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  1. DE: "We listened to the feedback and implemented it to season 2" 1st week challenges: "Gild a modular item" and "use 3 Forma" Yeah, no, you guys didn't listen... 😠
  2. I went from 28k to next rank to 45k to the next rank after Komorex finished building, please fix.
  3. I wonder if they'll do alerts with set days having set ressource drops and people will love it more then Nightwave XD That would make sense, I mean why remove it if there is no replacement to conflict with in the 1st place.
  4. Hexenon is for the new weapons and Wisp parts (1200 just for wisp), after 3 waves I earned a little over 1900 points, so 7/8 waves should get you Glaxion. In all honesty I don't like either gun to begin with so I can't comment since I don't plan to use either.
  5. If it gets Ordis to shut up about the garbage I leave in the ship and occasionally chases the Moas I call it plat well spent...
  6. I would settle for a Mjolnir hammer skin I can put on Wolf Sledge, it's a throwing hammer that returns and I can have crackling with lightning, good enough for me!
  7. If video games have taught me anything, and they have, it's that murder is it's own reward!
  8. Not gonna lie, I was ready to write: "dude add a spoiler tag" Grats, play the loto this week, I know I would!
  9. My head canon is that the Lotus got tired of getting sent kubrows and kavats every other hour and set up a large, automated, free range refuge on an isolated moon somewhere. And all the unwanted pets are living their live there, cared by a Cephalon whose main interest is "cute and fussy things".
  10. Trials, the former raids right? That sound interesting, thou I think they're supposed to be more like Dungeons now I think.
  11. Okay, it's just I find it odd that new ones haven't being added yet, unless it's just ti keep Eidolon hunts relevant.
  12. It's from the mobs that spawn in the middle platform and since it's blown to pieces we can't get whatever they dropped after the fight, the Amalgam mod and Wisp bps are the end mission reward and the Ropealolist unique drops..
  13. I don't get it, we get the Ropalolyst loot at the end of the mission, the other stuff that drops is from the Amalgams in the platform.
  14. I can think of one, it was probably an oversight by DE to release a frame that requiers Nitain the same week we no loger have access to our main source of Nitain. I expect "Oh darn, we forgot, oops!" from DE and either her building requirements change or we get a Nitain alert this week end.
  15. Do you guys think we'll ever get new ones? Or alternative ways to get the current ones? Should we even get new ones? I ask because I expected new (or the old ones) from the Orb fights, since we got Kitgun arcanes, Operator arcanes and AMP arcanes in Fortuna, but so far no Warframe arcanes (maybe in Railjack?). I expected some WF arcanes in the Ropalolyst fight even, the amalgal mods were a surprise.
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