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  1. Good evening! This is an issue I have encountered twice. After practicing for an MR test at a relay, immediately going to qualify fails to begin the mission / test (the mission counter does not activate), resulting in an internal, quiet failure, barring the test from being reattempted for 24 hours. In both times that I have experienced this bug, I practiced the test in the Strata Relay on Earth, and immediately went to qualify through the test portal I had just used. For whatever reason, going to qualify right after testing through the relay portal causes a fail of some kind, preventing the qualification test from starting and registering that inability to start as a failure on the player's end (very frustrating). Leaving the relay after practicing the test to begin the qualification round from the orbiter via the main menu seems to circumvent this. This gives the impression that the failure may be related to inputs going through too quickly or some kind of lag? It seems similar to a less malign bug that involves hitting the "repeat mission" button after mission success / failure and the star chart failing to load, the camera zooming out to a wide shot of the player in the orbiter facing the star chart console with no button prompts appearing for a few seconds, the mission counter not appearing or beginning until the button is re-pressed once the prompts reappear.
  2. For my entry, I wanted to base a simple mask around the culture of Cetus and its people: the Unum, its Chosen Warrior Gara, and the sentients roaming outside its walls. I felt that a mask crafted from each of these things would best reflect this! The overall mask would be made from pieces of the Unum's exterior chipped away in the process of collecting the temple's flesh, supported by the under-scaffold on which the meat grows, sporting accents of gold and glass - the latter inspired by Gara's helmet. Small flairs of sentient origin, gathered from Vomvalysts unable to retreat to water before sunrise, adorn one side. (I have been having some trouble with getting my inserts and links to work, in case the image doesn't show or the link-through does not work, here is a source link, and a temporary alternate dropbox link that will be cleared once the week is over.)
  3. (Mild spoilers for Umbra's sunder helmet) Mushy idea stemming from the ideas posited by the Sacrifice and some Codex entries. Judging by current Codex entries, the only other Warframe directly stated to show pre-Operator sentience is Rhino Prime, a trait assumed to be kept in future crafted builds as a part of its blueprint (like Umbra), maybe as something latent. Umbra is a lonely figure, no longer human (arguably) and potentially unable to connect with other sentient creatures, even the Operator, on an interpersonal level. With this sort of disconnect in mind, would a second sentient Warframe ease that sense of isolation? Minus the mush: I thought it was a cute idea so I sketched it out after seeing [DE]Megan's Twitter call for Valentines fanart. I hope it's not inappropriate! Image link in the event that my formatting is bad.
  4. Happy Halloween! This was a fun contest! I thought to do a parody / inspired poster in the vein of the example posters in the OP: a parody of The Deadly Spawn (after the amazing DVD cover painting by Wes Benscoter)! TERROR FROM BEYOND THE VOID: (This is a scaled version.)
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