming. Also making your tenno/frame appear on their screen talking. might be a nice touch. like the squadlink and showed excal. .
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