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  1. Where did you hear that Intermission III will be ending in a few weeks?
  2. These bundles are underhanded cash-grabs. Since when did DE ever sell Kuva and Rivens in the market for plat? Will you be bringing back the randomised mod bundles and colour dispensers in the future? The only things (subjectively) interesting are the Lucky Kavats, and they aren't worth the bundle price. Further, you can only buy the White Lucky Kavat more than once if you wanted to actually decorate your Orbiter or Dojo with more than just three Lucky Kavat statues. Why wouldn't you just bundle the Lucky Kavats together for us to buy? The Lucky Kavats by themselves would have probably sold a s
  3. During Vome cycle in the Cambion Drift, Deimos fish stop spawning after the initial load-in wave of fish (in one area closest to the player, ex: in the river right passed the steps to the Necralisk). Once all fish are caught or have despawned, no further fish spawn. This is strictly limited to Vome cycle, fish spawn normally during Fass cycle. This was tested multiple times (because I needed Vome cycle fish). No matter how many times or from what source I loaded into the Drift from - whether from my Orbiter or the Necralisk - Vome cycle fish only spawned a single wave, in only one area, w
  4. An unfortunate bug I ran into while running the Grendel challenge defense mission as Revenant. I Thralled a Fusion Moa that spawned a friendly Attack Drone that managed to be the last man standing for that wave (second to last wave, very frustrating). Despite the Drone registering as a permanent ally, and with no enemies present, the game believed that the wave did not end and hard locked the mission, forcing an abort. I did scour the map, looking for any possible left over enemies that maybe weren't registering on radar that may have been holding up progress, but there were no enemy units lef
  5. @[DE]Danielle With the build still in-dev, is there a possibility that PC hotfixes 6.6 and 6.7+ might also be picked up and included for consoles, or have aspects cherry-picked like in previous mainline updates?
  6. As of Deimos Arcana release on console, Nidus Phryke has been updated with a ridiculously over-stated, detail-flattening texture that ruins the skin and makes it look dirty. Comparison below: Pre-Arcana: Post Arcana: This ugly texture reduces all non-metallic / non-phantasm bodyparts to "dirty stone", including the flesh of the shoulders, when it's clear that is not what Phryke is made of. Additionally, the texture severely dampens any chosen colour and flattens / drowns out model detail. Ridges, teeth, and general detailing is smoothed and drowned
  7. There are 16 unique Kuva weapons currently available through the Lich system, soon to be more with the eventual release of Corpus Liches. Trying to get one of each is a pain, because each weapon has, assuming each weapon has a rounded and equal chance of spawning per Larvaling, a mere 6% chance of spawning. It's great that we have a the ability to check what a Larvaling will have before deciding to convert one into a Lich, but I feel this needs to be taken a step further considering how diluted the weapon pool is and due to this spawning system being the sole means to attain these weapons.
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