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  1. i'm sorry but stalker is not the next villain because no one is scary of him except new players . so how can he be the next villain
  2. wait what is stalker is a tenno when in the lord does it say that
  3. i am writing this discuss who the next big bad villain when we kill lotus or are she we joins us at the end of the new war. i feel like we are so powerful in warframe. that the next villain will have to be something that is a actually threat to us like the man in the wall or can be like thanos for avenger endgame film or could be a former tenno that has turned evill and want us dead because orokin brain washed him into killing us but these are just idea i have and i want to hear what you guy think.
  4. i know this sounds crazy but i feel like making plat is the end game right now for me anyway but the issue is when i've got everything what do i do because i getting bored lately and i don't know what to do because i don,t feel like level anything and i can't go to poe or fortuna because my laptop can't handle it
  5. i just hope rail jack has a lot of content that people can't just complete in one week
  6. i am missing something the reward form the raid
  7. ok i was just try to help so you veteran have some to do when you have everything in game
  8. i'm doing this on behalf of the veterans that i've completed the game and have nothing to do and because i want something to do when i get there
  9. because he know that DE can do better and make an amazing raid it's probably also because he misses some of the thing that he mentioned and is that a bad thing
  10. actually i'm not trying to pick a fight i just want DE to bring back raid so i can experience it is that a bad thing
  11. exactly how is it not good feedback do you actually wanna see this game succeed because the way you're talking makes you look like someone that want the game to die right now
  12. no offence but he's been playing since 2014 so guy there is no need to be mean to him. and to be honest saying out of love because he love the game and he doesn't want to see to dead because if you love something you will fight for it to succeed
  13. i am writing this message on behalf of the veteran players and the new players that will become a endgame one day i am gonna say it i am not a veteran player , i am a casual/endgame player. but for the sake of the veteran and new player which will become veteran one day DE please bring back the raid so they have thing to do when they'ye have every weapon and frames. and have completed every the game has. DE i never got to experience the raid and i really want to and i 'm sure i'm not the only one that wants the raid back or that want to experience it DE I'M saying this out of love for your game ❤️
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