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  1. If they couldn't fix it for so long it means that they can't fix it AT ALL, at least until they get someone who knows how to fix this stuff.
  2. My friend still can't play because of crash he gets before log in screen.
  3. My friend can't log in since Fortuna was released.
  4. So my friend crashes on loading screen before login info, is there any potential fix for that coming up?
  5. I knew exactly that this thread would be a thing XD
  6. Just waiting here for "Sorry Tenno, not today" post.
  7. To people who say "Let DE take their time and polish the update", no matter how long they will take and delay the update, it will always be buggy AF, because they can't really test it as much as when they release it to the public, so yea, there you go.
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