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  1. Also "We know everyone and their cousin are sick and tired of Kuva Liches and already got all the weapons they want, but do some more because reasons!"
  2. I was really looking forward to this, I had enough of Kuva Liches and never found Railjack all that interesting (still think it was mistake to add that to the game) and thought "hey well at least we have new Nightwave to move on from that", but now they added Railjack and Kuva liches to the Nightwave... Well I'm out, I was on the fence since Scarlet Spear but this cements it, no point in playing this anymore.
  3. At this point this is the only realistic way to "save" this event. Step one: CANCEL IT Step two: Bring back Plague Star Step three: Add the rewards from Scarlet Spear to Plague Star vendor Step four: ??? Step five: groffit!
  4. I still remember when they nerfed Ivara when doing preservations, I'm sorry should we not use the tools you give us? I half expect that some dev with a love of stealth missions will straight up remove the invis on frames because everyone is finishing his new content too fast...
  5. Just cancel Scarlet Spear already it's a freaking mess. Or barring that give out fixed amount of credits, none of that scoring crap, not when the game is unable to tally scoring properly and for Pete's sake remove the bonus points and just greatly increase the credits given, Make it so we get credits to drop, in our inventory, in-mission. Credits based on time spent in succesful missions, you know like excavations or survival. The convoluted and clearly not working system you guys have now is a joke and it's not April's Fool anymore...
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