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  1. Turning off Hint Transmissions completely removes Nora from both the Night Wave act screen and the Cred shop. On the act screen she is simply absent and no lines of dialogue can be heard. For the Cred shop, her portrait is replaced by a white void. On a related vein, her portrait in the act screen seems to have extra grain or be extra fuzzy since the update, inverse of other character portraits which seem to have gotten clearer. The grain / fuzz is extreme enough to almost create a doubling visual effect.
  2. Currently, the Ropalolyst boss fight is unwinnable / broken. The synovia of the Eidolon takes no damage during phase 2 / while the boss is grounded and the synovia are exposed. All damage, including void, deal 0 damage, making progress impossible. I ran this mission four times, twice in Nightmare to see if the issue was confined to Nightmare Mode, and twice regular. All four times I could not deal an ounce of damage to the synovia - nothing but a hail of grey "0"s. In the event that it matters, I was using a build using a Catchmoon (impact, radiation, viral / blast, corrosive) and two Warframes (Chroma, Limbo), which I've used against the Ropalolyst many times over since its introduction in Hostile Mergers.
  3. Since the update, loading into the arsenal and choosing palettes "dims" the lights of the arsenal. It's extremely off-putting and every time it happens I think something is wrong with my television screen or the lighting outside has changed. This was never a thing / a problem before. This "dimming" is suggesting the arsenal is no longer properly lit for fashion frame as a baseline, that it's either blown out, or that there is a bug that affects the lighting when accessing colour palettes. It makes it difficult to tell whether I am looking at the "true" colour I am choosing from the palettes. Please fix this. ETA: The update has also changed a tonne of skin materials from matte or low-gloss plastic to high-gloss plastic, it looks awful. A huge number of Warframes now look like they are action figures. Blacks now look vastly drowned out by highlights and shine. The entire orbiter is blown out in terms of lighting. The Infirmary has lost any of its creepy character, the amount of light in it is comparable to a sun-room. Same for the personal quarters, the fishing trophies on my walls are practically glowing! I can't appreciate anything I've done fashion or decoration-wise due to these changes. Some of the power of this new lighting in the orbiter physically hurts the eyes. Speaking from personal experience, the high-contrast nature of this updated lighting could trigger a migraine. Please, please roll the rendering back.
  4. A "compromise" to what? A compromise suggests that there were requests for platform-exclusive Ephemera from the community. An actual compromise on this would be a PS4, XBOX, and Switch pack all launching together that contain this Ephemera, and some kind of bundle for PC users to also get it. What we have isn't a compromise, it's just going back on a promise made. Console platform-exclusive bundles have never offered actual gear that I can recall - no weapons, no Warframes; only skins, cosmetics, plat, and boosters.
  5. Even with the addition of Kuva to the shop, we don't have much in the way of a sink for Vitus Essence. Instead of diluting the drop tables with two sets of five mods / arcanes, can we instead see one or even both of these sets put in the shop? With the greater gains of Vitus coming in overall as a round reward and an enemy drop, it'd be nice to have a Vitus sink or just more things to buy. Most of the shop is cosmetics or things we only need to buy or build once (save Rivens). We already have multiple ways to farm Kuva, to have it added to the shop feels kind of "meh" as an addition. Extremely happy to see the reward rotations get upped to what they should have been at the start, thank you!
  6. I feel you're missing the point of my comment, there. My comment is more to do with "why would you give an exclusive pack Ephemera, something previously stated to be non-exclusive and attainable for everyone by nature / dev intent, in the first place." RE: why are you making a PS4-exclusive Ephemera after saying you don't want Ephemeras to be exclusive, that you want them to be attainable for everyone?
  7. This is very cool; however, what happened to Ephemera being skill / ability / merit based / otherwise available to everyone? That was the intent stated by the team some DevStreams ago, but twice now Ephemeras have been shut behind a paywall (Wukong's Prime Access, and now an Obsidian Reknown Pack, exclusive to only a portion of Warframe's player-base). Why has DE gone back on this? (To be fair, having Ephemera be part of a drop table isn't merit-based, either, but at least that's truer to the original sentiment?)
  8. The two are different on a couple levels; time investment, personal challenge, in-game rewards, and "worth" of in-game rewards. Mot gives rewards once every 5 minutes and gives a guaranteed relic of Neo and higher eras. Relics, especially Axi era, can be sold for plat, cracked for Prime parts that can be sold for plat, sold for ducats to buy things from Baro that can then be sold for plat, or built into a new item (assuming you don't crack forma). Everything Mot gives rewards-wise is a guaranteed 10%+ drop chance and can be sold. An intact Axi relic can be sold for 5 - 10 plat on PC if it's in sustained rotation. A radiant Axi relic in rotation can go for up to 40. In terms of time investment, Arbies gives rewards once every ten minutes / every two rotations, already this is a loss. In terms of rewards Arbies gives Endo - which can't be sold, and sculptures and mods - which can be sold. Prices for the mods range pretty heavily. 50 plat for an unranked mod from Arbies seems to be the average on PC, which is rather surprising for something with such a low drop chance for such high time investment. A fully socked sculpture below Anansa hovers around 15 - 20 plat on PC. How much endo itself is worth is dependent on the player, I think, and where they are in the game. Speaking personally I'm not hurting for Endo all that much and if I was, there are multiple ways to get it; melting mods, selling sculptures to Maroo, playing Rathuum, and passive gains by playing any other mode. If we're speaking purely by endo-gain-per-hour, Arbies is the best, and if upping the reward drop rate would be inadvisable in the face of this endo gain, I would still think it would be counterbalanced by the speed of enemy level ramp up. If a player can only last 60 minutes in Arbies as it is right now due to being able to deal with enemy stats, they're only going to last 30 if enemy scaling is moving at double speed. Their reward drop gain will be the same in both cases theoretically. (Same goes for Vitus Essence gain, and speaking of Vitus, whether or not there is anything of value to buy from the Arbiters depends on the player. I love cosmetics, but speaking entirely to personal taste I can't say the cosmetics in their shop are worth buying. I'll grab the mods and let the essence build in my inventory afterwards.) Arbies is unrewarding both in terms of reward drop and just how unengaging it is as a mode. Challenge and engagement are their own rewards. Drones aren't all that exciting. Invincible enemies aren't exciting, they're a temporary annoyance and if I can get the drone stuck on a wall not too far away, enemy invincibility isn't going to be an issue at all. Arbies is meant to be "difficult" but I can't say it honestly "feels" difficult, not in terms of testing player ability at any rate. Arbies' sole difficulty is in asking patience from the player in a game that operates at and builds the player expectation of high-speed, and that's kind of a crappy challenge. Mot at least goes at regular speed with the added challenge of enemies dealing x3 damage.
  9. Dear DE; Arbitrations has a lot of potential that is not being realised - to be both challenging and rewarding to play. Arbitrations / Arbies fails on both these facets due to being slow to ramp up and slow to reward. Arbies gives less challenge than Mot and offers less rewards for the same time invested. Arbies' slow reward dole-out has been a point of contention since its introduction and despite its intent to provide veterans a chance to flex by giving a more direct route to L100+ it's fallen short there, too. Currently Arbitrations only have one challenging aspect and that is as a test of patience (which is rather innappropriate for a game that is built on high-octane movement and rewards). I believe that all of Arbies' issues could solved very easily, and that would be by implementing the following: Reduce reward intervals to match those of regular gameplay - one reward per rotation instead of 1 per 2 rotations Have enemies scale at double the speed of regular game modes As an alternative, if the current pace of rewards is non-negotiable, please at least make the rewards worthwhile with: Double / x2 rewards: each rotation gives two rewards, chosen according to the drop table (ex: x1 endo drop + x1 ayatan) Bringing Arbitrations' reward rotations to be on-par with the rest of the game would help make the mode feel less of a disrespect of players' time, and ramping up the enemy scaling will in essence keep (and improve) the intended challenge that the mode is trying to employ. Arbies will give rewards and ramp up in challenge exactly the same as it currently does, just at x2 speed. Experienced players that are already able to strip-mine Arbies for everything it's worth will still reach the exact same limit of gains, just faster. The mathematical hard-cap of rewards versus absurd enemy stat scaling still remains the same. If the concern is the plat market, still the gains versus risk are the same. I firmly believe this change will help make Arbitrations feel more worthwhile both in rewards and in engagement. The problem of Arbritation Drones is easily fixed with a shotgun, or the AI pathing getting a drone stuck on geometry far enough away that it does not engage with a bullet and therefore no further drones spawn. Speaking entirely of personal experience, as Arbies currently stands I can sit in Arbies survival for an hour and I'll be utterly unbothered by the level-based "challenge" of this mode. I could keep going, but I'd rather leave after an hour because I'm bored out of my gourd and would rather do something else. The slow dribble of rewards doesn't help. Even with infinite C rotations, in order to GET there I must invest at least 30 minutes to shoot for that 2 - 3% drop chance for one of the few mods I am missing, and if I can bear to sit around for another 30 minutes, I will only get three more attempts at that 2 - 3% drop chance. I would love to play Arbies more. As some who is missing less than 20 items in the full codex, I've played everything WF currently has to offer into the dirt and I like it. But I still play for rewards, and Arbies is unrewarding despite the glimmer of promise of a potential challenge. It isn't worth the time investment in its current incarnation. Friends who also have invested 1,000s of hours into the game feel the same - they avoid Arbies entirely due to the terrible time-versus-reward investment required. Anything worthwhile is locked behind both a terrible drop chance and an absurdly high time investment requirement. Please consider the suggestions above. Personally I think it will improve Arbitrations as an experience and that players will be more likely to engage in Arbies regardless of mission type instead of waiting for Infested Excavation. Thank you for reading!
  10. I agree with this. Honestly if nothing else, Teshin should be the one issuing us our Mastery Rank tests, not the Lotus. If Teshin is truly the one who is training us, then it should be him testing our ability. The Lotus already knows what we are capable of, and to have her giving us these tests, especially after [a particular point in the story] seems oddly absurd. Just have him give us a small shpiel about who he is and why he's important at the onset of the MR1 / 2 and maybe 3 tests. Have him comment on our growth as his pupil the higher in MR rank we go. Have him make some vague commentary about how he's training us for the future or something when we complete a test. Having him pop up and puff himself up suddenly as "you totally know me, I trained you!" in a quest gained over half-way through the chart when he's never approached us before is a real "??? excuse me creeper man?" moment.
  11. Encountered an infuriating bug while running solo Interception on Sedna / Berehynia. I was playing Limbo Prime and at the exact moment of the extraction screen coming up, I had cast / detonated Cataclysm and for whatever reason this caused the extract / remain function of the extraction screen to completely fail, leaving the mission still active behind the extraction screen but leaving me unable to control or otherwise use my Warframe or anything else. Any thumbstick movement or button presses only moved the cursor about the extraction screen or select "extract" and "remain". Since I'm technically still playing the mission but unable to do anything, I get downed and cannot revive my Warframe. Despite being able to revive, the revive screen does not result in a time-out fail. The mission ends only because the enemy wins the round. I get a mission fail, lose all of my rewards, and wind up with a wasted 21 minutes. I'm assuming that hitting R1+triangle at a crucial time frame confused the game, since triangle is the hotkey for "remain".
  12. I'm incredibly excited for the new game mode! Speaking of, I have a concern regarding lore / quest progression in regards to both this new mode, the new nodes on Jupiter, and Alad's dialogue in-mission and how it relates to the current flow of lore (which is somewhat broken). It's clear that lore-wise the introduction of the Amalgams is supposed to be after Apostasy Prologue, and Alad directly references its events. Will the Disruption node on Jupiter be locked behind quest completion to maintain internal lore progression / sense-making? Alad's trajectory as a(n idiot) villain digging into things he shouldn't is directly tied to event and quest progression, which is already a little skewed since Patient Zero is unlocked after Second Dream despite taking place timeline-wise before it. Allowing immediate access to the node via normal means could confuse new players of lore / timeline progression, with or without the dialogue referencing the events of Apostasy Prologue. On a different note, with the new Emissive and Ability dual-colour update, will equipped Ephemera borrow from Emissive or Ability colour slots? Or will it be reassigned to borrow its colour from Attachments?
  13. Yeah no, not liking the sound of this Revival system, it sounds ripe for griefing and trolling the same way Index is. Downed squadmate does not want to be revived but decides to hang around with the death screen? Or lets themselves be repeatedly downed for laughs? You're stuck carrying these Burdens, it sounds like, and forced to extract. Have an uneven number of Burdens between remaining team members and one refuses to chip in? Stuck carrying Burdens until you or other more coordinated squadmates get the needed amount. Better hope everyone's wearing tanks, I suppose, to counter the debuffs. I'm reminded pointedly of Rhino trolls in the Index carrying a solar-system's worth of Index points and never caring to damn well bank them so the round can end (and then leaving before the following round, taking all of those points with them). After reviving a player, what happens to the excess Burdens, spread across multiple squadmates? Are we stuck with them until we can bank them when someone else dies? Do they disappear? This system does not sound like it has been tested with intent to earn a reward. I implore the team to test this system with an intentional griefer to see how easily this system can be gamed by someone who's only interest is to game the mission against you. On top of this? These changes unfairly punish solo players. Arbitration is a slog enough as it is with a squad, solo it's painful and largely not worth the trouble. Faster level scaling with rewards still gated behind 10 minutes is ridiculous (not that it wasn't already). A revival system isn't going to encourage people to play more Arbitrations, it doesn't make playing Arbitrations more rewarding to play, not when you can go 40 minutes and wind up with nothing but Endo for your troubles. Permadeath is a deterrent in Arbitration only because of the 10 minute gating for any kind of reward (some of them awful). You're not encouraged to try again; 10 minutes for one reward is a massive time sink in comparison to nearly every other mission type save for boss fights. If I only have 60 minutes, I'm not going to spend any of that in Arbies. Also, DE, please stop with the Rivens, they exacerbate the game's problems with Power Creep. CC frames are already floundering thanks to the game's continuing shift to favouring DPS as the primary form of CC. You're afraid to give us decent damage numbers as a baseline in a game that is increasingly reliant on those numbers (often provided by only a very small selection of weapons), but you're willing to let RNG bestow crazy stats by chance (and then nerf them). Please make up your mind on what it is we can or can't have.
  14. For my entry, I wanted to base a simple mask around the culture of Cetus and its people: the Unum, its Chosen Warrior Gara, and the sentients roaming outside its walls. I felt that a mask crafted from each of these things would best reflect this! The overall mask would be made from pieces of the Unum's exterior chipped away in the process of collecting the temple's flesh, supported by the under-scaffold on which the meat grows, sporting accents of gold and glass - the latter inspired by Gara's helmet. Small flairs of sentient origin, gathered from Vomvalysts unable to retreat to water before sunrise, adorn one side. (I have been having some trouble with getting my inserts and links to work, in case the image doesn't show or the link-through does not work, here is a source link, and a temporary alternate dropbox link that will be cleared once the week is over.)
  15. Happy Halloween! This was a fun contest! I thought to do a parody / inspired poster in the vein of the example posters in the OP: a parody of The Deadly Spawn (after the amazing DVD cover painting by Wes Benscoter)! TERROR FROM BEYOND THE VOID: (This is a scaled version.)
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