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  1. @Zimzala Well I never said DE is responsible as I know Ps mostly has control over their servers but just putting this issue out there so DE can talk to whoever is in control. Have filed a ticket with them so lets see.
  2. @Zimzala Ive said this before, the same network/ router has no NNR issue on PC but simultaneously has NNR on PS4. The total traffic on a server can be reduced if the region is smaller and as the traffic increases it gets bottlenecked on something. And different ISPs different routers and all for all the people I know and play with. Thats a 100% ratio in my list having this problem. @Dunkelheit Use a LAN wow perfect dude. Who wouldve thought a Lan would fix. Oh wait maybe I already did or maybe I was always on one. I guess you should learn to read and invest sometime going through a thread before sharing. Thanx though
  3. @0_The_F00l The NNR is there even when im not playing and standing in my ship or accessing arsenal. I know what you mean by player acting as the host in mission but warframe also unlike other games has all your ship segments constantly connected to the network server updating every progress as it happens so going in and out of lets say foundry, mods or arsenal is also linked to the network and that is where the annoyance lies the most cause if its taking you 5 mins to get out of arsenal after youve done your modding, well im sure you know what that would feel like. THE PROBLEM IS NOT MY NETWORK! (Not yelling just leaving it here to avoid repitition) Cause its not just my network its everybody i know playing on console right now in my region regardless of what network or configuration (wifi/lan) their using. This is a console problem specifically. On PC i dont have NNR problem at all. This is something DE needs to take a look at.
  4. Booted up the game on PC, logged in first attempt and has been on for 10 mins no NNR whereas side by side on console NNR is slapped on screen. Same network/router/settings/region.
  5. Soooo thank you guys @minininja77 - Changing regions ingame doesnt help - Changed the entire router, used new cables/old cables Wifi from 3 different routers, no use - The 4G thing I havent tested recently but it didnt work initially when this problem started happening. Also my friends are on 3 different ISP so and getting this error so im assuming 4G fix might not work either. @More-L Ports forwarded. Guys i dont think the problem is on my end. This is a server thing. The game still works, it just stops for 2-3 mins on several points then starts working. If there was something wrong with the connection it wouldn't work at all. This seems to me like a server thing. Think about it, ive been at it for a while now, the game works yet annoyingly the NNR pops up every 5 mins then goes away, multiple people on several networks are having this issue, this is probably on either playstations end or DE cause this looks like a typical server problem. Im going to boot it up on PC and see if I get NNR there too. will let you all know. Thanx again
  6. My internet is 20 MB NAT Type 2 and I dont have any problem with any other game. And like I said its not just me all my friends be they on any ISP or any state have this problem. When I started playing I never had this problem, it started after like more than a year of me playing.
  7. Hey DE & Tenno! So I've been getting Network not responding error for 2 years now and wondering when is anyone going to do anything about. Stopped playing the game some months befor the lockdown hit, got back into it this month and guess what (NETWORK NOT RESPONDING). The game isn't unplayable for me but its still massively annoying to be stuck on "Creating new session please wait" notification with the network error slapped in the centre of the screen or it taking almost a dozen attempts to login or making accessing ship systems a 5 min ordeal going in or out. To get back into the game after such a long time I asked a few friends to start the game, it is a pain to get new people into this nightmare. Everybody in my region keeps getting this error and pretty much have the same experience logging in, launching mission, getting in and out of ship systems etc. I love Warframe! I can't stop praising it to people and I really want people to experience this amazing game you all made but its so hard to defend something that set to destroy its own reputation. The game is playable but nobody wants to stick with it since it has so much downtime being caused by the network error. Plz we need a fix! And yes everything on google on how to fix this error I've tried. Nothing works. Share your experience too if youve gone through this too. Thank you
  8. Hey So I've been having the "Network Not Responding" error for more than a year now. I stopped playing the game because of the stupid thing and now I come back after a year and still the same problem. Took me 20 mins just to login today.
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