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  1. Will Nightwave ranks be uncapped for the Intermission? Running into rank caps has been a huge recurring issue for the NW store.
  2. "PBM" has been mentioned a lot over the last half a year's worth of updates (mostly in the form of complaints) - would you be able to explain what PBM is? I've tried looking for myself, but PBM seems to be a relatively common acronym. I know it has something to do with rendering, but this looks more like a problem with someone being extremely careless with textures than specific rendering?
  3. As of Deimos Arcana release on console, Nidus Phryke has been updated with a ridiculously over-stated, detail-flattening texture that ruins the skin and makes it look dirty. Comparison below: Pre-Arcana: Post Arcana: This ugly texture reduces all non-metallic / non-phantasm bodyparts to "dirty stone", including the flesh of the shoulders, when it's clear that is not what Phryke is made of. Additionally, the texture severely dampens any chosen colour and flattens / drowns out model detail. Ridges, teeth, and general detailing is smoothed and drowned
  4. As much as I enjoy Nightwave as a mini source of lore, I feel Glassmaker stumbled as a quasi-interactable series. Of the three Nightwave Seasons so far, Glassmaker is the weakest of the trio in narrative and enjoyability. Some general feedback points on why: A: Narrative wise Glassmaker spilled its load way too early and robbed the mystery right out from under us. In particular (from the update thread here): We didn't investigate anything or put together any clues, Nora did that for us not even halfway through, effectively stripping away the "mystery" from the mystery well ahead o
  5. It would really help if there was a better visual indicator for the Rift itself. I main Limbo and I get confused from time to time over what's in the Rift and what isn't (and / or whether I'm actually in it myself in some rare cases). Fastest indicator is to just cast Stasis and see who freezes or Rift Surge to put a halo around them, but with Banish being Limbo's subsumed ability that can now be slapped into the arsenal of any Warframe, Stasis or Rift Surge isn't always an answer. At the very least now we can force everyone out of the Rift at once with a key hold, which is something that shou
  6. Latrox Une needs a serious rework. The Sample drop rate is still atrocious and having to babysit the drone on top of this is ridiculous. In a T5 bounty today it took ten full minutes to gain the required 10 samples. Enemies dried up almost immediately after the first wave and after that just refused to spawn barely at all, and most would drop nothing. There was a single Genetrix present but all it did was float around and be a noisy nuisance rather than drop any Infested into the field.
  7. Technically, DE already does this with the limited-time event rewards - like the dojo / clan trophies or some weapons (Thermia Fractures, Plague Star). Probably the biggest problem with having a permanent set of rewards like the Prodman autograph is that long-session Warframe gameplay is... extremely boring. I've done 2.5 hour solo survival runs in Steel Path and they are the most boring things I had ever done in-game. It wasn't "hard", it was unengaging, the most difficult part was, like others have said, staying awake. Endurance runs of endless missions highlight Warframe's biggest weakness,
  8. Firstly, thank you for presenting an actual argument instead of being dismissive, it is appreciated. This is true, and I agree that all of these are bad grinds and need to be changed, but I don't believe some grinds being worse than others doesn't mean those that aren't as bad shouldn't be improved. The argument that "[x] is worse therefor Lich weapons aren't a problem" deflects from WF's general issue of incredibly crappy grinds, of which all of the items you mentioned (and more besides) are a part of. Instead of protesting that something shouldn't be changed because something else is wo
  9. Adding to this report - Guardsman are similarly affected - No "thrall" name - Blue halo - Give no murmur, cannot be mercied - Do not perform Lich evasion movements General addition: In encountering more of these instances, all four of these Grineer units do not register on the UI as Thralls and do not produce Thrall UI or map icons. The blue halo and stagger animation on conversion (excepting Rollers) are the sole notifier that these units have been converted.
  10. I appreciate your optimism with the weapon-trade system. I'm hopeful that we do see it. If DE just needs an "excuse" of sorts to give it to us, the Corpus Liches would certainly be the perfect vehicle if nothing else. Also, this point you made is really salient, and it's one I think a lot of people protesting about suggesting to make grinds better miss completely; there is a world of difference between a grind that gives random progress to completion versus a guaranteed long grind with a fixed / controlled progression. In the RNG case, you will feel slighted or gamed against with inconsis
  11. A big way to help with this outside of colour would be to give them an above-the-ground trail, like how TLZ: Twilight Princess handled its "track an NPC" mechanic as wolf-Link. Even something as small as the slender shaft of light that appears on regular drops would be a big improvement - have each footstep create a small beam of light for easier tracking if a "gas" trail isn't doable. On Deimos especially tracking is an issue because a large portion of the ground has two mesh layers, the ground, and some kind of meat covering floating above it. It messes with conservation tracks as well as mi
  12. I agree with the user above - forget the daily tribute part of the beacon system and just have it craftable. Have it cost Kuva (thematically appropriate and connected to the rest of the Lich system) and have the beacon itself be a reward from your very first converted Lich since the Lich summoned will be random from your pool of converted Liches. Limiting beacon charges by MR wouldn't feel right, since if the costs are appropriate, the limit will create itself and, let's be honest, a Lich isn't that great of a specter. It's nice when they show up, but they only hang around for a few minutes (a
  13. Thank you, finally someone who understands! This is exactly it - unless you have incredible luck you're all but guaranteed to sink a solid 30+ minutes or more the second you start looking for a specific weapon to spawn, whether for collecting or for Valence transfer since you need the exact same weapon to upgrade. For some vets, this is probably all that's left to really engage in outside of Deimos content, which in and of itself is unfinished and still needs balancing. I had completely forgotten about the suggested Lich-lure mechanic - I really wish they would bring this back.
  14. Cassini is what I run for Larvaling farming; I can do a Cassini run in under a minute 45 even with waiting for a Larvaling in Cassini with any frame. Please try being slightly more charitable to another player instead of being haughty and dismissing them with "you're probably doing it wrong"? Because RNG is RNG, RNG itself can be a considerable barrier to just getting something done. Even with extremely low mission complete times, if RNG decides to be a problem, anyone can still wind up wasting time and runs just cycling through Larvalings.
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