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  1. Yeah, I've tried this and while it does bypass the bug, I've encountered another issue in the process - the Xoris will not detonate most of the time when thrown like this, I don't know why. Hitting "O" again as either a tap or a hold has a very high failure rate on triggering the detonation in all attempts I made. On top of this, the wind up is slower, just by virtue of having to hold "O" to trigger the start of the throw / heavy attack itself, very frustrating! I don't use heavy attacks either, funny enough - Xoris is the first to get me to engage with the system purely out of necessity. I do appreciate having the "spam light attacks and accidentally heavy attack" has been fixed, but I was would seriously appreciate even more if R3 to heavy attack was consistent in execution. This sounds like a whole new bug - you might want to make a new thread to report it so DE can catch and hopefully fix it!
  2. Not sure if this is intentional or not, but while running a Granum Void challenge with the Zanuka assassin active, Zanuka is able to teleport their target right out of the Granum Void with no way for the player to return, wasting a Crown.
  3. No, no custom bindings. This was "melee mode dual-weidling", as in "hold triangle" to weild only the melee weapon with both hands. During the tutorial I could throw the glaive without having to switch to duel-weild of only the glaive, but for whatever reason the boss fight demanded glaive-only. Same goes for what is now random intervals in other missions with the Xoris glaive equipped. Sometimes I can throw it whenever without having to dual-wield the glaive by itself, others it has to be the glaive only. It's very annoying and inconsistent.
  4. Adding further onto this bug report. Since the Protea boss fight, the Xoris now randomly flips between needing and not needing dual-wielding to throw upon entering the Granum Void to kill specters, and for whatever reason, the glaive itself is markedly less effective when dual-wielding - sometimes just not throwing at all, making the Granum Void pointlessly more difficult to complete. Please fix this, it is unbelievably irritating to deal with.
  5. While playing through Deadlock Protocol, I encountered a very strange, progress-stopping bug that made the Protea boss fight intensely irritating. At the beginning of the Granum Void encounter with the specters (ie: the "tutorial" section), the Xoris throws and explodes normally with R3. I can throw it whenever I want regardless of charge. To note here, I am not dual-wielding the weapon. Since the beginning of the melee rework with stance changes many months ago I have long since forgotten about this mechanic. The moment the Protea boss fight begins, the Xoris no longer throws with R3, even with a full charge. I struggle with this sudden change for several minutes until I finally get fed up and message a friend I know has beaten this quest already, asking if they had any issues with throwing the glaive. They said they did not, but they were dual-wielding the weapon to throw it. Dual-wielding solves my problem with this fight, but the frustration remains. Further, in follow-up visits to the Granum Void, I can, again, throw the Xoris whenever I want, no dual-wielding required. Please look into this issue. Is the glaive meant to be thrown only in dual-weild mode or not? To be suddenly forced to use a mechanic (dual-wield) that is neither mentioned anywhere immediately accessible much less reinforced as a thing in general mid-mission is frustrating and annoying as well as immersion-breaking. In the event that it helps narrow down the issue, the full loadout for this encounter was: Limbo Prime, Helios Prime, Tigris Prime, Pyranna Prime, Xoris, and the Naramon school. ETA: "Dual-wield" in this context is not pistol + glaive, but "melee-mode" / dual-wield of the glaive by itself (holding triangle), to clear out any confusion.
  6. A question on this as I'm not 100% sure I understand - are the previously existing Capturas that we own of the old Corpus Ship Tileset being overwritten by the reworked tilesets?
  7. Seconding this sentiment. Scarlet Spear has been running for weeks on console and will be ending in just over 8 days. There was ample time for these event hotfixes and changes to have been sent to cert and received by us. Can the team please explain why consoles get repeatedly left in behind like this for updates? The Plague Star mentioned fix in particular is a thorn all its own, as those pathfinding issues were reported multiple times over multiple runs of the event but were never fixed until emotions boiled over on the subreddit, and at the end of the day only PC got to see that fix.
  8. DE, you had pages and pages of feedback regarding Vazarin's nerf the first time you suggested it, did you read none of it? Nerfing Vazarin this way removes the option of choice for players. Vazarin allowed players to choose not just a defense-oriented frame to play Defense. This nerf means that a player, especially a solo one, now must go with either Gara, Frost, or Limbo to effectively play defense instead of being able to take any risks and experiment. As much as I love playing Limbo, this sort of hamstringing is ridiculous. You are telling us how we should play the game instead of letting us have the choice of playing it how we want. Arguably, this won't matter much since outside of Arbies there is no endless mode that is worth going past 20 waves or 20 minutes. Is your goal to tell us not to play endless defense endlessly? 500 hp over 5 seconds is a useless stat. At higher levels, a defense-target's innate regeneration outstrips this by a colossal margin. Defense targets have HP that cross into the 10,000s and higher on even lower-level nodes. If you're so concerned over Protective Dash "trivialising" content, then reduce the % to something less overpowered than 60% and remove the invulnerability. I'm pretty sure most players would be happy with something like 30% or even 25%. A % allows the ability to SCALE with enemy / mission level! Stop taking our ability to choose away from us. Focus is already a joke of a mechanic, and you are making it worse by further clipping out any general utility 4/5 of the schools even have. This change will only solidify Zenurik as the sole worthwhile focus school. I want the focus I dumped into Vazarin refunded if this change gets pushed through, thanks.
  9. For future Nightwaves, intermission or main series, can we please have an uncapped number of Prestige Ranks, or a cap so high we aren't going to reach it if uncapping isn't possible due to programming? Going over a month without any way to earn Nitain or taters (outside of Sorties or invasions or GotL), or weekly shop selection of mods, cosmetics, and other things, is both incredibly annoying and actually discourages play. 4-5 ranks can be earned each week if a player is especially devoted to Nightwave through challenges alone (not including backlog challenges), 90 ranks goes by in a flash.
  10. An attitude like this is the reason we're still stuck with terrible grindfest crafting costs like Sibear and Hema. In essence you're saying "I suffered doing this so you have to suffer, too!" It's like complaining that you bought something when it was new and premium, but someone else bought it later when it was in the bargain bin and saved money. That person taking advantage of a bargain does not effect you in any way, but you're still upset. Serious question - why should a method of attaining something, like Arcanes, never be allowed to be improved upon or otherwise made less of a chore, even for only a short while, just because someone in the past did it the "hard" or "intended" way? Warframe is constantly changing, constantly changing to improve itself, better suit its playerbase's needs, or even to just surprise them for a bit. This is what keeps it alive. Would you rather the game instead just wasted your time with an exponential grind that never improved? Speaking to Arcanes specifically - this event gave us a means to farm Arcanes easier than just running Eidolons because Arcanes just received a massive rework, now requiring even more to reach max rank and players being unable to "double up" on them anymore for maximum effect. Honestly, this pays respect to the time invested by those who put in the grind to get the Arcanes originally, because their original system has just been completely upended. Instead of just telling everyone to go back to grinding Eidolons, everyone is being given a chance to quickly get their existing gear up to where it was before with minimal hassle before the previous methods are restored. If Warframe remained static, without reworks or revisions or special events, it would die off. If you're legitimately upset that the game changes and evolves over time to better itself, then a game in perpetual-Beta may not be something that's for you.
  11. I can't wait to see this frame in-game! Some ability ideas: Passive: REFORMAT - % chance to negate a / all applied debuffs or procs once every 5 seconds ABILITY 1: Yank - extend arm tendrils towards the enemy to haul them towards you, range and number of enemies grabbed are determined by range mods (similar to Larva, but forwards range only, anything in the path of the arm up to its end point is grabbed). Enemies grabbed are knocked over, but not ragdolled. ABILITY 2: Void Splinters - attacks from equipped weapons deal Void damage and reset any Sentient Resistances. ABILITY 3: Mangle / Jigsaw - Shed parts / armour to gain a temporary movement, attack speed and strength buff (similar to Molt) but be vulnerable to damage and / or lose a % of health as a reduced cap. Cast Mangle again while Mangle is still active to cast Jigsaw - replace your parts in a flash for a brief armour buff and / or small shot of HP regen. Enemies in close range of Jigsaw suffer a small stagger. ABILITY 4: Can I Borrow That? - Temporarily copy the ability of a squad member, cycle between ability slots - 1, 2, 3 or 4 to choose what ability is copied. Stats and copied ability cost determined by personally equipped mods. Ability does nothing without at least one squad member.
  12. Please let us keep the holiday cosmetics this year! We can beat the snot out of enemies with candy cane scythes, jingle bell knuckle dusters, and shed bats from our pores all year round, but we can't keep the ears or egg ephemera. It doesn't make a lick of sense even with "immersion" as a defense. A precedence has already been set with the Christmas skins and Naberus Ephemera, please let us keep these and have some dopey fun all year round, you're making us pay 5K credits for them anyways - let us keep them, we bought them.
  13. What about the remaining hotfixes that PC is currently getting that we will have yet to receive? ie: the Aerolyst's invulnerability in the Rift, Aerolyst canister cooldown, and Magus Arcanes not functioning in consecutive raids? Will we have to wait for another certification submission to see these fixes, or will these not require a change to native code and be hotfixed in? If the former, will another build be sent to cert before the event ends? The last run of Plague Star comes to mind regarding this; the recurring issue of the drone getting stuck on pathfinding in very specific spots was finally addressed after outcry on PC, but consoles did not get to see that fix.
  14. This nerf to Protective Dash completely guts the ability's utility and takes out any reason to actually invest focus into it. Protective Dash was great for long defensive runs because it scaled, and even at lower levels Defense targets have tens to hundreds of thousands of hit points. 500 HP of healing over 5 seconds is terrible. Protective Dash gave one extra reason to not just use a defense-oriented frame for Defense, it permitted a certain amount of risk-taking for having Protective Dash in the back-pocket between waves of enemies. If you need to nerf Dash, don't completely knee-cap it with such a terrible number, reduce the cap to something like 30% instead and remove invulnerability. Let it keep its ability to scale so it can still be viable for missions above level 10. This nerf would just further solidify Zenurik as the sole focus school worth investing in overall.
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