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  1. How is Nova overated? DR, 'mini' nukes, molecular prime, speed. Nova's got everything but survivability.
  2. @SastusBulbas Has hit the nail on the head. I understand I could've come off as harsh, however, there was a reason the plat was taken, and my point about it entering the trading market still stands. All plat in the game MUST be purchased through DE via steam, PSN, etc to ensure they get their money. If OP understood this... rather simple fact, then purchasing from DE would have occurred. I saw this very sketchy post, and yes, I reacted harshly, however, dirty plat is very bad for more than just one or two people. IF OP traded with anyone, then they could've gotten their account banned as well. OP also reacted to my post with the simple "Ok boomer" which was a completely stupid idea. Whether or not he knowingly purchased or received dirty plat, he violated the terms of service by using said plat. There is one fix for this, simply buying enough plat to go back to positives, and dealing with any other consequences.
  3. If you're having trouble with the game, a good idea would be to start watching tutorials on frame builds, or wiki-diving. That is't going to help with navigating the kuva fortress, which I admittedly do still struggle with at times, but its a start. Really, just don't give up. A failure is always going to sting, but you gotta keep going at it until you figure it out, either through brute force, or finding another way around it. I understand your issue, cause when I started, I was there. This game doesn't do a great job at teaching you decent builds or anything, but once you do find something that works, that's where the real fun begins. If you need a hand, just send me a psn message (Cause I can't guarentee I'll be on at the time) and I'll be happy to help out.
  4. And don't forget, millions of people across the world do a lot weirder things than 10 players in a room together. The weird things that players do are what this system works for when combined with general bug testing.
  5. More players means more money. If there are more players, more Plat, Prime packs etc will be purchased.
  6. People want to bang lovecraftian horrors, so like... yeah.
  7. Here's a simple answer for y'all. Shoot the explodey too close to you, you get the knockback. It's better than adding self damage to all those weapons, yeah? Yeah. Now, plain and simple answer, the in game distances are massive. 10 meters on a full charged Staticor shot is reasonable for the AOE the weapon can cover. Astilla is a slug shotty, it has range. You don't need to be in 1 meter of the enemy. Adapt to the changes, honestly thats all it'll take.
  8. I'm thinking a nanite/liquid metal themed warframe. Able to manipulate its own form, defenses, weaponary, things like that. Maybe a form change ability? Switch between a tank, a agile fighter, and a base mode that provides an equilibrium. Maybe an ability like Baruuks Elude? Though at the cost of a higher energy drain you regain health from being shot?
  9. When you whack a guy, you might not gain a combo counter, or you might gain two, or one. Seems... kinda dumb. Still better than plus impact.
  10. Your frame orb idea is now the weapon exilus slot. And Legios seems really good.
  11. All of y'all saying just say no don't understand how hard it can be to say no sometimes. Whether OP intended it or not, it'd certainly help people with any level of social anxiety. Honestly, it's an option. What harm would it do?
  12. Alerts were never difficult though. Handing out things like that (Umbra forma especially) kuva, relic packs, would make the game too easy.
  13. What does Enthrall copy from? Reave? Mesmer? Danse?
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