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  1. Hi, I have but a single question concerning Kuva Weapons: - Will extra copies, with lower bonus then the one I already own ever gonna be worth something? Right now I have half a dozen worthless Kuva weapons in my foundry that took just as long to get then the ones I'm using but are numerically inferior. Will we be able to (for example) sacrifice them to increase the RNG element bonus% of other weapons? Be turned into high amounts of Kuva? Turn into Requiem mods? Because right now I have stopped doing Liches, because ending up with a useless weapon that will take an hour or 2 to get and burn requiem mods is just not fun...
  2. Hi, I have a single idea I would LOVE to be implemented to the Kuva Weapons: Make it so you can sacrifice any Kuva weapon for a 5% increase of the random stat of another Kuva weapon, that way even if you get a duplicate with lower stats you can still use it to improve another Kuva weapon rather then end up (after quite a bit of grind) with a pile of poo...
  3. So, if I understand correctly a Prime/Vandal/Kuva/Wraith weapon version might, given a good Riven of course, be inferior to the vanilla version? Not sure I like this idea, then again vanilla weapons getting the short en of the stick because their superior weapons are popular was not fair. On the other hand, these are RIVENS we are talking about, the only people stuck using vanilla weapons are the ones who likely don't have Rivens to begin with... This is odd to say the least, these changes help no one really, I mean by the time you get a decent pool of Rivens, with good enough rolls to make them viable on your weapons, you've long moved on from most vanilla versions and once a new version is out you'll get the new one and put the riven on that one. I mean lets say I have a Riven that allows me to get 100% status chance on my Corinth with 4 60/60 mods and Corinth Prime is released but because of the lower disposition I can no longer reach 100 status chance with the same 4 mods. Rather then have a time where I could enjoy 100% status on my brand new Corinth Prime before riven dispositions are changed we have a brand new Prime weapon that may not be worth getting or might need another riven to be able to compete with the vanilla one. Of course the idea might be to promote multiple rivens per weapons in the same family.
  4. I really think they should just have like a +25% bonus and that's it, failing that your idea is a great one!
  5. Please for the love of puppies make it possible to re-roll the % of the bonus on Kuva Weapons for Kuva... The thing I loved of this game is the fact that "every weapon is the same", the mods make the difference and only Riven have RNG stats. But now... Not only do I have to kill Kuva Liches left, right and center in the hopes of getting the right weapon (RNG), but I'm also having to hope the % bonus is good enough (RNG)... That's RNG squared for Lotus sake!
  6. Only question I care about: Will the feedback to Arbitration be heard and will the Vitus shop get the new items any time soon? As to no longer dilute the old drop tables with useless junk?
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