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  1. 16 hours ago, SpicyDinosaur said:

    yea official/unofficlal guides, or call the Nintendo Power line. I remember begging my parents a number of times to let me call their pay by the minute number because I was completely stuck. I'm a bit younger than you, though. Not sure if you got to experience that scam.

    YES!!  I had to get my dad's permission to call and he flipped because of the charges!!  LOL  I even used billboard systems for my Commodore 64


    On topic though...

    2 hours ago, AngelfyrePWH said:


    Isnt the new player experience bad due to the fact that DE actually wants new players to get lost and buy platinum/use the Market as the 'easiest' way for progression?

    I'm speculating but I don't think so.  DE has shown to be one of the better companies out there as far as monetization (they disabled a feature long ago because it was a slot-machine type mechanic and people were using it too much, can't remember the specifics though)

    Being an old programmer, I think it probably comes down to dev time.  There's enough in the tutorial to get going as I stated before but would be pretty time consuming to re-do things for new players every time some new mechanic or change is introduced.

  2. 16 minutes ago, (PS4)JohnWickHitman said:

    Your SPOILED!

    What would you do without Google/YT??

    Buy the game guide or get help in game.

    Your generation are way to "entitled/elitist" mentality.


    Buh Bye!

    Heh!  I'm 47.

    Without Google "back in my day", we played the game and learned, read the instruction book, used Prima guides...etc.  Also, games back in my day weren't nearly as complex.  -1 internet for you.

  3. 40 minutes ago, (PS4)JohnWickHitman said:

    I'm sorry, but if your answer to New players is:


    Google It

    YouToober it


    You are the problem with this game. Yes, DE should have done better. But being an elitist ___le isn't cool either.


    OP and a couple of players I recently met are TRUE players IMO. They ACTUALLY help, explain things, and a couple even went far enough to offer excess items for nothing just to help out.


    What did you do??


    Google it

    YouToober it

    Let me scam you with overpriced items....


    Get out of here with that bs elitism. Your kind are not needed in game!

    You actually ruin it more than DE ever could!



    So self-educating, self-reliance is elitism?  Better we rant and cry that no one is holding our junk and guiding us through it with all details sprawled out on a silver platter?

    C'mon now.  There's only so much a developer can do.  There's a billion mechanics incorporated in Warframe and new stuff plus changes being added quite often.  If the tutorial included a spoon-fed description of every mechanic, it would be a whole game in itself and with the constant updates, absorb a ton of dev time.

    I got enough out of the tutorial to get going BY MYSELF and taught myself the rest...so that is elite?  Cool!  I'm elite...i guess?

  4. Devil's advocate here.

    I just got my day 750 login reward (missed some time though playing other games).  I'm 99% solo and taught myself the game via YouTube and Google.  I'm MR28 (54k from 29) and only duo with one friend of mine sometimes.

    When I get stuck, I read, watch and learn.  Not that hard if you like the gameplay.


    Edit:  Corrected MR info

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  5. Geezus people!  WTF is wrong with most of you?!?

    OP was proud of an achievement.  At no point did he/she say they were better than you or MR makes you Elite S#&$ ya know.  Blah, blah, blah, MR means nothing for skill, yeah we get it already.

    Let the OP show off his capture and achievement and have FUN...damn people!!


    @OP.  Congrats!  Here's mine.

    I got mine last week and I think it was the Dubba Stubba.  Still missing 4 or so Kuva weapons, and the Zenith i think.

  6. I could quote the majority of the posts in this thread.

    - Playing at my own pace.  I don't enjoy rushing through a mission; I like to loot, open lockers, chase caches & medallions...etc.

    -The odds of getting a toxic player in a PUG is too high.

    -I like to play around with different frames and weapons.  Sometimes the combos work, sometimes they don't.  If you're unlucky and get an elitist in the group, it makes for a horrible experience.

    -Keyboard (controller? lol) tough-guys hiding behind that digital wall of protection.


    edit:  word correction

  7. I'm 98% solo myself as well.  One of my friends plays (yes I got them into Warframe!) but we both have demanding careers and can only team up for an hour or two here and there in-game.

    One thing that bugs me is the selective use of "it's a co-op game", "...then play solo", "...use recruitment chat"  only when it suits the argument at hand.

    If I was a new player reading these, it would confuse the sh*t outta me.  I'm solo, it's a co-op game, if you're struggling, use recruitment chat...recruitment chat is toxic trash garbage...

    You get my point.

    On topic though, I think DE does an ok job balancing the two (solo vs. co-op) I don't think there's a solution to appease everyone.  The Command Intrinsic I'm hoping does what it says or Railjack is gonna be tough for me I think.  I've solo'd two out of the 3 eidolons and it is tough too.

  8. I like Nightwave and although it does suck having to wait for season 2, I'll wait.  Made it to rank 48 and had fun with it.

    These "nobody likes it" and "Nightwave is trash" should always be followed by "IMO" because you are NOT speaking for the entire playerbase.  People who like stuff don't come to forums to complain becaaaauuusee...they like the content, what a concept!!  And yes, I left positive feedback in the proper Nightwave feedback thread.

    Edit:  typo

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  9. There will always be differences of opinions...and they are just that...opinions.

    As a 2K'ish hour player, MR27, I still have fun chasing the few things I don't have (hello Wolf Sledge BP and mask!!).  Had an easy time reaching rank 37 in Nightwave and still going for the shts and giggles but the chase for the Umbral Forma was exciting.  (No I'm not a no-life gamer, I have a FT career and really only play a few hours here and there).

    I'd imagine it's hard for DE to give meaningful rewards/challenges to long-time players because the newer players would lash out over gated content.  Vice versa, new content comes out that all people can access and veterans complain about not being special and have nothing to do.

    It's the internet and gaming, someone will always have a different point of view.

  10. 20 minutes ago, (XB1)D00M INCARNATE said:

    Who are you responding to? I wasn't saying "tell people how to beat teralyst", I was saying teralyst capture should be a much higher than 2% completion rate. But it's not, because most people quit long before they get there.

    No one in particular, was just a sidebar question.  My latest game library is Warframe, Monster Hunter Worlds, Path of Exile, Dark Souls...etc.  Nowadays, YouTube, Wiki's, game forums and the like are utilized to assist players if they are stuck.

    It's not just a Warframe or "this game" as the title states, problem.

    Big games have evolved, become more complex and have a TON more depth and features.  A simple user's manual or Prima Guide (RIP) just won't do it anymore.  Even in-game tutorials cannot cover everything anymore...thus my question; has any recent big game accomplished to explain every aspect of every part of their game in a simple, non-cumbersome manner?

    Probably not because things like I mentioned above, exist.

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  11. I watched videos while I was eating and such before I started playing 400 days ago (400 is today!).  I came from Path of Exile so "learning as I go" and "learning from my mistakes" is all part of the fun of a game for me.

    Stumbling around getting wrecked early on...learning how to beat it (Teralyst) and then chasing the gear to beef up...then finally doing it; isn't that part of the fun?


  12. 13 minutes ago, TheGrimCorsair said:

    The last time they talked about it on Devstream they were pretty firm about it being Opt-In.

    As Firetempest above points out, the big sticking point is implementing it in a way that doesn't implode the current PoV players use to play the game.

    Cool.  So many changes lately I can't keep up with all of them and admittedly went dark on this one since it wouldn't interest me at all to Opt-in to it.

    I didn't even consider the lore implications and all the other variables.

  13. 41 minutes ago, Kairo-Kuraku said:

    Night Wave has undoubtedly been a Nightmare.                            

    Probably more fitting to end that with "IMO" or "for me".  I feel the exact opposite regarding Nightwave; I really like it.

    I just posted my feedback (on page...86...of the feeback thread on it) and it was overall very positive.

    I don't really have ANY complaints at all with the Nightwave system.  One or two things weren't the "funnest" but a game of this magnitude is never going to please everyone.

  14. Page 86 so doubt it will get read and it is also positive feedback overall so will probably be ignored as well.  I just wanted to post from someone who really likes Nightwave.

    Player Info:

    -Around 1900hrs played

    -400 days is today!


    -90% solo, 9% duo, 1% PUG

    -Full-time office job/career so not a no-lifer gamer

    -GF who is cool with my time spent gaming

    -Rank 31 in Nightwave


    1.  Nice homage to the old "The Warriors" movie; I think Nora captures this feel very well.

    2.  Short/quick backstory of the Wolf is kinda cool.  This latest entry into the storyline and overall lore is decent.

    3.  Guaranteed rewards!  Sometimes RNG can bite you in the a#$, it's nice to know there is good loot throughout the reward system.

    4.  Rewards.  Pretty good mix for all types of players.  The Umbra Forma was a nice "carrot" to chase!

    5.  Never felt the "grind" that many negative posts state.  Most of the challenges I was able to complete in basic gameplay doing random things (**I have completed ALL challenges to this point except this weeks sortie challenge that I'll knock out after work today.)

    **Only challenge I kinda cringed at was the statue one because I really dislike the Drones in Arbitrations.  Rank 31 plus, maybe able to chose a reward of Wolf Creds or second optional reward (like rare mining gems as an example). Other than that, all good.


    All-in-all, GREAT work DE!!  Props to everyone at the office and the devs who most likely put a TON of work and love into this.  (And to whomever had the idea of "The Warriors" influence...Steve?...I hate you for making me feel old!)  j/k

  15. OP, I know how you feel.  Trust everyone when they say play/practice more and it will come.

    Back on the MR11 test I think, I was sooo bad at parkour, I almost left the game thinking "how am I going to progress MR when I suck at parkour...".  Now I'm MR26 and still love the game after nearly 2000hrs.

    I still have embarrassing parkour moments in missions where my friends will hammer me for epic movement failure but that's part of the fun.


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